Newsflash #18

Life is no bed of roses. Unfortunately, Mr. Bowie’s eye condition is deteriorating. We are trying a new medicine the next week but it looks like surgery will be necessary… What’s gives you peace of mind when times are tough and stressful? More espressos and chocolate?

But hey, we had a good day yesterday. We celebrated Mr. Bowie’s Gotcha Day. We are 8 years together and I invited some close friends for Mr. B’s party. And there was a little surprise for the human too… Thank you so much, my dear J.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

53 responses

  1. Lieve Bowie, we duimen dat de nieuwe medicatie gaat aanslaan en dat een operatie vermeden kan worden…
    Lieve Herman, we hebben genoten van gisteren ❤ !!!

  2. Looks like you and Mr. B had a nice Gotcha celebration with cool socks AND friends! So sad to hear about the eye Mr. B – hopefully surgery won’t be needed and the new meds will do the trick. We are sending hugs and purrs…….and joining you in an espresso and chocolate (at least I am – none of that for Teddy). Nice to hear from you Herman……….

    Pam (and Teddy 2)

  3. What a nice Gotcha Day gift! So sad to hear that the eye is not doing better. I hope the new medicine works and surgery won’t be necessary. I just want to give him lots of hugs.

  4. Poor poor Mr, Bowie. Persistent conditions are so frustrating. Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Bowie. You will get through this irritating eye stuff and have many, many more. Those are nice socks. I tell you what you might want do Mr. Bowie. Sneak or wrestle those socks away from a certain human (distracting him with espresso and chocolate is probably easiest), stuff those kitty socks full of catnip, and have the time of your life.

  5. Oh poor Mr. Bowie and you too Herman. Peace of mind in this kind of situation is trust in a good doctor. I hope the meds work and it doesn’t come to surgery. Gotcha Day must have been fun, and check out those sox! 🙂

  6. So sad to hear Mr. Bowie’s eye is not getting better. You are both in my prayers. I am sure Mr. Bowie knows how much he is loved after eight fantastic years together. When times are tough and stressful it’s my cats that keep me going, even when their illness is the cause. But the treats like coffee and chocolate are necessary too.

  7. Sorry been away from ur blog for so long. Our cats used to have eye infections, watery eye closing, pus etc. We found a natural remedy that cures in 24 hrs, called colloidal silver, it’s all natural and perfectly safe, we use it all the time for ourselves as an eyewash, disinfectant for cuts scrapes rashes etc. We also add it to cat’s water to keep it fresh and it eliminates worms, fleas, ticks.

    We used to vet drops but they didn’t work very well, then a good friend told us about colloidal silver, work much much better! I would highly recommend you try it before something as drastic as surgery!

    Best wishes Mr B, get better soon!! ❤

  8. We are sending purrs and POTP to Mr. Bowie, and Mom will add him to her prayer list. Hope the new meds do the trick and no surgery is needed. Happy 8th Gotcha Day Mr. Bowie. Hope you got lots of love, noms, treats and cuddles. Super cute socks for your dad. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  9. Mr. Nano says the cats and crew here send all the Power of the Paw to Mr. Bowie they can muster for a speedy recovery, and send a big “Happy Birthday” to their Belgian brother. And wishing you all the best too, Herman. More chocolate and espresso can’t hurt. 🙂

  10. Oh this is a sobering update for sure. Sending good thoughts to Mr. Bowie. 💚
    We are having a grief stricken weekend,
    Herman. Our grand puppy Nico who was only 5 passed away, due to either eating something toxic or having a bowel obstruction (it is being investigated). Needless to say my daughter and her family are devastated. So sad right now!

    • So sorry to read this sad news about Nico. My thoughts are with you and your family, Jennifer. This is always so painful and heartbreaking…

      • Oh I know. I can’t stop thinking about him and my grandkids especially. I just got the news that it most likely was gastric dilated volvulus. It’s common on big chested dogs. The stomach can flip over on itself when they are running around. Dog panics and takes in a lot of air and bowels, etc blow up. It’s a medical emergency and need surgery right away. Surgery success is 50%. At the very least they know they didn’t do anything to cause it.

  11. Just read the posts that led to this one. Poor Mr Bowie. I hope the new treatment works so surgery can be avoided. But happy Gotcha Day to Mr. B. Lovely socks you got too!

    In other news, my daughter is I Belgium today

  12. Oh dear, favorite fellows. Love coming your way. Gambate, as Japanese martial artists say when times get tough. Stay strong. And tender. Japanese martial artists didn’t say anything about the tender part, at least not while I was practicing over there. Tender is my contribution. Not Mr. Bugs’s. He doesn’t do tender, not so much. Sometimes. Anyway, I am going to shame him into holding you all tenderly now. Come on Bugs. Remember. You don’t always feel well yourself, know what I mean? Have a heart.

    Mr. Bugs says: OK. For Mr. Bowie I’ll do tender.

    Good boy Bugs. Tender goodness to all.

  13. All the best for you and Mr. Bowie! It seems like 8th Gotcha Day was a gorgeous event! These socks are so stylish, aren’t they….
    The news are maybe not absolutely excellent, I will wait for more news and I promise I will think about Mr. Bowie from all my heart. As far as I am concerned while all seems to be broken I find the peace and hideout in … fur. I mean to say, while I can touch my dog’s fur and hug her I feel happy. This is my help, so I think the animal part of me is making me stronger, ha, ha. And quiche lorraine or even simply pizza 🙂

  14. Oh Herman, poor Mr Bowie. You must be so worried about him, as are we all. I always resort to chocolate at stressful times like this too! Hope he enjoyed his Gotcha Day. It was nice of your friend to give you such a cute gift. My cats, Mischa and Samurai send licks and purrs to Mr B.

  15. Many purrs, Herman and Mr. Bowie. Hopefully, the new med will prove to be the solution. Keeping our paws and fingers crossed on that. If surgery is needed, we hope it would be relatively simple. In the meantime, treat are certainly in order: espresso and chocolate for you and catnip for Mr. Bowie.

  16. The socks are lovely and I am pleased Mr. Bowie had a party for such a special day. I will have to look back at some of his early photos…I wonder what became of the blond pillow thief? We wish Mr. Bowie, and you, all our best wishes and purrs if surgery is the answer… C, Dylan and Bagheera

  17. Fingers crossed the new medicine helps you avoid surgery, dear Mr Bowie. Im sure love of your wonderful human (and a bit of catnip) will help you get back to good health very very soon.

  18. Oh, Herman we are so very sorry to hear that Mr. Bowie’s eye problem is getting worse. We are so very sorry we missed his Gotcha day. Happy Gotcha Day to sweet Mr. Bowie!!! We hope and pray if surgery has to happen that it will be successful and Mr. Bowie will be doing wonderfully well afterward. We send lots of hugs, purrs, prayers and nose kisses to you both.

  19. dood ~~~~~~ a most happee gotcha day two ewe buddy & heerz ta 88 mor…hope yur day waz a grand one; hope ya getted lotz oh fish & donutz; heerz hopin all ternz out well with yur eye; we R sorree ya mite knead surgereez; if it helpz ta noe; we haza lot oh palz whooz had thiz same procedure & they did just grate…..we noe itz a sad thing N we ask st francis ta keep watch over ya ~ ♥♥

  20. I’m so sorry Mr. Bowie’s eye isn’t responding. I hope that the latest treatment works, so Bowie doesn’t have to go through the discomfort of surgery. Please give him some extra love and chin skritches for me.

    Love the socks! ^_^

  21. What a sweet and thoughtful friend you have – the ‘happy socks’ were probably part of wonderful mood-lifting moment!

    i am lucky to have many ways to trigger me back to positive feelings; one is that my nephew broke his back and is in a wheelchair.. i think, ‘ what he would give to trade places with me…’ – at least i am not dealing with this thru the vantage point of a wheelchair… then i remind myself that i can see.. i lost my vision for 24 hours once — that was very sobering and i am grateful that it mysteriously ‘returned.’

    after those two reminders, it is easy for me to focus on all of the positive things i have to be grateful for, and my mood turns almost instantly.

    by the looks of this column of comments, you have one huge body of support, which helps not only emotionally, but their combined energies are surely felt by Mr. Bowie….

  22. Oh Mr Bowie .. I’m sorry to hear that your eye is no better. My cat Grace has had surgery on both her eyes now .. having sequestrums removed. Thinking of you .. coffee and chocolate

  23. Oh sweet Mr Bowie! Belated birthday greetings. Sorry to hear your eye issue is not improving, I’m bummed out and I bet your dad is full of worry for you too. I’ve made this small collection of things to amuse and cheer you.

    Other celebraties that share your birthday: Ernest Hemingway, Cat Stevens, Don Knotts, Jon Lovitts and Robin Williams.

    Cat age 8 is equal to human years 48.

    “A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” —Ernest Hemingway

    Let’s celebrate each day we see the sunshine together, thinking of you with love xo Boomdee

  24. I hated to read Mr. Bowie’s eye still is an issue for the poor kitty. I hope he can avoid surgery, but, if not, all comes out well. He’s one of my top favorite Internet kitty friends, and I hate to read he is having health issues. This time of year, he should be pain-free and enjoying the garden. (And you shouldn’t have worries about poor Mr. Bowie….)

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