Espresso time. My espresso capsules order arrived today and as always, Mr. Bowie conducted a thorough control to ensure the overall quality. Every time Mr. Bowie wakes up and smells the coffee, he knows it’s time for a treat.

Today is my mother’s birthday so I raise my espresso cup to her. She taught me to drink and enjoy coffee when I was a child. She would have turned 88 today. Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you are.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! She did well starting you on coffee, especially espresso, as a wee lad. It’s good to have kitty quality control. Good job Mr. Bowie. Cats and coffee keep us going (I feel there’s a song in there somewhere).

  2. I’m sure your Mom will be watching you enjoy your espresso and thinking of HER today on her birthday………I’m also sure she’d approve of the dark chocolate addition! As for Mr. Bowie – I think he has his eye on the box your espresso came in………

    Pam and Sam

  3. Ik heb jullie mama nooit gekend, maar ze moet een prachtige vrouw geweest zijn, waar ze ook is, we wensen haar een fijne verjaardag en jullie nog veel lekkere koffietjes met chocolade xx .

  4. Happy birthday to your mother, Herman! I think our loved ones on the other side of the veil are never far from us. Small things spark memories that keep the flames of love and remembrance alive. They travel on starlight, the moon’s soft ghostly glow, and rise up on the rich, aromatic steam of an espresso.

    All the best to your studio tech and QC expert Mr. Bowie. The crew here send a big “Meow!”

    • Thank you so much for this beautiful and heartwarming comment, Lavinia. Much appreciated!

      Mr. Bowie told me to send his regards to the crew. And he’s curious about the Jaws situation… 😉

      • Jaws and the other gophers have quieted down during the recent heavy rains here. Many of their burrows are flooded, and they may have headed for higher ground. We did get a traveling nutria coming through though, much more serious. I went out to investigate the 4 point Black-tailed deer buck grazing under the apple tree after dark the other night, and heard a grunting and snuffling somewhere close by. A small greyish creature at ground level rushed at me. I high-tailed it and got the flashlight and camera. Appears to be a nutria, a young one, from what I can tell on the ODFW website. In the 12 years we have been out here, we have only seen one other one come through, an adult the size of a beaver who wandered through during daylight hours. Normally they dwell along riverbanks. We are roughly 10 minutes by car from 2 rivers, the Santiam and Calapooia. Perhaps his home was flooded. Still a long way for a large rodent to wander though. Known to intimidate small dogs, nutria can pack quite a bite if cornered. Mr. Nano advises that Mr. Bowie and the boys wait until this character has moved on.


        • Thank you for this very interesting information. It’s the first time I heard of a nutria, this is new for me. Sounds like Mr. Bowie got to leave this guy alone… He’ll follow Mr. Nano’s advice for sure!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom, Herman. She trained you well in support of coffee addicts everywhere 😉 Enjoy!

    PS: Bowie looks like he might be wondering why that box didn’t contain his treats rather than coffee, although an empty box is a good feline prize.

    • Thank you, Mary J! Glad the world is full of (harmless) coffee addicts!

      Eventually Mr. Bowie got what he wanted: 2 empty boxes and an extra treat thrown in… I got my espresso with dark chocolate so everybody was happy.

    • Thank you for this nice comment with so much wisdom, my friend!
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” while he’s sitting in his new box!

  6. Mr. Bowie does complement those nicely colored boxes in the best way. What a great mother to introduce you to the joys of coffee. My mother said no coffee but grandmere, being French, always gave me cafe au lait and later the nice dark French roast. I raise a cup of same to your mother on her day.

    • Thank you so much, Angela!
      Actually, my coffee life started just like yours with cafe au lait. Nowadays I prefer black and strong coffee.

  7. Thanks for the reminder Mr Bowie, I needed to order capsules yesterday and completely forgot. Happy Birthday Mom! May she be enjoying a coffee with my father, chatting about this, that and everything in between. 🙂

  8. dood….high paws two yur dadz mom….a veree happee birthday two her !!!

    we think sum pancakes R in order with that coffee az a way ta honor yur gram maz birthday ….88 pancakes two bee eggz act ♥♥♥

    • Thank you so much, my dear friend! But wait a minute… 88 pancakes!?! I think we need your help to eat up that pile! 😉

  9. Happy Birthday to your beloved mom, may she be blessed as she taught you one of the great pleasures of life, sipping on espresso….and how about chocolate was that her passion as well? Of course Mr.Bowie got the empty box, hopefully filled up with lots of catnip !!! So now I need to know which dark chocolate is your absolute favorite?????

  10. *Raising a mug of coffee*

    Happy Birthday to your mom … wherever she is. Here’s to her memory, and all the good times you shared.

    (Hi to Mr. Bowie, also)

  11. Hi guys, I’ve been missing you. What a lovely day to come by, coffee and remembrance go well together. I’m making good use of my Nespresso too. I just bought a tube of these seasonal ones. I think they smell like Ginger but I can’t really taste that. Mornings are so posh now xo b

    • Hi there, Boomdee! We missed you… Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

      Ginger and the vanilla variations are not my cup of tea, metaphorically speaking! 😉
      I prefer the traditional flavours.

  12. Mr. Bowie like all of us kitties is an expert of the inspection process. I hope he was rewarded for his efforts with the box the espresso arrived in- it’s only fair.


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