Studio Technician

Job description. Studio technicians, also known as sound engineers, operate equipment used to process and record sound for radio, TV, movies, DVDs, CDs and multimedia. They set up and adjust synthesizers, microphones and headsets in recording booths, operate mixers and audio control panels, and advise performers on how to adjust their vocals. Some recording technicians have only a high-school diploma and receive training on the job from more experienced staff or audio supervisors. However, many employers prefer an enthusiastic cat like Mr. Bowie.


72 responses

  1. Herman your set up is impressive. Your technician seems to be very professional as well. Having crawled about in places for years chasing wires and cables I think an assistant Mr. Bowie’s size would be an asset.

    • Vreemd: als ik met die andere 2 synths bezig ben, blijft hij slapen, zelfs in de studio. Als ik echter met de Minimoog begin wordt hij elke keer wakker en begint te miauwen. Blijkbaar zitten die geluiden in een totaal ander (en storend?) frequencie-gebied. Het volume lager zetten helpt niet…

  2. Wow, you’re dad’s got quite the set up there Mr Bowie. I hope the power bill doesn’t cut into the kitty treat budget. You might have to increase your fee for inspecting the gear!

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