You’ve Got Mail


Wow! For the first time ever, I got mail from Australia. Mr. Bowie received a special package via air mail. It’s a surprise gift from gentlestitches, a.k.a. Sharon, a loyal and devoted HoB follower. She’s passionate about all things stitchy and environmentally sustaining. She loves to make, write about and teach, crochet, knitting and hand sewing.

IMG_7470 IMG_7474

Mr. Bowie enjoys his anipal mini-me. I think he would like to join his little friend in the reversible cat bed… Find out more about Sharon on her blog gentlestitches.

Thank you so much, Sharon. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

It’s a Miracle


It’s alive! Much to my and Mr. Bowie’s surprise, one catnip plant is alive! Meteorologists knew an eclipse could lower temperatures within this shadow by as much as 3 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit). But so far, they couldn’t confirm anecdotal reports of changes in dead catnip plants. Catnip die-hards, like Mr. Bowie, are eager to test fresh plants.


“In catnip I sense the miracle of life.” – Mr. Bowie

Partial Eclipse of the Heart

Too many clouds to see the partial eclipse. Clear viewing opportunities were restricted by the cloud cover in this part of the world. With a little luck, I got this shot. During a brief moment, I felt the power of the dark side. But all in all, a disappointment.


Watch out, Mr. Bowie! No cat should ever look at the sun before, during or after a solar eclipse without protective eyewear.


Beautiful Days


It’s another beautiful sunny day! Yesterday 18 degrees Celsius, today 15 degrees. Yesterday, I had ice cream and espresso outside in the garden. Today I had delicious pancakes at Joke’s place, and I met Pritty, Mr. Bowie’s Mom.


This afternoon, Mr. Bowie performed a day time inspection of the garden. I hope that he can approve the new look of the garden without any great difficulty.



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