How Belgians are responding to the terror #BrusselsLockdown. Belgian police asked people not to tweet details of their operations hunting the Paris killers, but they did ask for Twitter users to ‘support’ the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown. Belgians responded to the request with good humour, retweeting cat pictures.



Espresso time. My espresso capsules order arrived today and as always, Mr. Bowie conducted a thorough control to ensure the overall quality. Every time Mr. Bowie wakes up and smells the coffee, he knows it’s time for a treat.

Today is my mother’s birthday so I raise my espresso cup to her. She taught me to drink and enjoy coffee when I was a child. She would have turned 88 today. Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you are.

Back to Work


A working studio technician is a happy studio technician. It’s Monday and Mr. Bowie is getting himself back in the groove, after taking some time off on the sofa. Getting great work done isn’t always just about finding a rush of inspiration, it’s also about defining your goals and setting yourself up in a productive work environment.

Mr. Bowie thinks it’s about time to buy a new box with a synth inside. He’s checking out the new Prophet-6, a 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a modern twist.  It’s Dave Smith’s tribute to the poly synth that started it all—the Sequential Prophet-5. But please, Mr. Bowie, I told you before, you must keep an eye on the studio budget. A studio technician usually performs this routine task. Get back to work, Mr. Bowie!

Sofa Part 2


How do you know when you’re ready to go back to work after your time off? Going back to work can be stressful. Are you really ready, Mr. Bowie? I’m laying down the tracks of a new song. Issues of timing, dynamic, pitch and tone need a critical ear.



Take time to think things over. Don’t underestimate the value of an excellent studio technician. You got to own good gear. If you can play an instrument or two, that’s even better. But your sofa is the most important piece of equipment.



Seek and ye shall find. If you search hard enough for something, you will find it. Or meow, and it shall be given, Mr. Bowie. But please, leave the chocolate alone; it is doing fine by itself.

I have lost all my inbox emails, some very important and significant. If I search hard enough in Time Machine, maybe I’ll find some of them back. But hey, there are worse things in life than losing your emails.


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