A Reason to Be Cheerful Today

Happy Gotcha Day, Jimi! Today we need to celebrate Jimi’s Gotcha Day. Two years ago he decided to move in. But I also feel the loss of Mr. Bowie very deeply on this day. He will be missed for ever.

Jimi got 2 plates of his favourite food, shrimps. But he was wondering if there was also dessert… Well, the human had a celebration with chocolates.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

Newsflash #34

Mr. Bowie’s Gotcha Day! We had a very good day yesterday. Some close friends surprised me with a visit and together we celebrated Mr. Bowie’s Gotcha Day outside in the garden. Thank goodness nine years ago Mr. Bowie decided to move in to my home. Due to the ideal weather conditions, it felt like the traditional guerrilla-surprise-pudding-parties from the past.

We had lots of ice cream with fresh grapes, blueberries and pineapple. Mr. Bowie had a combination of tuna, salmon and chicken pasta. Still warm weather today and heatwave (“history will judge” climate change deniers) set for the next days. Isn’t life grand? Sometimes.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


Newsflash #18

Life is no bed of roses. Unfortunately, Mr. Bowie’s eye condition is deteriorating. We are trying a new medicine the next week but it looks like surgery will be necessary… What’s gives you peace of mind when times are tough and stressful? More espressos and chocolate?

But hey, we had a good day yesterday. We celebrated Mr. Bowie’s Gotcha Day. We are 8 years together and I invited some close friends for Mr. B’s party. And there was a little surprise for the human too… Thank you so much, my dear J.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

Now The Party’s Over…


I’m so tired. Follow-up posts with details about Mr. Bowie’s Gotcha Day Party will follow when the dust settles and life gets back to normal.

PS: Latecomers, leave no leftovers behind!

Something Big Is About To Happen

It happened before. Will it happen again? Blue means we’re working on it – no need to worry. Getting ready to party with Mr. Bowie. Cat Party Crashers of the world unite!


Hands on Bowie & Jimi

Teaser. The entire world is on edge because everyone senses that something big is about to happen. Well, almost everyone…

Warning small

If you are interested, please stay tuned for updates.

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568Bummer. Mr.Bowie’s Gotcha Day Party for 2 p.m. CEST on Monday has been postponed due to inclement weather conditions. Thunderstorms, lightning and hail are forecast for this part of the world.



Should I open my presents early, on Monday? Do I really have to wait so long?


A Key To Happiness

A key to happiness: having something to look forward to. Some people run a race to see who is fastest. I want to make some changes in my life and run a race to enjoy myself. A career break or time credit can allow you to temporarily interrupt your work, either in part or in full, so you can spend more time with your family and friends. I took the opportunity to work 4 days a week now instead of 5 and have the luxury of Friday off.

Audrey Hepburn said ‘The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.’ I totally agree, Audrey. How about you, Mr. Bowie? Looking forward to spend more quality time together on Fridays? But first of all, let’s concentrate on your Gotcha Day, my birthday and the Puddingfest.


One more thing: I’m taking a 3-week vacation starting from next Monday. Isn’t life grand? Sometimes.

Don’t you ever stop, long enough to start
Get your car outta that gear

“The Magnificent Seven” – The Clash

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