Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether

The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether. Tarring and feathering is a physical punishment and a form of torture, used to enforce unofficial justice or revenge. It was used in feudal Europe and its colonies in the early modern period, as well as the early American frontier, mostly as a type of mob vengeance. (From Wikipedea, the free encyclopedia)

Mr. Bowie was tarred yesterday. When he came back inside from hanging around in the garden I saw some leaves stuck in his fur. I tried to remove them but my hands where immediately covered with a sticky thick black oil.

Apparently my neighbor was working with Creosote last week. Creosote is a tar-based preservative that has been commonly used for telephone poles and railroad ties. He used this product to protect his wooden cabin and it seems he spilled a bit of it over my fence. Creosote is regulated as a pesticide, and is not usually sold to the general public. I called my vet and she told me I could drop by. Here’s what happened…

Mr. Bowie’s polluted fur was shaven off. I was not amused. Mr. Bowie was not amused at all. I gave him some extra treats and let him sleep on my bed. Poor poor boy…

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  1. I believe your neighbor should be tarred and fethered for causing Bowie’s bare belly ! I’m glad you got that icky fur off and indeed it will grow back but a neighbor who wasn’t CAREFUL with a dangerous substance – well – a pox on him!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • We just find out my friend Sammy. Coming from you, one of Bowie’s best friends, this means a lot to us. Thank you very much!
      Bowie says “Meow!”

  2. The painful side of “we are all one.” I SO WISH we humans would be more aware of our impact on the world. That we would consider such impact, and take care that that impact be, at worst, not hurtful. So so sorry you guys got the brunt of carelessness here.

  3. Ocharme die Bowie en Herman toch…
    Jullie zullen wel verschoten zijn, gelukkig komt Bowie er met zijn geschoren buikje nog goed vanaf.
    Verwen hem maar eens goed!!

    • De buurman is deze morgen langs geweest om te komen kijken hoe het met Bowie was. Hij was toch wat bezorgd over Bowie…

  4. Maar allé ség ocharme, wat een geluk dat zijn pelske snel zal bij gegroeid zijn.
    Bowie geniet maar van baasje zijn bedje hoor!

  5. How very suspicious, how does one’s toxic chemical gunk end up over your fence? I would recommend a subtle but effective Bond manoeuvre. Invite said neighbour for a martini with a sleeping pill chaser, then shave a strip of his hair neatly down the middle. Oh, and post pictures please.

    • I got a feeling you saw ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ movie… 😉
      I think that the Creosote product got there by accident. We can’t figure it out actually…

  6. Oh- so sorry Bowie- Dylan has a naked tummy, as well. We will put a photo on your FB page and you can giggle at how truly silly he looks…

  7. Oh no! Poor Mr Bowie! That’s awful. I think the neighbour should come around and apologise directly to you both. He should grovel for forgiveness for his misdemeanour and obviously bring lots of treats. I think you pull off your new fur style very well Mr Bowie. Keep your head held high and milk your situation for extra cuddles and treats.

    • The neighbor came around this morning to apologize. He was really worried about Mr. Bowie. And yes, Bowie got some extra treats today…

  8. Poor Bowie! If I could I’d give Mr. Bowie lots of hugs and treats. Glad to hear the neighbor has since apologized.

    • We were all a bit upset last night. I checked the garden today and I think it’s clean… It was good to see that the neighbors were worried about Mr. Bowie.

  9. Poor Mr. Bowie… and just when its starting to get cold out too! I believe the neighbor owes him a (handmade!) wool sweater to get that sweet little shaved belly through the winter.

  10. I’m glad he didn’t try to lick it off and get poisoned or ill. At least his fur will grow back and unless he’s lying on his back you won’t see it.

    • That’s why we went immediately to the vet. We didn’t want to take any risks.
      But Bowie looks kinda funny now though…

    • Oh yes, it will grow back in no time, though it’s cold outside… (Mr. Bowie was chasing birds this morning…)

  11. Dear Mr. Bowie,
    I would be happy to donate my new Donald Trump-style rainbow afro wig if you’d like it. I did accidentally eat a bit of it, but the remainder would still be large enough to cover up your naked parts.
    Pedro the Cat

    • Oh my dear friend Pedro, what a nice gesture from you! I’ll show Mr. Bowie your picture and ask him what he thinks about it…

  12. We feel so sorry for Mr. Bowie. As his human, you should have been more considerate when it came to posting a picture of him with a naked tummy. He didn’t want his furry friends seeing him that way. Look at his eyes. He’s not happy. We sure hope you continue giving him lots and lots of treats and attention. Mom…….if you’re reading our comment to Mr. Bowie..don’t even think about ever posting a picture of us with naked tummies.

  13. My goodness, poor Mr. Bowie! Thank goodness you saw what happened and reacted so quickly.
    His expression is priceless. If looks could kill, indeed….

    • We were also very lucky that the vet was at her practice. We could drop by immediately, we didn’t have to wait until visiting hours.

  14. oh poor Mr. Bowie. My tummy was shaved too. I wasn’t impressed. And one of my legs too! My beautiful tummy spots all gone 😦

    But they are slowly coming back

  15. i believe Bowie will recover from his ordeal…that was tough. Thank goodness the vet could remove the material. He’s a good looking rascal…thanks for following Elm Drive Images too!

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