Four Minutes


Four Minutes – Black & White Photo Challenge, Day 3. It’s a family tradition of eating eggs on Easter Sunday. Four minutes: the white is fully set, but the yolk is thick and runny. That’s the way I like it. Remember to transfer your eggs to cold water as soon as you take them out of the pot to stop the cooking immediately. I hope they don’t feel pain.

Personally, I prefer the dark chocolate eggs.

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  1. I have to say I like both chocolate and chicken eggs and Easter is a great chance to indulge. Did you wash them down with the proper beverage, a nice strong cup of coffee? It goes equally well with either I think.

      • I guess pickling the eggs is a localized tradition, from our Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch influences in this area. We have a lot of things like that here that people away from her have never heard of.

  2. I really like the speckles on your eggs, seems healthier that way. I sometimes chop up a boiled egg into my salad, but I must have the yolks very firm. Same with Eggs Benedict, I order them “poached EXTRA firm, easy on the sauce”.
    We popped into a bakery here in DC tonight where the cookies were the size of a luncheon plate, I resisted and had a Latte and Apple Turnover. I was to bring it back to our room, but it never made it here. The poor thing barely saw the light of day, LOL. xB

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