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    • Thank you so much, Lavinia! I’m getting ready for the chocolate eggs right now! Have a nice Easter Day!

  1. What a sweet photo………..I hope you deliver some part of the Easter feast to Mr. Bowie when you get back home………….! Happy Easter…………

    Pam and Sam

    • Oh yes! Mr. Bowie just got his extra Easter treat. Thank goodness he didn’t liked my chocolate eggs! 😉

  2. What an endearing photo, Herman. Please give Mr. Bowie snacks when you return so he doesn’t feel too left out on this holiday. Some of my cats got turkey. Love, Amy

  3. You are not just a one cat photographer Herman. I love your people pictures. I am glad you had a good Easter, we did here too.

    • Thank you so much, Angela! Glad you had a good Easter too…
      Tomorrow, it’s Mr. Bowie’s turn to be in the picture and the next day, well maybe some people… 😉

  4. Well now, I wish my rooster tails looked that cute, but no such luck. This little wee missy really steals the show. Maybe it’s a good thing Mr Bowie wasn’t waiting for his closeup on this particular day. Belated Easter wishes dear friends.

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