August 2022 Update

Time flies. I can’t believe we’re already at the end of August. Time flies so I guess I must be having fun… There were good things and there were bad things. The heat and drought in Europe could be the worst in 500 years. It almost makes me long for the winter. Jimi seems to enjoy these warm and hot days. He refused 3 times to come inside in the evening and spent the night outside, while I was laying awake worrying about him.

Jimi’s birthday is coming up later this week. He turns 4! The next day he’s scheduled for the yearly checkup with his vet. I requested a home visit because Jimi doesn’t like the car rides and I’ll spare you from the nasty details.

But I’ve got also some sad news for you. Jos, the cat from my dear friends got wounded in a fight with another animal and needed surgery. Unfortunately they had to amputate his tail. Jos has recovered well and is doing okay right now.

My neighbours were away for 2 weeks and asked me to take care of a stray cat living in their garden. After a few days the cat was already waiting for me and we almost became friends.

So let’s enjoy this summer and don’t think too much about autumn or all the bad things in the world. And the bloodiness barbaric inhuman Russian army. Enjoy all the little things around you and cherish your family and close friends. Invite them over for a drink. And ice cream.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Ah poor Jos is a bobtail. That’s better than losing him. Jimi likes the heat. Like his namesake (I think). Looks like you made a new friend. He’s a pretty kitty.

  2. Glad Jimi’s got the heat covered. Poor Jos though. When I was growing up, we had a cat who got caught in a trap on our farm (some rotten thieving person having set it). He was gone for 7 days and I eventually found him. Had to cut him free. He made it but his tail didn’t. Lived for another 12 years just fine.

  3. Teddy loves the heat too….if we aren’t with him on an outside walk around the yard in the heat, he is in the hot garage lying on the concrete keeping an eye out for bugs coming under the garage door. He doesn’t like the A/C at all. Nice of you to take care of the stray and it’s really sad that Jos lost his tail but he’ll adjust I’m sure – at least he has his life. That final photo looks inviting – nice drink and bruschetta – and friends….stay cool Herman – !

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

    • Hi Pam. The stray cat is here for 3 or 4 years. My neighbours take good care of him. I also enjoyed feeding him the last weeks.
      Jimi really enjoys the hot summer. I prefer a few degrees less, though…
      Wishing you a great week ahead, my dear friends! Jimi sends his regards!

  4. Handsome Jimi! Cats must get their way…I always worry when our guys go out for their 15 minute walk. I understand that they love being out but….obviously you feel the same. We just like to know they are safe. So sorry about poor Jos. One of the cats I adopted had lost his tail that same way but he lived just fine without it. But he was a kitten when it happened. For Jos it must have been traumatic. We wish him well, of course. I like the little stray…it clearly knows you are a cat person. Best wishes to you. Enjoy the Fall. XX

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. Normally, Jimi comes back inside early in the evening. But now on these hot days he prefers to stay outside and go on nightly adventures in the garden… So I have to bribe him with extra treats to get him back inside on time.
      Jos is doing okay and he loves to go back outside. He had to stay inside for 2 weeks so the wounds could heal.
      The little stray one is an adorable cat. Thank goodness my neighbours also take good care of him…
      Wishing you a great week ahead! Jimi sends his regards!

  5. Hello Belgium Boys! So nice to hear from you 💗 Imagine the adventure of staying out all night, like a teenager, LOL! I guess watching for other nocturnal creatures that slither or dash around must be thrilling. But I would worry too. If my kitties aren’t at the end of my bed, I need to go find them. I lie there thinking maybe they’re stuck in a cupboard or behind a door 😁 Thank goodness Jos was able to survive the fight, poor fellow. See, worry is warranted!
    Your kind neighbours are my kind of people, looking after their garden stray even when they’re away. How dear! I’m so happy they have you as a friend. Cheers to friendships, get togethers and peace! We all need that now 💗💗K

    • Hi Kelly. Thank you so much for your kind comment! Jimi was trying to catch a bat but unfortunately, he couldn’t jump so high… and those bats are so fast.
      Jos is doing okay, just received a beautiful photograph of him sleeping in the sun. I’ll show it in the next post.
      I’m very lucky to live in a neighbourhood where all the neighbours are animal lovers. Unfortunately, there are more dogs than cats, we need to invite more stray cats I guess… 😉

      Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards. Thank goodness he’s back inside this evening…

  6. I love that your neighbors asked you to care for their stray resident while they were gone. Very kind of them, and of you! Stray cats need all the help they can get.

    • So true! Stray cats need all the help they can get from us. I’m donating free cat food almost whole my life. I’m lucky to live in a neighbourhood where everybody is an animal lover.

  7. Aww, Jos looks so fed up with life but I’m sure he will bounce back once his pain starts to wear off! Poor little sausage. You are so right about cherishing the small things, though. Cat Daddy and I are generally glass-half-full people but it’s hard not to be glass-half-empty regarding the way the planet is going. Lots of love to you and Seigneur Jimi … and if you ever come to London, please let us know!

    • Thank you so much for the invitation! It’s been a long time but when I was young I liked to visit the music stores in London, in the Denmark Street area. We used to take the night boat and train and returned back home the following night, completely exhausted… Nowadays it’s much easier with traveling by train.
      For me it’s always very difficult to stay positive in life, I have a tendency to look at things in a negative way. Thank goodness Jimi keeps me company so I feel happy on a bad day… 😉

      I just got some recent photographs of Jos, playing outside in the garden. So glad to see he’s doing well. I’ll probably write a new post about the little fellow.

      Have a great week ahead, my friends!

    • Hi M.B. I just got some new and recent photographs of Jos. He’s back outside and enjoying the garden of my friends. He’s really doing great after the surgery.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment and concern!

  8. Sad that Jos lost his tail but good to know he has adjusted just fine. Sweet that your neighbors care enough about the stray to make sure he’s taken care of when they are away.

    • Hi Patricia. Thank you so much for your kind comment and concern! I’m glad to see that Jos is doing well after the surgery. He can enjoy his outdoor life again.
      It makes me feel good to see people helping stray cats and I love to help if I can.

  9. Always good to hear from you and Jimi ! Glad the injured kitty is healing and the rest of you are doing well. Purrayers !

  10. I am glad Jos is OK. Jimi, shame on you for worrying your mom- you should stay inside where it is safe. XO

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m trying to catch Jimi sooner in the evening so he will be safe inside at night. And I can sleep without worrying… 😉
      Jos is doing very well right now. I’ll post some recent photographs in the next post.

  11. I’m sorry about Jos but losing a tail is not a big deal for a house cat. Twenty years ago or so, my mother in law’s neighbor was taking care of several stray kittens who apparently lost their mother. One was missing a tail, possibly from a predator.

  12. Sorry Jos lost his tail. I think the heat bothers us more. had a cat years ago that started as a stray outdoors. She would lay in the sun on hot days even though there were shady areas.

    • Hi Correne. Thank you so much for your kind comment and concern! The cat we had before Mr. Bowie (also a stray one that stayed in our home after a few weeks) loved to be in the sunlight, even on the hottest moments of the day while we wire hiding in cool places. Jimi prefers to sleep in the shadow or cool spots in the garden.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I’ll post some new photographs of Jos in the next post. He’s doing well, thank goodness.
      Jimi really enjoys the summer and being outside. I’m having a hard time getting him back inside in the evening…

  13. I had a ginger tabby – Louie – that was a shelter cat I adopted. He had a previous life being allowed outside. I gave in to his wishes and let him have unsupervised time outside. I decided to follow him a time or two – videos on my YouTube channel, phainopepla 95 – and learned he was the neighborhood bully! Then, one day he came home with a changed demeanor. Seems he found the meaner cat and it bit him on the butt! A trip to the vet for a shot and examination, and Louie was so cowed that he hid in the guest bathroom in the bathtub. After that, Louie stayed close to home when he went out. He died and I was given the two kittens – Andy and Dougy – people who’ve followed me for years are familiar with. I never let them be outside cats. The late Dougy wanted to be an outside cat, but I managed to stop him every time but once, and that time cost me a US$200 reward to get him back!

    • Hi Doug. Thank you so much for this beautiful story! It’s so fine we can cherish such wonderful memories, even with the painful moments.
      I’ve had almost whole my life a cat or cats and never regret a moment. What would we do without them…?? Maybe pay US$200… 😉

    • Hi Julie. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I hope you are okay.
      I enjoyed the two weeks while I was taking care of that adorable stray cat. Always fun to meet new cats in your life… 🙂

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards!

  14. Happy 4th birthday, Jimi! I am glad you can request a home visit from the vet, Herman. Yes, that can be a lot less stressful on the kitty.

    I am sorry to hear poor Jos had to have his tail removed. There are so many creatures out there that can hurt a kitty.

    Your neighbor’s stray kitty is beautiful, and it looks like he or she has correctly figured you out as a friend to cats. 🙂

    Yes, summer is transitioning into autumn now. The light is more angled, the breezes cooler even though the sunlight still feels pretty warm. I hope next year brings you better, cooler weather, Herman and Jimi. Love and Peace to you both 🙂❤️🐱 from all of us here!

    • Hi Lavinia. Thank you so much for your kind comment and concern. I’m always looking forward to see you on the blog! Hope you’re okay and feeling good.

      We had a little celebration on Jimi’s birthday. Yesterday he got his good report from the vet and Jimi’s in a very good condition. He was a little bit nervous and quickly realised what was going on. But in the end it was way less stressful than going to the hospital. So I don’t mind to pay a little bit more for the house visit.
      Jos is doing well right now and he’s enjoying his outdoor life again. I’ll post some new photographs in the next post. And yes, I enjoyed taking care of that stray cat.

      I’m glad the nights are already a little bit cooler. I had some problems to sleep during those hot days in July and August. But I’m sure I’ll miss the summer soon… 😉

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards to all the cats on the Farm!

  15. Oh, poor little Jos. I hope she’s still doing well without her tail. There’s going to be an adjustment for her, to be without a part of her, but I’m guessing she’ll get plenty of love from her humans in the meantime.

    Has the heat waned, Herman? That sounds like a horrible summer, so I hope at least you have a much better autumn with cooler temps and the wonderful smells of fall leaves and pumpkin pie. Giving Jimi a skritch or two from me and the kids and give him a couple of Happy Birthday skritches from me when the day comes.

    • Hi Mary. Thank you so much for your concern and kind words! Jos is doing well. I will post some recent photographs in the next post.

      We’re having 2 hot days, today and tomorrow, but by the end of the week the temperatures should drop down with 10 degrees Celsius. Finally! It’s so hard to sleep, I don’t have AC.

      Jimi says “Thank you!” and sends his regards!

        • I’m keeping my ecological footprint in mind concerning the A/C. Almost all my neighbours have swimming pools and A/C. I just don’t like the view of that ugly big box on your wall, the noise it makes and the electricity bill…

          • I have A/C in my apartment, which would be sweltering without on the really hot days. But the problem is the noise because they are window/wall air conditioners that sound like a jet is taking off in my livingroom. Truth be told, I prefer to have windows open in the summer and only turn on the cooling when absolutely necessary. We spent all winter with the windows shut, so why not keep them open in the summer?

    • Hi Pamela. Thank you so much for your kind comment and concern.
      Jos recovered very well from the surgery and is doing okay right now. I payed him a visit a few days ago and I will post some recent photographs in the next post.
      Hope you’re doing well. Jimi sends his regards!

    • Thank you so much, David! Hope you’re okay and having a good time. Jimi sends his regards!

      PS: we had a wonderful birthday party that lasted all night long… 😉

  16. I have been slacking on reading blogs lately. Thinking about you sometimes when I read about your heat there. And all the things that are going on around you. Jimi’s birthday, and still the sweetie he always way. And you found a new friend in the garden. Take care dear, enjoy every moment and savor everything that’s good in life. It’s Today. Have a good Today.

    • The heat finally dropped down seriously, a few days ago, and we had a lot of rain showers after the long drought. But I also feel a bit sad because the days are already getting shorter… But hey, we can always look forward to the next spring and summer… 😉
      Meanwhile we’re enjoying all the little things around us. Today we keep Mr. Bowie in mind because he passed away 3 years ago. I still miss that sweet boy.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, my dear friend. Enjoy harvesting all the vegetables in your garden!

      • Ahhh, less heat and some rain, excellent. Yes the days are already so much shorter. Squash are pretty much over in the garden, but tomatoes will go on for a little while yet. Then there will come the sad day when I need to take the tomato structures down, but not yet. Mr. Bowie, he was such a sweet boy. I know you still miss him. Keep enjoying every little good thing all around you. And have a good Today. Fingers crossed for you for better weather!

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