Pancakes/Ice Cream?

Summer’s here! June 21 marks the summer solstice in this part of the world, which is the day of the year with the most hours of daylight. This always make me feel good and happy. I bought some extra vanilla and coffee ice cream to help me cool down next week. Weatherman predicts the first heatwave with temperatures going up to 38 degrees Celsius. Looking forward to having breakfast and reading the newspaper outside in the garden.

Pritty, Mr. Bowie’s mom, prefers pancakes but it looks like we are going for ice cream next week…

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.



Pancakes! A few days ago, Joke, Mr. Bowie’s foster-mother when he was a baby, invited me to her house for pancakes. Pancakes… saying “no” wasn’t an option! It was a welcome break from struggling in the studio on two new songs. It would be great if I could release one song on SoundCloud next month.

It was also nice seeing Pritty and Dixie again, Mr. Bowie’s mom and brother. Hey human, get your pancakes ready, Dixie is waiting… Can you see the family resemblance in that face?

Beautiful Days


It’s another beautiful sunny day! Yesterday 18 degrees Celsius, today 15 degrees. Yesterday, I had ice cream and espresso outside in the garden. Today I had delicious pancakes at Joke’s place, and I met Pritty, Mr. Bowie’s Mom.


This afternoon, Mr. Bowie performed a day time inspection of the garden. I hope that he can approve the new look of the garden without any great difficulty.


Pancakes Contest


I like pancakes! I was invited for pancakes at Joke and Seb’s place. It’s also the place where Mr. Bowie’s mom and brother live. I had a great time while enjoying their company. As always, the pancakes were delicious! Thank you, my dear friends. Love you.

PS: We hoped Mr. Bowie would join us but, apparently, he had other plans.

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