Sunday Evening Somewhere in Outer Space

Slow Sunday. As the search for alien life heats up, Jimi’s still looking for signals from alien cats in outer space. Unfortunately with no luck. Maybe alien cats are taking a break from their everyday life and folding space during the week.

Meanwhile I’m waiting to get my Star Trek transporter device back from the repair shop. I bought it some time ago on eBay, but it never worked. It looks like they conned me or is this a conspiracy from the alien cats?

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding. 

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  1. Conned by celestial cats? You have to watch out for those deep space kitties time traveling on feline frequencies. Your transporter probably worked for the space cats.

  2. I’ve always thought perhaps cats WERE aliens……they sure act like it sometimes! They certainly have some interesting observations to pass back to their various planets – Earthlings are an unusual group of beings and no doubt cats are entertained by us more than we know! Seasons greetings to you and Jimi and if you get that transporter back stop by any time for chocolate….. 🙂

    Hugs, Pam and Alien Teddy

  3. Ha ha, you’re probably transporting cats who are waiting in line somewhere until another silly human gets a transporter somewhere. I’m sure Jimi is aware and monitoring the system. In the meantime, both of you enjoy your quiet Sunday evening. We are waiting for snow.

    • Hi Bernadette. I don’t want to know what the cats are doing behind our backs. I would probably couldn’t sleep anymore…
      We had some light snowfall today and it made me long for spring much more…

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, my dear friend!

  4. Cats, yes they travel, who knows where. Wherever they choose, no doubt. Jimi is one handsome boy. If Willow sees his pic she will try to beam over. What a beautiful couple they would be. Greetings to you.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, my friend. Let’s hope the guys from the repair shop can fix my transporter device so we can beam Willow over… 😉

      Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

    • Hi Lavinia. Thank you so much for your kind comment and link. Oh yes, I forgot this movie but thank you for reminding. I should try to find it and watch it with Jimi…

      Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Jimi sends his regards!

  5. You’re such a hi-tech kitty Jimi! When Herman gets his transporter back, be careful at the Galactic Barrier! It maybe the point of no return. Maybe let dad try it first, hehe 🤣🤖

    • Thank you so much! Jimi sends his regards!
      Always enjoying Star Trek episodes, even after watching them so many times in the past…

    • Hi Cornelia. Well, I guess you could be right about this issue. It would also be very strange to see an alien sharing shrimps with me… 😉

      Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Jimi sends his regards!

    • Oh yes, I can picture the scene. Cats can appear/disappear in/out to/of the nowhere in a blink of an eye… They are really amazing…

    • You’re probably right, our Earth cats got the situation under control!
      Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, my friends! Jimi sends his regards!

  6. It’s so good to hear from you and Jimi. I hope you have good luck with your Star Trek device. 😉 Maybe that cat conspiracy, because we don’t know what alien cats might do. Be well, dear friend.

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  8. While you’re waiting for your transporter to be fixed, I’m waiting for my holodeck to arrive. Stupid UPS, they are late again…

    If the aliens ever do arrive, I worry they will think our cats are smarter than us, Herman. 😉

    • Hi Mary. Oh yes, the holodeck… I would love to get one for Christmas too!

      Actually, I’m convinced that cats are smarter than us. I’m sure they wouldn’t mess up this world like we do. I only hope the aliens have a universal translator so they can talk with our cats…

    • Hi Micheline. Wishing you a very happy ending of the year. I’m sure Jimi’s looking forward to a meal with shrimps on Christmas Day…

  9. Wow, we didn’t know about the alien cats from outer space. We do travel to other dimensions and see weird creatures and sometimes they come back to our dimension for a visit, it is cool but it can be dangerous.

    • Oh yes, so true! The life of cat is full of surprises and you must never underestimate your cat. But creatures from other dimensions… sounds very scary to me! 😉

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