Love You Like A Rock


Happy Birthday! Mr. Bowie, our hero, turns six today. I love this little man. I love him like a rock. Catnip and treats for the furry ones. Dark chocolate and espressos for the humans. Have a great day!

When I was grown to be a cat
And the Devil would call my name
I’d say “now who do …
Who do you think you’re fooling?”
I’m a consummated cat
I can snatch a little purity
My human loves me, he loves me
He gets down on his knees and hugs me
He loves me like a rock
He rocks me like the rock of ages
And he loves me

“Loves Me Like A Rock” – Paul Simon

Don’t Mess With…


Don’t mess with the bull… Blackbirds are usually welcome in the garden, until they become a nuisance. Besides making an ugly mess of things, they must stay out of the catnip plantation. Mr. Bowie must send out a very tough and unequivocal signal and must take action.

“Don’t mess with the catnip, you’ll get the claws.” – Mr. Bowie

Winter Amnesia


Fantastic day today. I had breakfast and lunch outside. Mr. Bowie kept a low profile today. He appears to be suffering from a mysterious condition known as “Winter Amnesia.” Guess it was already too hot outside for my furry friend.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be in the garden, reading a book. I’ll deal with recording the drum track when it’s time to deal with it. I have to admit I’m fabulous at relaxing.



You must accept either A, or B. A dilemma is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. I want to record a drum track in real time without looping. Mr. Bowie wants to take a nap without earplugs.


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