Falling from the Sky

Me babe – steppin’ out. Into the night. Into the light. I went out last night but Mr. Bowie stayed at home. He didn’t feel like going out. Mr. Bowie wanted to watch a dark, scary movie about the end of the world. I guess he was still in the mood for Halloween.

Question: What movie was Mr. Bowie watching last night? And who took that picture?


I went to see Skyfall yesterday. I love James Bond. I’ve seen all the Bond movies but I only have two Bond movies on Blu-ray – the two with Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig is the best James Bond. Ever.
On my way to the movie theatre, I bumped into my best friend G, his wife and their lovely son. We hadn’t seen each other for months due to circumstances beyond our control. We all went to see Skyfall and had a great time. Hope we can get together again soon.

Question: What’s that man holding in his hand? He looks a lot like a guy I knew way back.

PS: Just as I had feared, no beautiful Bond girl was waiting for me at home. But hey, luckily I got Mr. Bowie, my loyal companion!

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  1. Bowie’s so brave, I could never watch a scary movie alone. I totally agree, Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever, I can’t wait to see Skyfall, was it just awesome or what? I wonder if that’s a chocolate bar gun aimed at Bond? Diabolical really, an edible gun.

    • I’m watching scary movies together with Bowie, though he’s always sleeping during the movie. Skyfall was just awesome, no spoilers, you got to go see this movie.
      About the chocolate bar gun: you’re so close (but no cigar). It’s a box of Oufti Banane, frozen banana slices coated with real Belgian chocolate. I just love this but I don’t think it could kill 007…

  2. Hmm… since the movie Mr.Bowie watched is about the end of the world and I can see Nicolas Cage… well then I guess it’s the movie “Knowing”. 🙂 Though I have no idea who took that picture… o.o

  3. Gee…too bad no Bond girl awaited your return post-movie……the frozen banana slices covered in Belgian chocolate sound really yummy – was that your “movie-snack” at the theater? Don’t know for sure what movie Bowie stayed at home to see but he looks like he’d rather pose for pix anyway!


    • The frozen banana slices are so delicious, it must be the combination with the Belgian chocolate. My favorite movie-snack, yes.
      You can try this at home. Just melt some (Belgian) chocolate, dip some banana slices into it and put them in the freezer.

    • It looks cool, relatively complex in its characters and a bit different compared to the others. Mendes’s film is less hardboiled, you get more dialogues and you even learn about the loss of Bond’s parents.

  4. Daniel Craig’s “Casino Royale” was a revelation. One of those movies one thinks about for days and recommends to scoffing friends. “Skyfall” looks just as inviting….. looking forward to seeing it.

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