Keeping Safe

Don’t bother cats. When cats are sleeping, and you wake them up by touching them, they can become surprised or scared and try to bite. To wake up your cat or any other cat, stand far away and call the cat’s name. And if you don’t know the cat, do not wake him up. Just leave him alone.


Life is full of choices. Choose carefully. You can choose between nail marks caused by a right paw scratch or a bleeding nose caused by a sharp left jab. Choose wisely or live the rest of your life in regret…

Looking Back

Guardian Angel. When I look back on my life, I wonder how I survived – guess I had a guardian angel. I’ve nearly always had to look after myself and sometimes I feel like something big is missing from my life and that I need someone to look after my coconut macaroons, marshmallows and cuberdons.


Nobody touches the treats of my human.

Mindfulness Practice


Introduction to mindfulness meditation. You’ve seen it before, you’ve heard this before. Keep looking into the yellow eyes. Don’t look away but you can blink when you need to. Take a deep breath; relax and let your thoughts be his thoughts. Your mind to his mind. Okay, this is me now, planting an idea in your mind. I say: don’t think about Mr. Bowie. Who are you thinking about?


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