The basics you need to know: HoB is about Bowie, Mr. Bowie, (a British Shorthair, not David Robert Hayward-Jones), Jimi – a European Shorthair & me, the guy behind the guy behind the cats, a comeback electronic musician.

Please join us as we journey through time and space in the days of happiness and grief. Most of what follows is true, kinda… Some names and eye colors have been changed.

Please keep in mind that HoB was originally written in Dutch (update: well, not anymore). Some parts are in English (update: most parts) and some in French. When Bowie took over behind my back it was in cat language. Feel free to leave a comment in any language.

The authentic photos of Hands on Bowie & Jimi may not be used without permission.


Life obliges me to do something, so I blog.


Bowie, May 2009

Update September 2019: It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Bowie on September 11, 2019.