How Belgians are responding to the terror #BrusselsLockdown. Belgian police asked people not to tweet details of their operations hunting the Paris killers, but they did ask for Twitter users to ‘support’ the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown. Belgians responded to the request with good humour, retweeting cat pictures.

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  1. Oeioei, het is te hopen dat Bowie niet opgeroepen wordt om Geel mee te beveiligen 😎.
    Voor de rest ben ik heel blij dat we in Marokko er niets van ondervinden…

  2. Here in America, people soiled their pants and closed the doors at the mere suggestion that Syriuan refugees be allowed in after rigorous vetting. Never mind the terrorists in the Paris tragedy were born in France and Belgium…!

    In the meantime, 20,000,000+ people a year come in as tourists or business travelers, and odds are a bit higher that naughty people could slip in with that size a crowd.

    Further, over 30,000 a year die in America from gun-related deaths, whether murders or suicides, and no rational gun control laws can pass through Congress because of special interests.

    For that matter, over 30,000 people a year die on American highways.

    Number of Americans killed by terrorists this past year? Four. Of course, if you count random gun violence as a form of terror, the number goes up a lot, though the terrorists are Americans on Americans!

    I think you Belgians have a healthier attitude by far. So do the French for that matter.

  3. My son and I have been following this. Our favourite was the “Hovercats” as I said to him ” you can’t keep a good cat down!” Mr Bowie looks quite wonderful. Thank you for the cheer and smile .🐈

  4. Cats. The comfort in these terrible times. Leave it to the Belgians to say it loud. I’m going to hug my boys and have a Jules DesTrooper biscuit in your all’s honor. And then follow up with dark chocolate and black coffee. Je suis Belgique.

    • Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment, my dear friend! I think I’m going to join you with the biscuit and dark chocolate thing… And a strong espresso, of course!

    • Thank you! Having an espresso and chocolate right now! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” but he’s so tired from checking out the neighbourhood…

  5. Herman your countrymen (and women) show great panache and humor. They are probably following Mr.Bowie’s example of staying calm and doing things with style. May you all stay safe.

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  7. So much better for a police department to ask for cooperation. It works much better. I pray things will have a good outcome. And if we all had a feline chillout mode on our intern brain.

    • We are okay, Sarah! Thank you for asking. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”
      I live in the countryside so we don’t really feel the tension of the terror alert level. But it feels and looks a bit weird; shopping centres, cinemas, concert venues all shutting down around Brussels and other major cities.

  8. I would feel safe with you on the job Mr. Bowie. We send our support and love to you all during these scary and sad times. A big part of the scariness and sadness here in the US are the embarrassing, ignorant attitudes of some of our fellow Americans toward Muslims and immigrants. If only they would remember we ALL (Native Americans the exception of course) are decendants of immigrants from one place or another.
    Clove & Mom

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