Blend In

Think you are good at hide and seek? Jimi had changed his colour to blend in with his new environment, a.k.a. the human’s bed.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Jimi is no dummy…best place for a nap…the human’s bed! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  2. That’s an amazing picture Herman. In spite of the dark on dark everything is perfectly clear. Shot’s like this are why I still love black and white photography ( even though there’s no white in this one). Jimi is a marvelous model and looks very comfy.

    • Hi Angela. Glad you liked the photograph. Cats always look so comfortable when they are sleeping in cozy places… I’m so jealous…

  3. Perfectly camouflaged. I didn’t know Jimi had chameleon tendencies. Smart kitty to keep his place on the bed.

  4. I’ve always thought they love our beds because it’s like being CLOSE with us…..our scent, our warmth, where they know WE enjoy relaxing…..they are happy to enjoy all those things too when they occupy the space WE love to occupy! Jimi does look VERY content……These days “content” is a very nice place to be.

    Hugs and chocolate, Pam

    • Tot nu toe heb ik nog geen plaid erop gelegd omdat hij het bed nog niet ‘ontdekt’ had. Maar de laatste dagen vindt hij het daar wel heel knus en gezellig blijkbaar… Gelukkig is de zomer in aantocht en zal hij meer naar buiten trekken. Maar ja, dan komt hij moe naar binnen en wil waarschijnlijk terug op een comfortabele dons gaan liggen!

    • This issue kept me awake last night, Charles… Jimi doesn’t like boxes so that’s very weird for a ‘cat’…

    • Cats are masters to blend into every environment! I guess Jimi will visit my bedroom on a regular base from now on…

    • Hi Lavinia. Jimi was enjoying his beauty sleep on my bed. He even liked my pillow too… I guess he’ll be a frequent visitor of my bedroom…

      Wishing you and everyone at the Farm a wonderful weekend, my dear friend. Jimi sends his regards to all the cats!
      Stay safe and healthy!

    • Hahaha… I was thinking the same. It was late in the evening and Jimi was gone for hours. I just couldn’t find him. Only when I turned on the light, well, there he was! The sneaky little devil…

          • Herman I’m sure trying. Making a quick run, once a week, to a grocery store that’s doing as much as it can to protect everybody. Meanwhile all around me and other places are the rebels who won’t do the safety practices etc because it’s infringing on their civil liberties and rights. It’s a strange place I live in here. Take care!

    • Yes, it’s so funny… cats can sometimes pop up from another dimension after being lost for hours…

    • It was so funny… Jimi was gone for hours and didn’t react when I called him. After I turned on the light I discovered the little sneaky fellow…

    • Keep in mind… a cat in stealth mode is a very, very dangerous situation! Prepare yourself for the worse…

        • I can picture the scene… I’m always checking where Jimi’s hanging around before I leave my home.
          Thank goodness I don’t have to bribe him to get out of my bed right now… He’s waiting downstairs for his night dinner…

  5. How cozy ! We have our two on our bed at night. Sometimes I get trapped in one position because they tuck themselves into armpits and curled legs, LOL Does Jimi sleep well all night? We have one that wonders around howling….most unpleasant, LOL xK

    • Hi Kelly. I’m keeping Jimi out of the bedroom at night because I’m a light sleeper, I’m waking up too easily. Jimi is very quiet at night. He only starts meowing in the morning when I’m in de bathroom, his bedroom is right under the bathroom and I guess he’s saying ‘Let me out! Let me out… I’m hungry, so so hungry…’

    • Jimi loves to sleep on my bed, Mr. Bowie was also a human bed lover. But I don’t like cat hair on my bed… 😉

      • Agreed…I’m not a critter in my human bed person…but the cat knows each time I make a fresh bed…jumps and chases about annoying but also funny 😽🙄 sending joy 💫

        • I’m always have to be very fast to close the bedroom door to prevent a jumping cat on the bed while I’m changing the sheets… 🙂
          But actually, it’s very funny to see a cat having a great time…

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment in the post of today. So sorry to read about the passing of Jack. It’s always so hard and painful when a beloved pet passed away.

      Jimi is having a great time outside in the garden. And in the evening he loves to check out my bedroom…

  6. I had a cat whose favorite place to sleep was by my feet on my bed. We set up a silent pact: the cat did not go beyond his sleeping area higher than my knees and I would allow him to sleep there. The pact lasted a few years, while the cat lived in my house.

    • That sounds just like the same pact I had with Mr. Bowie. He always slept on the end of the bed and never moved to the other side. We were both very happy with this deal…

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