Left Alone

Let’s go for a walk! A friend told me recently the Department of Nature Conservation (re)opened a new hiking trail that follows the riverside of the river Grote Nete (aka Molse Nete). The hiking trail crosses a natural region where you can see a lot of different wildlife animals. That’s a bonus for me because the trail is only a few km away from my house.


Last week I went walking for hours on this trail and I had a great time. I had a lot of encounters with all kinds of animals. I also met this strange dude. It’s a sculpture made by a retired stone carver.

Pleased to meet you!


Coming back home I saw that Jimi was very disappointed he had to stay at home. Well, if you were a dog you could join me for these long walks, my furry friend.


Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. He really does look a bit upset that he was left behind…..Herman you need a backpack carrier with a net window for that boy to smell that fresh air from and still be safe inside!! That hiking trail looks like it was a beautiful, peaceful place to walk and see Mother Nature at her finest………then warm up with an espresso and a cat!


    • It was a very cold walk because the temperature stayed below zero degrees Celsius. But back inside I made myself a good hot strong espresso, and treats for Jimi of course!

  2. That’s nice you got out for a long walk in nature. Jimi will just have to learn to deal, like our cats do. Spunk kills his tail and leaves it at the door. So that’s usually the first thing we encounter when we come back in. We haven’t figured out if it’s a threat or a gift for our safe return. I like to think the latter. Espresso and kitty treats are perfect after a long walk in the cold.

    • Jimi loves to mess up the blankets on the sofa while I’m gone. Mr. Bowie loved to get under the blankets while I was gone.
      I loved this trail, I walked almost one hour before I met someone else. I was so relaxing for my mind… It’s actually weird, the trail is almost in my backyard and it was the first time I tried it out!
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, Tim!

        • I’m going to visit that trail a lot, so near to my home, that’s so handy!
          We’re having rainy days too, I’m already looking forward to spring…

    • Jimi doesn’t like wearing a harness. It’s also too dangerous because you’re crossing a lot of other people who take their dogs for a walk.
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, Yoshimi!

      • in this environment I understand it perfectly
        Whatever before EOS I had YEDO who liked to walk with me. In the country, she followed me freely and here in Paris in harnesses in the neighborhood. She even sat down before crossing (but I recognize that I chose quiet moments for her)

    • Hi Jennifer. I tried it a few times but Jimi doesn’t like wearing a vest/harness. I’m going to keep him indoors during the winter but in spring he can go out to investigate the garden.
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, my friend!

    • I’m going to keep Jimi indoors during the winter but in spring he can go out to investigate the garden.
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, my friend!

  3. I’m so glad you have found this lovely hiking trail and that you could spend a few hours out in Nature. 🙂
    Maybe you could take Jimi with you next time, in a little back pack with his head sticking out? 😀 – Though I think Jimi would want to run around rather!

    • There are a lot of videos on YouTube of people taking their cats for a walk. But I think it’s very dangerous because you meet a lot of people who are taking their dogs for a walk. Mr. Bowie could handle such an encounter, but Jimi is a very small cat… 😉
      I loved this trail and it’s so handy because it’s so close to my home. I will spend a lot of hours on that trail in the future…

      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, my friend!

  4. Hmmm … it’s the hours away hiking. You could buy a cat stroller. It’s like a mesh cat carrier on wheels. Everybody will stop to see your baby. 🙂

  5. Looks like a lovely trail! I love going on nature walks like that. Jimi sure does look disappointed he didn’t go. If you manage to get him harness-trained, you can take him with you on walks there.

    • It is really a fantastic trail and I’m so lucky it’s so close to my home. It’s too dangerous to bring Jimi for a walk because there are a lot of encounters with people walking their dogs. Jimi can check out the garden when spring arrives…

    • It was a surprise to find such a beautiful trail so close to my home. Jimi can take a walk in the garden when spring arrives next year…

    • Hi Bernadette. I’m so lucky to find such a beautiful trail so close to my home. It’s only 15 minutes (walking distance) from my home.
      I always love to see such funny expressions on a cat face…

  6. That looks like a great walking place, Herman! Poor Jimi, but he is safer there at home, waiting for you.

    Nano went to the vet this past Friday to have an abscess drained. One of the crew gave him a nip or scratch at the base of this tail. I am hoping the rest of the month is quiet. 🙂

    • Hi Lavinia. Glad to read Mr. Nano got a good treatment. Hope that he feels much better soon… Jimi sends his regards!

      I’m very lucky to find this beautiful trail so close to my home. It’s only 15 minutes away (walking distance). Guess I’m going to spend a lot of time on that trail…

    • You are so right. I definitely need to buy more treats to keep Jimi satisfied when I return home from a walk in the nature…

    • I guess everyone you meet on the trail would love to give Jimi a hug. 😉
      I’m going to keep Jimi indoors during the winter. In spring he can go outside and discover the garden.

  7. It looks beautifully mild in your part of the world. I loved walking in the forests when we lived in the country. Didn’t see sculpture in our forest though, that’s quite fabulous 😀 Jimi is doing a great job with the ‘judgemental’ looks, LOL ! Soooo funny and great photo to get Herman xK

    • Hi Kelly. Glad you liked the post! I need to walk in the nature. It helps me to relax and find some peace of mind.
      It’s always so funny to see those reactions on a cat’s face. They can give you a look so easily to understand what they mean or want.
      Hope you’re having a great day, my friend!

  8. The trail looks like a beautiful place to walk, Herman, especially with each changing season.
    Jimi will have to get used to his human leaving once in a while. We have a life too!

    • Hi Mary. You are so right, we don’t have to feel guilty, wel, not to much! 😉
      I’m very lucky to live so close near this trail. Guess it wil soon be one of my favourite places to walk.

  9. Μy dear friend,I m so happy and pleased for your new entry-Jimi-in your heart and your house!Enjoy your lives together and don’t feel guilty!We all have to leave them back home,we have things to do and outdoors some time!!!! 🙂 Enjoy the day!

  10. Gorgeous nature photo. Maybe Jimi could become an adventure cat with a harness and leash. That is a very strange sculpture to come across in the woods. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    • Hi Stina. Jimi got some extra treats afterwards and soon he was happy again…
      Wishing you a wonderful ending of the year, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards!

    • Hi Julie. Oh yes, I had to give him a lot of treats to see a happy face again… But he’s such a sweet boy!
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, my friend!

    • Hi Crystal. It’s to dangerous to take Jimi with me for a walk. There are always a lot of people you meet on the trail with dogs… It would be a very tricky situation I guess…

    • Maybe, but there are too many people taking their dogs out for a walk on those trails. It would be difficult to pass other walkers because the trails are often very narrow…
      Thank you for your comment. Hope you’re having a great day!

  11. Jimi has asked us to explain to you that it is a HUGE insult to unfavorable compare a cat to a dog. Extra treats are in order. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

    • Oh no… I’m so sorry, my dear friends, and I apologise for this terrible mistake!
      You are so right: treats are definitely in order ASAP…!!

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