James Bond Shower

Chilling cold water. We find ourselves shivering with discomfort and anger when taking a cold shower by accident, but this may actually be advantageous to our health. Turning the temperature down to very cold, referred to as a “Scottish or James Bond Shower”, at the end can provide surprising benefits for your body and skin. Are you ready, Mr. Bowie?

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

Cold Shower


Reasons why you should take cold showers. Unfortunately, my electric boiler broke down during the coldest part of the year, leaving me without hot water for two days. It is probably the last thing you want to do, jump into an ice-cold shower. They say a cold water shower is an anti-depressant, it improves blood circulation, it’s good for your skin and hair, it builds mental strength, and it can improve athletic performance. James Bond took cold showers. I personally think hot showers are one of the best things in the whole wide world, especially during the coldest part of the year. So sorry, James. Can you hand me a towel, Mr. Bowie, please?

As an aside, I haven’t seen ‘Birdman’ from Alejandro González Iñárritu and I admit it looks promising. But my favourite movie of the year ‘Boyhood’ from Richard Linklater, a potential front runner, left with just one award, for best supporting actress for Patricia Arquette? Come on guys…

Falling from the Sky

Me babe – steppin’ out. Into the night. Into the light. I went out last night but Mr. Bowie stayed at home. He didn’t feel like going out. Mr. Bowie wanted to watch a dark, scary movie about the end of the world. I guess he was still in the mood for Halloween.

Question: What movie was Mr. Bowie watching last night? And who took that picture?


I went to see Skyfall yesterday. I love James Bond. I’ve seen all the Bond movies but I only have two Bond movies on Blu-ray – the two with Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig is the best James Bond. Ever.
On my way to the movie theatre, I bumped into my best friend G, his wife and their lovely son. We hadn’t seen each other for months due to circumstances beyond our control. We all went to see Skyfall and had a great time. Hope we can get together again soon.

Question: What’s that man holding in his hand? He looks a lot like a guy I knew way back.

PS: Just as I had feared, no beautiful Bond girl was waiting for me at home. But hey, luckily I got Mr. Bowie, my loyal companion!

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