Why I should stop recycling. So glad to enjoy this sunny Sunday right now. Just had my first espresso outside in the garden. Ok, I was wearing  a coat and my roof needs some minor repairs after the 2 storms from last weekend. But I can feel spring is near. And it makes me happy.

I started the spring-cleaning and decided to recycle some of the big boxes a kept aside. It was clear from the start this was not going to be easy…

One more thing: I’m always trying to avoid talking about awkward political situations or controversial topics on my blog. But this week a lot of us woke up in shock after a barbaric dictator launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine. Figuratively speaking this is happening in my backyard. This action is definitely a war crime. Can’t stop wondering what’s next… Invasion of Poland? Finland? Lithuania? Latvia? Estonia?

Poisoning opposition leaders, murdering journalists, suppress populations, invading Ukraine, violently breaking up peaceful demonstrations… Welcome to the world of a pathological liar, dictator and war criminal.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Herman, I love both parts of this post. Cats and boxes are always a thing and what a great photo. With regard to the invasion of Ukraine, it’s shocking and terrible. I lived there for a while and have friends in Kiev, Kharkiv and Odessa. I have also travelled in Russia and have friends there too. You are right to blame the dictator of Russia and not the people. Most of them don’t want this invasion but daren’t say so. How about if the world was ruled by cats? Wait a minute… It is! Our benign despots. How we love them.

  2. You can’t get rid of perfectly good cat boxes, because you know they are cat magic. He really likes this one. Yes, the status of the world right now is scary, even here. We had a dictator, and he could have done a lot to repress the one the whole world has right now, but instead he praised him. We can only hope that the whole world joins with Ukraine to beat this war down. It gives us each more reason to enjoy every day, every minute. Enjoy your coffee in your garden and looking forward to spring! Be well dear friend.

    • Boxes and cats… well yes, always a perfect combination although Mr. Bowie loved them more.
      I still can’t believe how that ex-president of the USA gets away with all that nonsense and BS. He should be in jail or a madhouse…

      Just enjoyed an espresso with Jimi outside in the sunshine. Looking forward to see what’s happening in your garden.
      Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, my dear friend!

      • Don’t get me started to rant about the man they elected here instead of a president. People in our country used to be held accountable for the things they did.

        Jimi, garden, espresso, sunshine. what a good day for you!

    • So true! I’m going to find a very, very big box for that barbaric dictator and ask Elon Musk to shoot it in space… And where’s James Bond when you need him?

  3. We people fortunate to live in democracies can’t ignore threats to our freedoms. Ukraine’s fight to preserve her independence is just one threat to that freedom we love and it is important to acknowledge the bravery of her citizens who remain there to take on a military force many times her own. How it will end is too soon to tell, but I’m betting on the Ukrainians, praying they end their suffering soon.

    I am like you in that I try to keep my posts kitty-centric, positive, happy, fun, suitable for anyone to view, but the Ukraine invasion affects us all, is a threat when a megalomaniacal dictator talks about nuclear responses to any challenges to his will. He’s off his rocker, as we say in the USA, he’s mental!

  4. Getting rid of boxes once a cat has claimed them can be a real trial. And we are all watching the nightmare caused by Russia’s dictator, and hoping that Ukraine survives it all. So unnecessary and cruel.

  5. My cats peacefully protest when I breakdown boxes. I do it anyway. Poor kitties. I understand Jimi’s objections. The invasion is truly in your backyard. The west has been lenient with Putin and our not so fearless leaders are paying the reaper for what they’ve sown.

    • Hi Micheline. I’m hoping for a diplomatic solution too. They all should get together and talk to each other in a civilised way instead of using nuclear threats…

  6. Oh Herman and Jimi, I have been lurking on your site for years now, but this post and the chat are so rich, I just have to pop up. I’m clinging to the cats. And the birds, let us remember the birds. I hear Canada geese overhead, starting off on their way north. We are recovering from sheets of ice falling from the skies for two days, which silenced the spring peepers, but the daffodils still poke their bright heads through the ice. How can such violence and madness co-exist with this resilient beauty? I keep thinking of 1939 and how this situation is so similar, the rhetoric almost identical — but I also cling to the differences, where Europe seems determined not to get dragged in like last time. I share your — oh I just can’t. A flicker has just landed at my feeder. Do you have flickers in Belgium? They are a visitation like angels. To hell with the madmen.

    • Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment! And thanks for hanging around all these years too. You are so right. That’s why I was outside in my garden today, just wanted to clear my mind and stop thinking about the nuclear threat of a madman. It almost feels like I’m watching the Dr. Strangelove movie…

      If I’m right I think a flicker is a woodpecker? We have various woodpeckers in our woods but not a flicker. It’s a very beautiful bird…

  7. Dear Herman and Jimi, we have read through all the comments – about boxes: For some unknown reason Teddy does not have a fascination for them – maybe because he’s so huge and can’t fit into many of them? HA As for the Ukraine I can easily burst into tears when I think about it – war is heartbreaking. The Ukraine people are so brave and so resolute – I hope that strength will work its’ magic and they will somehow prevail. The scariest thing is that we all know people who are insane are unpredictable – we learned that ourselves (!) – someone said the other day that the look in Putin’s eyes is truly scary. I pray for peace – I pray for the Ukraine…… I also hope that you and Jimi can relax in your peaceful garden and enjoy the moments those of us with freedom enjoy including something sinfully chocolate ! Love to you both………………..

    Pam and Teddy too

    • Hi Pam. Thank you so much for this heartwarming comment!
      Jimi isn’t a real ‘box-cat’. Mr. Bowie could stay for hours in a box but Jimi loses his interest after a few minutes. To be honest, it’s very easy to get rid of the boxes nowadays… 😉

      It’s so hard and painful to see how a few madmen can turn the whole world into a very dangerous place. Let’s hope they will get together to talk and show some common sense…

      Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards!

    • Thank you so much, Lavinia! Jimi sends his regards!
      Wishing you all the best and hoping you’re having a wonderful Sunday, my dear friend!

    • I’m sure cats all over the world are in contact with each other via a secret network. We should be very careful and never underestimate a cat. Unfortunately, we did underestimate a certain dictator…

  8. Lovely to see Mr Bowie enjoying himself and supervising your tidying up.
    I have been thinking about my relatives in the Baltic states, agree with your sentiments totally.

    • It’s always very difficult to recycle a box, especially when your cat is in the neighbourhood…
      Thank you so much for your view on my post.

  9. Hello dear friend. I too, as a habit, avoid politics here at WP. But the harsh reality of the week makes it impossible to stay quiet. Thank you for your comments above. I’ve been thinking about you and many friends in Europe and am too frightened to even consider what this maniac is capable of.
    I’m completely heartbroken for the Ukraine and all the gentle souls who’ve had to leave their homes, hide or flee with children and pets, leaving fathers behind.
    Embracing each day, we just don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Love, peace and hope sent out to you Herman. BTW, I’m Ukrainian too. My Great Grandparents immigrated to Canada the last century. We are the lucky ones to be far from danger today. 😍💗 K

    • Hi Kelly. Thank you so much for this kind comment. I still find it hard to believe this is happening in Europe. There will always be conflicts in certain regions but a war on this scale… so close? We can only hope for a peaceful solution and maybe a way to get rid of that maniac.
      Didn’t know you had relatives from Ukraine. I can imagine this will make you more emotional involved…

      Have a great week, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards!

    • Hi Patricia. Mr. Bowie loved playing and sleeping in boxes. Jimi gets bored real soon when he’s inside a box. He prefers to be outside in the garden.

    • I’m always keeping one box in a secret place. Comes in handy on a rainy day when Jimi feels bored…
      Still hoping for a peaceful solution in Ukraine. Hard to believe this war is happening…

  10. Jimi has picked some excellent boxes ❤ As to the vicious attacks on Ukraine, at 64 years of age I too would take up arms…in fact, if more friends in Europe are threatened I offer help, however I can…

    • Ik had nog 1 heel grote doos waar die kwiet misschien met wat duw- en snijwerk zou inpassen. ‘t Is toch echt niet te geloven dat dit hier in West Europa nog mogelijk is?

  11. My cats loved boxes when they were kittens but they seem to have lost interest these days. Good to know your weather is improving enough for you to enjoy a coffee outside. I am sending prayers for all the people (and animals) caught up in the madness. So unfair that innocent people have to suffer because of one man.

    • Hi Jill. Mr. Bowie could stay for hours in a box and loved sleeping in it too. Jimi loses his interest after a few minutes. He prefers sleeping in the sofa…
      It’s so hard there’s nothing out there to stop that barbaric maniac. Let’s hope for a peaceful solution soon…

    • I had the same problem with Mr. Bowie. He loved boxes so much. However, Jimi isn’t a real ‘box cat’ and prefers playing outside in the garden or sleeping on the sofa.

    • Hi Leah. Glad you liked this post and the photograph of Jimi!
      Let us hope that there’ll be a peaceful solution for the dramatic situation in Ukraine very soon…

    • Thank you for your emotional comment. It so hard to watch the news right now. We can only hope they stop fighting and look for a peaceful solution…

  12. jimi; dood…..SHAME…total SHAME on dad for tryin ta get rid oh yur CAT CONDO HOUZ~~~~~~
    we think dad owez ewe…big time…..like may bee he shuld get ewe a new cat tree …..yea ~~~~ ♥♥

    Herman; the situation in the Ukraine is horrific and we too, hope the people rise up and meet
    the *&%^#$@! head on……our prayers to all of the Ukrainians, with extra prayers to the small children who were forced to leave their dads ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

    • Hi there, my friends! Well, I always keep one box in a secret hiding place to surprise Jimi when he’s bored on a rainy day… But please, don’t tell him! 🙂

      The news reports are so hard and emotional to watch. It’s unbelievable this is still happening right now, in 2022, in Europe… Let us hope that the fighting stops soon and they will find a peaceful solution. And they get rid of that barbaric dictator…

  13. I agree with you 100% Herman, this is an atrocity and actions against the megalomaniac dictator for war crimes. We are so glad you and Jimi are safe and are sending healing purrs and thoughts to all suffering.

    Pearl & Mom

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! It’s still hard to believe this is actually happening in Europe in 2022…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my friends! Jimi sends his regards!

  14. Herman, I hope you were successful with the spring cleaning, although taking that box away from Jimi must have been difficult. Spring IS coming – I heard sandhill cranes outside my window today and that is a telltale sign. If they think it’s time, then it’s time!

    In regard to Ukraine, the situation there both angers and saddens me. What is the point of this war, of killing and bombing, when the rest of the world is against such a horrible crime? I hope this is not the start of something bigger, and I also pray that somehow Putin is stopped – for everyone in Europe and for democracy.

    Hope you’re having a great day and weekend!

    • Hi Mary. We’re so happy spring is there. I already had a few coffees outside in the garden enjoying the warm sunshine. Today I worked in the garden, making it ready for summer.

      The situation in Ukraine keeps me awake at night. I just can’t understand and believe this is happening in 2022 in Europe. It seems we went 100 years back in time… We can only hope for a solution and peace.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend. I’m going to watch The Adam Project this evening, a new sci-fi movie on Netflix.

  15. I periodically return to my favorite blogger’s posts to make sure I haven’t missed any. Especially when the blogger posts at long intervals, it is easy to miss a post or two.

    Sadly, this time, it seems the invasion of Ukraine was less than a week old the last time I read this post, but now is still very much on everyone’s mind.

    Sadder yet, the destruction of lives and country continues a month after the start, there are doubts Putin gets straight answers from his minions about how the war goes, though there are doubts he’d act differently if they did tell him what’s happening. It looks like it will continue, maybe even expand to other countries, most likely through an accidental bomb landing on a NATO country or that madman sending nuclear-bomb-tipped ballistic missiles to an old Cold War adversary’s cities. Who knows what Putin’s capable of considering what he’s shown he is?

    The suffering continues. Though many Ukrainians were able to bring their pets along with them – and countries receiving the refugees relaxed restrictions to allow these pets in with their humans – many died, starved, or suffered the animal equivalent of post trauma stress syndrome, especially sad because how do you tell an animal everything will be ok again? Bless those who didn’t leave their fur friends behind!

    Pray for peace. Pray for wisdom in our leaders. Pray Putin’s plan to recreate the USSR ends with the bravery of Ukrainian patriots kicking his ass! Pray the war ends soon and that the international community that supports the Ukrainians now supports them post war to rebuild what Putin destroyed. Pray the Russian people learn what Putin did and the toss him out. Pray for the dead, Ukrainian or Russian, because they died for a dead dream of a tyrant. Pray for their families because their dreams for their loved ones died in an especially pointless war.

    • Thank you so much for your touching comment, Doug. You are so right, it’s such a pointless war. I never thought something like this could happen in this part of the world in 2022. It keeps me awake at night. We can only hope and pray this useless war will stop soon and someone kicks the ass of that maniac and war criminal.

      I’ve been posting not a lot, lately. In the beginning I used to post every day… But a lot happened in my life the last years so I lost my drive to write more post. But I’m going to try to get back in action!

      • While daily posting is a good way to build subscribers, it also is a grueling business sometimes. I’ve considered dropping back to a lighter schedule like our mutual friend, Lavinia Ross eventually did or posting just when Andy got his PhD at Harvard or was elected President of the USA, but then I realized he is just a kitty, a smart one, but just a cat. LOL!

        I worry a lot about Ukraine and the criminal business of that Russian a-hole. I saw an elderly woman on the television this morning. Though her village had been reclaimed by Ukraine, she was shaking and crying. She’d spent a horrific time in a cellar for several days, and she told the correspondent she’d survived WWII as a child and didn’t think she’d ever have to go through war again. “I’m 88 years old and I can’t do this.” She started crying again, and the correspondent was overwhelmed with her situation. He pulled her over to him in a big, comforting hug, but you could see on his face he knew she had more war to survive. I’m crying just remembering the look of terror on her face and the hardened war correspondent unable to avoid allowing his humanity to get in the way of his objectivity.

        • I saw that touching footage too. It was really heart breaking… I’m moved everyday watching the news in the evening. And I can’t stop thinking about it at night… And it doesn’t look like there’s a solution soon…

          • Yes, same here. I grew up in the early nuclear age, where the US Government assu7red us we could survive an atomic bomb – “duck and cover”. Putin’s threat to even consider use of that weapon brought back lots of that 50s stress. This Civil Defense video from my childhood wasn’t reassuring. https://youtu.be/LWH4tWkZpPU

            • I remember having nightmares about a nuclear war when I was a kid, (early ’60). I’m having flash backs while watching the video…

              • I understand. Every time Russia, China, or North Korea make nuclear threats or create more lethal nuclear missiles, this video and how it affected me every time it came up on television. I can’t think that there won’t be a mistake or a provocation that brings the NATO allies into this mess, perhaps that attack inside Russia on the fuel storage tanks in the past day. Ukrainian offensive attack or a phony one created by Russia and blamed on Ukraine, when I heard about it, I thought, “Could this be the dreaded event precipitating WWIII?”

    • Hi Kally. It’s always so funny to see the reaction of a cat when she gets a box. Mr. Bowie loved every box, no matter what size. But Jimi is not really much interested in a box.

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