BrusselsLockdown Part 2


Well played! After the raids, and the arrest of 16 people across the country, authorities thanked Belgian cats for their co-operation:

“To all the cats who helped us last night: help yourselves! #BrusselsLockdown”


© Pictures De Standaard

46 responses

  1. I’ve always thought cats made excellent soldiers with their patient strategic stealth hunting techniques and sharp, retracting claws and chomp strong teeth. Pawesome terrorist hunters they would be, especially if we could use training targets with mouse ears like above! Thanks for the laugh as always Mr. Bowie & Dad

  2. Some humor is good to get thru painful events. I looked at the twitter hashtag feed and they were funny posts. Maybe Mr. Bowie can nap some more now but I bet he’s still on guard, looking out for his neighborhood. Be well.

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  4. I was up far too late last night enjoying all the cat postings. HILARIOUS some of them. Still laugh every time I see “hover cats” They were all good but some were extraordinarily clever. Belgian Cats, we salute you! Particularly our most favorite one. Mr Bowie. ❤

  5. Herman, I think of you and Bowie every time I turn the news on…because Belgium seems to always be a part of it. I’m happy to see that you both have made the best of the situation with a little catankerous fun!

    • Thank you, Mary J. I guess nobody expected this cat thing on Twitter would turn out in to something so big. First it was a passing remark, mentioned in the local news and on radio stations and suddenly it was on BBC, CNN… Even this blog got more visitors via Twitter.

  6. And who came to my mind the instant I saw the Brussels Lockdown on the news? Mr. Bowie, of course! The coolest cat I know!

  7. I sent news of the cats of Belgium to a friend who was in a weekend workshop with a bad cold, and she said it revived and cheered her so that she could finish the course.

  8. The cats and Tweeters of Belgium are a class act all round and a credit to their respective species. So glad they are appreciated. We have rain here, but happy napping after leftover treats.

    • Thank you! Rain and happy napping after leftover treats (and chocolate in my case), the same situation in this part of the world!

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