Cheer Me Up

It’s time to find shelter! Mr. Bowie is looking for a place to hide. Yesterday, the president of the US of A and the First Lady arrived in Belgium to attent NATO Summit. Yesterday, France beat Belgium’s Golden Generation in the World Cup Semi-finals; ‘an anti-football team’, according to the Belgian goalkeeper. Bummer. Oh well, life goes on… and on. Thank goodness there’s coffee and Mr. Bowie to cheer me up. 

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


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  1. of course, you’re right – the Devil with the 3 golden hairs (Brother’s Grimm) entered peaceful europe ground – dont’t drink any whiskey these days 😉
    sorry…so sad because of your -red devils-…thumbs up 4 UK-Team this eve 😿

    • Thank you very much! Wishing you good luck this evening. Maybe football’s finally coming home… 😉

    • Thank you so much, my dear friend. I’m having my strong espresso right now and feeling already better… 🙂

  2. If you think it’s scary having my country’s first family over there, think about how scary it is knowing he’s going to have another closed door “visit” with Vladimir Putin Monday next! He thinks he’s clever enough to deal with a master former KGB master. I place my bet, reluctantly, of Mr. Putin.

    Sorry, too, about Belgium’s loss. Your team, at least, made it to the WC, unlike mine, and I always regard that as significant and pretty much as good a reason for national pride as a final win!

    Hope Mr. Bowie’s eye continues to be well, and that your music career continues to evolve and grow!

    • Hi Dough! For the first time in a very long time I have a bad feeling about what’s happening out there. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do as a citizen. Let’s hope our world keeps on turning in a safe and peaceful way…

      The whole nation was in shock after losing the game against France. We were hoping (and believing) to make it to the final. Oh well…

      Thank you very much for your support, my dear friend! Thanks for hanging around all these years.

      • I am uncomfortable with the damage he is and has and will do to the peace that came from the institutions that came out of WWII.

        Trump has no concept of history, no appreciation for how the world works, and, worst of all, thinks his wonderful personality (!) will solve all problems. I wonder, too, how he attended the Wharton School of Business, among America’s best, and still came out with no understanding of of basic economics.

        His worst fault: not only is he ignorant, he seems incapable of seeing that, so he can’t learn and grow beyond where he is now.

        • I still don’t understand how he gets away with everything he says and does… It’s a weird and scary world right now.

          • Neither do I. I wish I could give you some insights into it, but it will just bring out the nasty state of American civility…on your Belgian blog! It already has. Again, feel free to delete my comments to keep your blog kitty-centric and pleasant.

            I’m worried about his Putin meeting since he won’t have his translator or advisor in there with him.

            He’s already shown he can’t be trusted to represent his country well, and (stupid man that he is) he can’t see that the Russian investigation on elements of his administration and election campaign gets more gasoline from his suspicious behavior that seems oriented toward Russian interests. A closed door meeting with Putin, no Americans present except Trump…what does he think this looks like.

            For all we know, they will talk about cats and dogs they’ve had since childhood, but you know that won’t be so!

        • At least I think Trump is trying. I suppose you would like Obama back after he sold America down the river for 8 years? I know Europe would love to keep using the US for everything we don’t have. Ever check the National Debt Clock?

          • Don’t be silly, GP. We deal with one president at a time. Obama is history, and 50 years from now, when we are dead and can’t compare notes, he and Trump will be among those US Presidents getting evaluated by historians for the good or bad they did.

            No, I don’t care for the New York grifter in the White House. Clinton wasn’t a good option, either, but she, at least, had considerable experience in governance. Trump’s playing it by ear, doing something for sure.

            Come back in six months and tell me how you feel about the Trump tariffs. My county will be hit on soy beans, beans, wheat, corn, industrial air conditioning, industrial and hydraulic hose, beef, pork….hard. China is a major market for our agricultural products, Cuba does pretty good business for our beans and some other agricultural products, corn is grown for animal feed – reduced demand for meat products because of tariffs/ the industrial products can be sourced in other countries, too, though some we make are unique and may have a market at a much higher price….

            Nebraska is just one of the red states targeted by countries affected by Trump’s tariffs. All of those products above and more are just those produced by American farmers and factory workers in my county, Box Butte County. The story’s the same for almost every county in the state, with variations on what’s produced. Curiously enough, the only ones not seriously impacted are Douglas (Omaha) and Lancaster (Lincoln), and they were the two that voted for Obama. Blame that on the former president!

   › Business & Industry › Foreign Trade

            Oh, yeah, Trump got 73.46% of the votes of those voting in my county, and the chickens are about to come home to roost. Sad.

            [Sorry for this Herman. Feel free to delete it. GP is a true believer, and I doubt I made any impression. Obama ran a clean administration compared with the administrations in recent years, but especially compared with Trump. He got little respect from the right wing and racists here, but he was basically a decent man, certainly more intelligent than Trump and more honest. He was a bit professorial, which was comforting to me as someone who wants my President to think through strategies and policies, not just do “something”. Regardless, he is history, and I suspect he will get better reviews than Trump when I am dead fifty years from now.]

            • No problem, Dough. It was very interesting to read these facts. Thank you!

              It wasn’t my intention to hurt people or make fun of them in any way. Sorry if I made someone angry… Please enjoy this beautiful day, my friends!

              • I’m not angry. I hope GP isn’t. He’s a nice guy, writes a fantastic history blog on WWII.

                This is an uncivil time in America. You can’t mention Trump without offending someone., and friends and family have divided along party lines.

                I personally am what my state categorizes a “Unaffiliated”, which means (for me) I am more of centrist than a Republican or Democrat. I used to vote Republican till they drifted too far right for my tastes. On the other hand, I am more left than center on some things, a bit right on others. You know, I try to think through issues, not vote by party.

                Incidentally, I DO vote in every election and have since I reached age. As 2016 showed, elections matter.

                • You’re right about GP’s blog. He really writes very interesting posts about WWII.

                  Sorry for starting this debate, my friends. I will be more careful in the future about issues like this one. It was just a coincidence: Belgium kicked out of the World Cup and your President arriving in Brussels at the same time.

                  • I won’t comment of Trump/Belgium out of WC….!

                    Anyway, GP and I are friends who, like many Americans, have more in common than not, and these nagging political differences sometimes get in the way of civil discourse even between friends.

                    I am vowing here not to do politics or religion in my blog or comment on social media about these topics. All kitties all the time! Woo hoo!

                    • Hi Dough! I just found 2 of your replies in the WP spam folder. I approved them and they should appear in this post…
                      PS: cats rule the world! Peace!

            • Talk about history, Doug, I’m sure you don’t want me to list just how well Hillary has governed, all the way back to being First Lady of Arkansas. We have given the equivalent of 3 Billion to Cuba in humanitarian goods in 2016 along – our grains are going to compensate for that?
              I apologize to Herman as well. You and I have been friends for far too long for you to not know I vote Independent and I’m never die-hard on anyone – we’re all human. I vote my conscience – not by party. I just think you need to have more of an open mind.

              • There is an Independent Party in Nebraska – a Libertarian party, basically – so people who register as Independents in most states get labelled (as do I) as “Unaffiliated”in Nebraska.

                We agree on that, GP – I don’t feel comfortable with either major party after the appalling choice they gave us in 2016. It wasn’t easy to support anyone, even independent part nominations.

                I used to vote Republican till the party moved too far right for me. (Of course, in Nebraska, to vote in the primaries, you had to declare a party. Since Republicans pretty much fill every position in city, county, and state offices, to have a choice in affairs, being registered Republican helped.

                Then, in general elections, if a Democrat (a “washed Democrat” more likely Republican or nearly so…!) appealed to me more than the Republican, I voted for him or her.

                Of course, friendship is more important than politics, and I add religion to the forbidden topics I occasionally forget not to bring up!

                I’m reading lots of history lately – a Thomas Jefferson biography, now an Andrew Jackson biography. Also interesting, since I was stationed in Germany during the time Berlin was walled in, was a book by Cees Nooteboom, a Dutch writer who lived in East Berlin during the walled phase of its history, then when the wall came down, and later, after things settled down and Berlin was more integrated. Next – one on Churchill and Roosevelt during WWII. (I recently got new glasses, and the new prescription makes reading a dream! I’m catching up.)

              • No problem, GP, you don’t have to apologise. Maybe it was my mistake touching this delicate issue as an European citizen. Sorry about that. I’ll be more careful in the future.
                Peace, love and understanding, my friends.

                • I don’t even know why I bothered. I know better than to touch on politics or religion – no one ever convinces the other!! It won;t happen again.

  3. We certainly were hoping Belgium would keep the winning streak going…..but how proud you must be that they got as far as they did! As for the state of the world – and its’ future – the best thing to do is keep the faith and have hope in our hearts that peace will prevail. It can be a scary world sometimes Mr. Bowie – catnip, treats, espresso and chocolate help a LOT!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • Thank you so much for your wise comment, my dear friends. We especially like the part about catnip, treats, espresso and chocolate (of course)…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  4. Mr. Bowie is so clever, such a nice place he found. Perhaps he likes to go on a holiday tour.
    I whish you and your lovely friend Mr. Bowie a wonderful day, love Susanne

    • Hi Susanne! Never underestimate the wisdom of a cat… 🙂
      Thank you very much for your kind comment! Hope you’re having a marvellous day!

  5. At least FLOTUS was wearing a dress I liked ( the flower print) although it would have looked better on me.
    I keep hoping to wake up and have this bad dream over. How someone with a lack of manners and basic history got elected president is beyond me.
    I just pray we all survive this.
    Sorry about your team.
    At least the cats are keeping cool.

  6. Sorry to hear of the football results, but Hey, Belgium made it to the semis. 🙂
    Some days all you can do is crawl into the bag and go to sleep! 😀

  7. Sorry you lost the big game! Sorry our country, and the world, is losing the bigger game too, since our current government seems to see everything as a game. I like Mr. Bowie’s idea too………but there is no bag big enough for all of us to crawl into. 😔

  8. I am sorry Belgium lost, but there is always Mr. Bowie to save the day and brighten the world! He is a gentleman, and a scholar. 🙂 All the best from the cats and crew here. Mr. Nano send s a big “Meow”!

    It’s been a crazy summer here, Herman. My own June post will be together with July’s at the end of the month. The cats are all well though, and old Willow is still with us. She is 22 now.

    • Hi Lavinia! Hope everything is alright over there… Glad to hear all the cats are well, especially old Willow. Thank you so much for your kind comment and support.
      Looking forward to read your next post, my dear friend. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to Mr. Nano, all the cats and crew from the Farm. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  9. I am sorry about the game. I was really rooting for Belgium. The world is a mess in so many ways, but as individuals all we can do is cherish the small gifts of friendship, companion animals, good food and drink and nice weather, when it comes. The cats send their regards to Mr. Bowie and especially Miss Dolly says a good hiding place can be a comfort. She is my shy girl.

    • Hi Angela! Thank you so much for your kind comment full of wisdom! You are so right, we should enjoy and cherish all the small things in our lives.
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to all the cats!
      Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend!

    • Haha, you don’t have to apologise, my friend, just promise to let him back in when he’s returning home… 😉
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards!

    • I think he was hiding and wanted to join me for the supermarket… 🙂
      Thank you for your kind comment. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    • Hi Mags! Thank you so much for your advice! Now I know it’s time for ice cream…!! 🙂
      Hope your having a marvellous days, my friend!

    • No, unfortunately the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. I think (T) baby blimp is still waiting in London…

  10. dood….sorree bout yur teem….we think tho if ewe make a few pizza piez, topped with salmon, trout, perch, mackerull, shrimpz, sardeenz, pork chopz N donutz ~~~~~~ it mite make ya forgetz that loss ~~~~~~~ may bee 🙂 ♥♥

    • Hi there, my dear friend! My goodness, thank you so much for this delicious comment and making me feel much better today… 🙂
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    • Oh… that is so kind from you! What would I do without such good friends? I would be totally lost… 🙂

      PS: we enjoy reading your posts on your blog!

    • And it looks very comfortable too… Maybe we (humans) should buy ourselves a XXXL bag too… 😉
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, David!

    • I fully agree! Time to get delicious ice cream on this sunny and warm afternoon… 🙂
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, Cornelia!

  11. Don’t worry Mr. Bowie, he won’t steal you. He doesn’t want to let anyone into the country.

    • Thank goodness! What would I do without Mr. Bowie…?? 😉
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my dear friend!

  12. I cannot write what I feel…about that orange guy…Mr. Bowie seems so impressionable. Do you have access to Hulu network and The Leaning Tower series? I plan to read the book next…so much to digest. As for football…Croatia now? It is crushing to not win Academy awards and World Cups… I will write a blog for you and Bowie about the amazing soccer stadium being built not far from our home…very exciting! We send you hugs and urge you to treat yourself to the best chocolate 💕

    • Hi Christine! We’re looking forward to read your post about the soccer stadium in your neighbourhood.
      Thank you so much for your kind comment and hanging around all these years. Hope you’re having a marvellous day, my dear friend! I think it’s time to have some fine Belgian chocolate… 😉

  13. Ce n’est pas parce-que je suis Belge moi même (vivant à Paris) que j’admire la mentalité de mes compatriotes en mùatière de fair play et de savoir perdre , mais ils sont v raiment exceptionnels et cela a été une grosse déception de ne pas les voir en finale.
    Peut-être gagneront ils la petite finale ? Ils le méritent
    De gros bisoux à Mr Bowie de la part d’Eos

    • Bonjour, mes chers amis à Paris. Mes excuses, je pensais que vous étiez Français et je m’excuse pour mon français défectueux (Google Translate). Oui, nous étions tous très déçus de manquer la finale. Cela aurait été tellement beau, une opportunité vraiment unique … Mais espérons une bonne fin dans la petite finale. Nous laissons toujours de beaux souvenirs à propos de cet événement.
      M. Bowie envoie ses salutations et ses gros bisous à Eos.

        • Je pense la même chose. Au début du tournoi, j’avais prédit que la Belgique et l’Angleterre disputeraient la finale. J’avais presque raison…
          Let’s hope to see a good match!

  14. Princess Pearl and I wish to offer our deeply embarrassed and ashamed apology that the miserable excuse of a human being that is our country’s leader desecrated the soil of your country. Please know not all kitties or humans of the USA condone this tyrant, Mr. Bowie. You were smart to hide! Headbonks & hugs.

    • Haha… Thank you so much for your concern and support, my dear friends! Let’s keep that smile on our face.
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to Princess Pearl! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    • Hi Teagan! We’re having great day, thank you. Mr. Bowie’s outside chilling and napping somewhere in the shadow. I’m going to my Dad’s place to watch the last game of the Belgian football team against England (FIFA World Cup Russia) at 4 PM local time. So sorry the two teams didn’t make it to the ‘big’ final tomorrow…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  15. My condolences for hosting the arse in your beautiful country :/ He, of course, already spat on our welcome mat much to our amusement. Such a colossal buffoon. No one has any respect for him or his cronies here in Canada either.

    On a much happier note, did you see the highlights of Obama’s visit to Johannesburg ? Inspiring !! There IS Peace, Love and Understanding in the world and we out-number the haters by far !!! Cheers x B

    • Well, thank goodness he only stayed for 2 days and now he left the building… 😉
      It’s still hard to believe that this dude is the leader of the U.S. of A. And he keeps surprising the world in a negative way. Oh well, I’m going to get me some ice cream… 😉
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, Boomdee!

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