Medical Check Up 2014


I’m okay! Today, I took Mr. Bowie for an annual medical check-up to Frédéric, an experienced and brilliant vet working at Venhei, a Veterinary Hospital. He also performed some medical tests for Mr. Bowie’s comprehensive medical check-up concerning his ear problem. Frédéric ensured me that Mr. Bowie’s health is on track. Replacing Mr. Bowie’s food 6 months ago with a hypoallergenic food seems to have solved the ear problem.

Vanilla ice cream for Mr. Bowie!

Mr. Bowie’s (a little bit nervous) first ride out with my new car.

Mr. Bowie’s first ride out with my new car.


Mr. Bowie recovering from the car ride.

Mr. Bowie recovering from the car ride.



A Knockout Birthday

A roof for the rain, please. A very heavy rainstorm during the night seriously affected the planning of Mr. Bowie’s Gotcha Day Party, aka the Puddingfest. Heavy rainfall followed by flooding didn’t causes real damage but Mr. Bowie had to protect himself from water snakes and alligators. If all goes well, we’ll start planning the party for next Friday or Saturday.


Well, bad days happen to all. Fortunately, at the end of the day, there was a surprise twist that I really didn’t see coming. My niece came along and gave me 1 liter delicious home-made chocolate mousse. The bad day has turned out to be a good one after all.



PS: Don’t give chocolate to your cat. Chocolate contains naturally occurring methylxanthines known as theobromine. The concentration of theobromine which is toxic to cats.

Breakfast for Two


What’s for breakfast? Are you having breakfast outside from time to time, too? I love having breakfast here, outside in the garden, in the company of the great Mr. Bowie. But wait a minute… Don’t touch the Fortissio Lungo, my friend! And where is the last piece of Côte d’Or Noir de Noir dark chocolate? The last chocolate tastes the best because knowing something is set to end makes people enjoy it more.

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” – Robert A. Heinlein


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