Don’t Touch!


Please don’t touch! Stay away from my breakfast, Mr. Bowie, trust me. Chocolate mousse and an espresso ristretto, the breakfast of champions. This will provide an energy boost to my body, helping me last longer throughout the day.

Fly Away


I want to get away. Mr. Bowie, and the dogs in the neighbourhood, didn’t like the sound of the burner noise of this hot air balloon flying overhead. Mr. Bowie ran back into the house.

I wish that I could fly
Into the sky
So very high
Just like a dragonfly

“Fly Away” – Lenny Kravitz

Medical Check Up 2015


Doctor doctor, gimme the news. Today, I took Mr. Bowie for an annual medical check-up to Renate, another experienced and brilliant vet working at Venhei, a Veterinary Hospital. Just like Frédéric last year, she performed some medical tests for Mr. Bowie’s comprehensive medical check-up concerning his ear problem. Renate ensured me that Mr. Bowie’s health is on track.

Right now, it’s important for Mr. Bowie to take time to relax when he’s recovering from the stress after this traumatic event. Vanilla ice cream, Mr. Bowie?

In Trouble


A studio technician can’t become complacent. You must stay on your toes. It may sound cliché and simple, but don’t underestimate the effects of working as a day-to-day studio technician and the work that goes in to developing these settings!

Meanwhile, I got in some sort of trouble with the local police. I wonder why…



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