Farewell, My Sweet Mr. Bowie

Bowie, º May 19, 2009 – † September 11, 2019. It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Bowie. Bowie passed away at noon. He has been suffering from kidney problems and aggressive blood cancer over the last weeks. Unfortunately, nobody saw or noticed any symptoms on time, due to his other medical issues. Bowie was hospitalised for 3 days and thoroughly examined. The results were dramatic and I was in shock. The veterinarian said it was better to put Bowie to sleep and avoid any unnecessary suffering, pain or distress. Bowie passed away peacefully while I was holding him gently in my arms.

 I am honoured and privileged to have spent 10 years of my life knowing and having Bowie as my beloved friend. I will always remember the last warm days we shared this summer, sitting on the wooden bench outside in the garden and enjoying the evening sun. 

My sadness over missing you leaves me numb and unmotivated. You were an important part of my life. I can’t see or hear you anymore, but it doesn’t mean you’re not here. I like to believe you are somewhere very, very near. I love you so much but it’s time to say: Goodbye my dear Friend. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy. Thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return. Rest in peace, Bowie. I’m sure that you are in a better place where there is no pain or discomfort. Sleep well, my sweet friend. Until we meet again, somewhere, sometime.

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  1. I’m so, so sorry. I know that you are utterly distraught. You and Mr Bowie have helped keep me going this last year, after I lost my husband Rich unexpectedly. I am distressed by Mr Bowie’s passing, so I know that this will be a devastating time for you. He is indeed still right next to you. Sending lots of love, to you and the wonderful Mr B xx

  2. Slaapzacht lieve Bowie, ga nu maar lekker naast Sis liggen ronken, beiden zonder pijn, maar terug samen…
    Dank je wel dat ik je mocht kennen en vooral dat je mij zo`n lieve vriend hebt bezorgd.
    Ik beloof je goed te zorgen voor jouw baasje ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Oh…I am so, so sorry for your loss, for Bowie’s illness, and for the sadness that is now in your heart. You two have been faraway friends for many years now and I feel some of that shock you are experiencing. It’s heartbreaking. I know the unfathomable pain and sorrow that accompanies the loss of a beloved and my heart goes out to you, Herman. I hope that you find some peace in happy memories and the love you shared with your sweet boy. I’m sending love, light, and healing your way. I’m so sorry…

  4. Dear Herman, this is such sad news you are sharing with us. We grieve with you. Mr Bowie sent love and joy all over the world. He was a special being. Rest in Peace, dear Mr Bowie. And Herman, take care of yourself. Kia Kaha and Aroha Nui from New Zealand.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that. What a hard time for you and what a brave decision you took to spare Mr. Bowie suffering.
    May Mr. Bowie have a safe journey over the rainbow bridge. He’ll be in your memories and I know there are many fond ones. And who knows: he might be watching you from the other side of the rainbow.

  6. Herman I hardly know what to say except I am so very sorry that the light in your life has gone out with Bowie’s passing. I know what it’s like. I also know that to this very day I feel Sammy with me as I go through my days and nights so his presence is still here. Mr. Bowie was absolutely so precious to all of us but nobody knew him like you – my heart is breaking for you. He will be with you always; I certainly know I will never forget him. Sending you hugs……..heartfelt hugs.


  7. Dear Herman, I am so sad too now, I feel your loss as mine, we all loved Mr. Bowie, and sure will be never forgotten. Rest in Peace, lovely Mr. Bowie, I am sending my love to you dear Herman, I can’t stop my tears. Love, nia

  8. Herman, I am so sorry to see this. I know I haven’t been around the last couple of years, but I feel your loss. I am so so sorry!

  9. We are so sorry for your loss dear Hermann 💔 Mr Bowie was and always will be very special and we are grateful we got to know him a little bit too through your photographs and stories. You gave him the greatest gift of love by letting him go and I’m sure you will meet again on the other side of the rainbow. Sending much love across the miles 💞💜💞

  10. I’m very sorry for your loss. It must be a terrible shock. Animals are often so brave they hide their suffering. It very hard to take the decision to let them go peacefully, but you really had no choice once you discovered the situation. You were blessed to have had each other and you’re right, you will always be able to sense his presence.

  11. Oh, noooooooooo! This can’t be! 😞 Not Mr. Bowie. I felt so sad when I read your post. Oh, Herman, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Mr. Bowie was such a fantastic cat! Tigger and I send you love and hugs. 😢

  12. Oh no!!!!!! I’m so sorry! I know the pain of saying goodbye, and very recently. We had to say goodbye to our sweet Abby Thursday because of a fast growing tumor in the bone of her jaw. So I know too well the pain you’re feeling.
    I will miss seeing Mr Bowie and I send you tearful hugs.

  13. as a catlover, I did hesitate before hitting the “like” button… RIP, sweet Bowie! ❤ we lost our Lucky Loulou to kidney failure, alas, 3 years ago, he was only 9 and we deeply miss him… 😦 he was our 3rd cat and after his passing-away, we decided to stop having another cat, 'cause losing them is too painful and heartbreaking…
    * * *
    courage, strength and positive vibes, thinking of all the fun and quality years Bowie has brought you… ❤

  14. Oh that is so sad. I’m so sorry. I know how it feels to lose such a well loved kitty. It’s unfortunate that kitties don’t often show symptoms until it’s too late. We’ll all miss Mr. Bowie very very much.

  15. Oh Herman, my heart is breaking. Seeing your loving and beautiful photographs of sweet Bowie has been such a blessed constant in my life these past few years. We lost one of our boys the same way this year, very quickly, and it leaves you numb. You gave him the best life, I know. I hope you will think of publishing the photos in some permanent, collected way, perhaps, even just an online album. His lovely personality which you captured so well has been a treasure for many, as you can tell.

  16. I am heartbroken for you and Mr. Bowie. He was a wonderful gift not only to you, but to all of us who shared him with you, and he will be deeply missed. He was a lucky cat to have lived with such a wonderful soul and in such a good home. Rest in peace sweet boy.

  17. Dear Herman,
    I am so sorry to learn of dear Mr. Bowie’s passing. He was much loved by you of course, and I can’t imagine how you must feel his loss 😦

    Rest In Peace dear Mr. Bowie. And please take good care of you.

    Your friend in Japan,

  18. Such a shock to read this this morning! I am so very sorry for your loss, Herman. Typing this through tears for your sweet little cat, taken too soon. Rest in peace, Mr. Bowie. At least we know you had a good life with tons of love and affection. xo

  19. Herman, we feel your loss! Mr. Bowie has joined the cherry tree memory garden now, and you are right, he is not far from you. He is just on the other side of the veil, out of sight, but never far from mind. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and dear Mr. Bowie on his new journey.

  20. Godspeed your journey to heaven Mr. Bowie. You are, and always will be, our friend. We know St Francis stayed by your side, until you reached heavens gate, so that you had no pain or suffering.

    We know if you could speak, you would say to dad; “thanks dad, for everything. and just because you can’t “see me” now, doesn’t mean I’m not near, because I will always be by your side, and live on in your heart and memory. I love you too dad” ~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ bowie

    I am truly sorry Herman ~~

  21. Oh my god, Herman, I am in tears and in shock. This is a terrible time for you and I am so very, very — I just can’t. My heart is in my throat and it hurts so. So many of your blog-friends join you in this. Please take gentle care of yourself.

  22. I share your tears, my friend. I came to feel Mr. Bowie was one of “my” cats, and I share your sadness today. This is shocking news, and I will miss following his life on these posts. Hugs, too. The loss of a beloved fur buddy is no less difficult than a death in the family. Bowie was a magnificent cat!

  23. Herman I am so sad and sorry to learn of the loss of Mr. Bowie. I’ve been through loss of kitties and I know it’s so difficult. They do stay with you in your heart, and I hope you can take comfort in the good memories. I’m going to miss Mr Bowie, and I know he will be missed by many. Tears.

  24. Dag Herman. Prachtige tekst. Ik zit hier ook te wenen… ik leef met je mee. Bowie was inderdaad uw maatje, dat is en was meer dan duidelijk. Ik loop, als het u past, nog wel eens bij je binnen. Tijd gaat snel, het laatste bezoek is alweer veel te lang geleden. Hou je haaks en veel sterkte. K

  25. I am so saddened to read this terrible news and pass on my deepest sympathy to you. Mr Bowie will be so missed. The hurt must be terrible for you now but in time it will heal and leave you with a wealth of beautiful memories.

  26. I am so sorry ,Herman to hear Mr .Bowie passed away. There is no words in this world to comfort you now, but you are right, he is near you all the time. You will hear him walking at night, I know that for sure. He will live in our memories for ever.
    Warm hugs,
    Kristiina and Kosmo

  27. I am so so so sorry to hear this news, I loved seeing that adorable face in your posts. I know he’s hanging out with all my beloved cats who have already passed away having a wonderful time. And I know he will always be near you. Sending vibes of peace an comfrot to you.

  28. I am just wrecked by this, Herman. Just crying here in the night…what are we to do without our dearest Bowie. My heart is breaking for you. Please do not disappear from view. We are here for you…all over the world, sharing your love of dear cat, Mr. Bowie 💔

  29. Herman,
    Upon reading this I was stunned and then immediately brought to tears to know our darling Mr. Bowie is gone. I can only imagine how difficult this was for you, the shock of the unexpected. I too have lost some of my babies to cancer and in 2017 lost my Clove unexpectedly to FIP- both are vicious killers that take our fur kids too soon. Clove was healthy and then suddenly stopped eating, was lethargic and a trip to the vet brought the horrible diagnosis of FIP and she was gone within 5 days. I know the grief you are feeling and all the emotions that come with it, please let yourself feel them and work through it in your own time and do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything.
    I have followed your blog for over three years and Mr. Bowie and you came to mean a lot to us. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, the love you had for your fur son evident in all the insights and photos of him. In time Mr. Bowie will send another soul in need of a loving home to you, his spirit never far as he watches over you. I hope you will continue to post and let us know how you are and so we may grieve our loss together. Fly free sweet boy, your love and quiet strength was admired around the world. You will never be forgotten. 💙🌈😿🐾

    Purrs of love to you,

    Pearl and Mom 🐾

  30. Oh NO ! My heart is completely broken. Herman, I’m so very sorry to hear this. It’s me, Boomdee, sobbing for you and Mr Bowie. Arms around you for the deep pain and sadness you are suffering. I don’t want this friendship to be gone. No no no. Oh my sweet friends. I’ll come back when I’ve collected myself. Love Kelly

  31. Oh ! I share your great sadness. It’s so hard to see his 10-year-old companion leave. Almost four years ago, I lost my Silver Plush – Miss Titi – which I loved so much. I could not stay without a cat and very quickly, we were looking for Ticha who is the most adorable of all the cats that have shared my life. Maybe one day you can live with a new little kitten, full of passion … And the memory of Mr. Bowie will not be so painful. Especially do not stop your blog !

  32. I am sorry to read that Mr. Bowie is no longer with you in your house but I know he will always live in your heart. I enjoyed reading about your sweet catkid and will miss him. Teddy and Jack send purrs and paw pats.

  33. So sorry to hear this. My sincere condolences. It was always delightful to see him on my WordPress blog feed, and I’m sure his absence will be widely felt. It’s lovely that you could be with him in his final moments

  34. Dearest friend, I wanted to come back and let you know, I will never forget Mr Bowie. I’ve read many of the messages here, so heartfelt and caring, I wish I could be as eloquent. Not that it matters at these times, but maybe you’d know better how many smiles you’ve both brought to my day. My husband worries that I get too attached to friends on-line. I assured him, it’s the cost of caring and worth the sadness I feel. I wish with all my heart it wasn’t so. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today Herman, you are a dear man. Arms around you, Kelly x

  35. Herman there are no good enough words to say how sorry I am to hear about Mr. Bowie. I’ve been reading about him for almost 8 years, and understand how you loved him and how he loved you. The hole in your heart will start to heal in a while, and all your sweet memories will help with that healing. You and he will always be part of each other. Be well, dear friend. 😔

  36. Dear Herman, I am back again, after I had composted myself as I said in my comment before, to be able to write. Mr. Bowie had been the STAR of your live , your best friend and companion, your assistant in your music , your guardian as for advices , where to place boxes where he could crawl into …… His being and presence had made you get up every day and serve him the food he loved, giving him ice cream when it was a special occasion and so much more….. I can’t tell you enough how I feel for you. Yet he is over the rainbow , not having any pain anymore, in the heaven of cats. I had lost two lovely cats within 4 months a years ago , so I deeply feel your pain. Moshu my cat also send her love to you. Meowing hugs to you, Herman from Moshu and myself.

  37. Mon Dieu , c’est seulement maintenant que j’apprends cette terrible nouvelle
    Je suis réellement de tout coeur avec toi , on ressentait énormément que tu l’aimais et que lui te le rendais. C’est difficile de perdre un ami …
    Je suis certaine qu’ Eos est venue l’attendre là haut , j’en suis certaine …..

  38. Oh Herman I am so sorry for you. I just lost my little Skye suddenly a couple of weeks ago. She was just etra quiet for a day and I had made an appointment for the vet. The next morning I saw she was worse and just brought her in. An hour later the vet called with news almost identical to the news you got about Mr. Bowie. Since then life has been rather upset and I have barely had time to check email. or I certainly wouldhave respoded sooner. My vet spent a lot of time telling me cats hide their illness well and that often these cancers are aggressive and take over quickly. She had been showing no sign at her wellness exam two months before. It’s so hard when it coes s such a shock, though. Now here is another reason to mourn on 9/11. You are in my prayers Herman, the last week must have been rough…

  39. Herman, saying sorry doesn’t convey the sadness I feel for you. I’m feeling it, completely sobbing right now. I’m so sorry that Mr. Bowie was so sick, so sorry for you having to deal with his passing and loss. I believe with all my heart his spirit is with you. When my last kitty passed from cancer, a couple hours afterwards, I saw him — his spirit walked by me and I felt his joy. Then I heard the words in my head coming from him saying, “I’m up here mommy, I can fly now!” The joy I felt took my breath away. You two had a strong bond and he’s not gone, just in another place and in another form.

    Sending love and healing vibes.

  40. This made me tear to read and to learn about dear Bowie as I have followed his many wonderful stories. I know how it feels as I had my cat experience similar sudden symptoms. It was shocking as well. Humans and cats bond is so unique and powerful. Please be strong and know that Bowie will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace, Mr. Bowie.

  41. Unexpected, so painful, and even moreso when it was just the two of you quietly enjoying your lives together. Your spirits will always be together, and as your grief subsides you beautiful memories will replace the pain.

  42. Oh Herman I’m so very very sorry. I am so sad for the loss of your special friend.I’m sure he is with you and all always be. Sending you lots of love .. I hope you find comfort in knowing that so many people care. RIP Mr beautiful Bowie …

  43. Oh Herman, I am so very sad for you. It is so tough to lose our furry friends and I can only imagine how much this must grieve you. The kids and I send our love and hugs and a special prayer for Bowie’s eternal peace and rest. His memory will be with all of us forever.

  44. Herman, Im so very sorry for your loss. Reading about Mr Bowie and seeing your wonderful pictures of him made me feel like I had a gorgeous fluffy friend, so reading this post truly broke my heart. RIP gorgeous Mr Bowie. He will always be in our harts. Take care of yourself and stay strong, Herman.

  45. Herman, I am so sorry. I cannot believe in what I just read. It has been three weeks, and I don’t want to stir up the memories of that heartbreaking loss. I will always remember the beautiful and wise face of your friend, the look of inner peace of a cat who is happy with his life and his companion. Our animal friends change us forever – you will never be the same, even when another four fluffy paws will walk through your door. A part of your heart left with Bowie – it is a token of your future reunion. I am sending my love and prayers of peace to you ❤

  46. Herman, With my schedule at work and the illnesses I’ve been fighting this summer, I haven’t had time to visit my friends. I just now read about Mr. Bowie and my heart is broken. I know how much the two of you loved each other and I know that emptiness will always be there. I hope Mr. Bowie catches up with Shakespeare sometime so they can chat. When I lost Shakespeare I got Steinbeck right away. It was almost as if little Steinbeck was part Shakespeare and I know he was especially chosen for me. Looks like Jimi is going to be the same for you. I’m so happy you have Jimi now and I know you’ll have a blast getting to know the new personality. I’m sending tons of hugs ‘cuz I know how hard it is to say goodbye to our fur people. I’m so sorry I wasn’t online sooner to let you know how much I care. Please give Jimi a hug for me. Keep introducing him to all your readers. Have fun with Jimi.
    Pam, Hemingway and Steinbeck

  47. Mom is so behind in reading posts, and we are so mad at her for missing this. Please accept our condolences and sympathy (Mom’s too) on the loss of Mr. Bowie. Mom says she feels as if someone is squeezing her heart. Ten years is not nearly enough time with your beloved friend. We are going to miss this special boy. Mom says you will be in her prayers as you grieve, and we are sending you lots of purrs. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  48. I am so sorry to read this, shocked and saddened, too, at the passing of Mr. Bowie. Heart-breaking. I am crying. The loss of our little friends creates such a huge hole in our hearts that can never truly be filled.

  49. My heart breaks for you and dear Mr Bowie. I know he had the best life with you and I am glad you were there with him for his peaceful passing. I have enjoyed sharing all the ups and downs with this darling cat and though I’m so sad he has gone, I am grateful to have known him through your blog.

  50. Oh my gosh! I never expected to read this. I’ve been away for a bit, but I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a furry member of the family. My heart goes out to you.

  51. Herman, I am so sorry for the loss of beautiful Mr Bowie. I haven’t blogged for some time due to travelling and my sewing and gardening hobbies having taken over for the last few months. I just read this post and there are no words to fully express my sorrow at the loss of our dear little friend. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. Do you happen to know The Rainbow Bridge Poem? If not check it out online and I hope that it may bring you a little comfort. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  52. Oh no! I haven’t been “blogging” (reading and keeping up) much lately and now I see I missed something so very important and so very sad. I am so sad. I am so sorry. You and he went through so much. I am so sorry.

    My cats always get more love when I read/hear of a pet passing. It is as if their hugs become so much sweeter. I have to go get them now, I need the hugs. Hugs to you.

  53. Oh Herman, I’m so sorry! It is so hard to lose a fur child, but especially when it happens so suddenly. I have enjoyed your sharing Bowie with us online over the years. He will be missed.

  54. Reblogged this on Cooper's View and commented:
    Farewell beloved Mr. Bowie. You’ve made a great difference in the lives of so many of your followers, and especially in your human. If you happen to catch up to Pansy Maura, Cooper Charles or Sasha Marlene over the Rainbow Bridge, please give them the gift of your beautiful face and a sniff of friendship. They would have loved to know of you on this side.

  55. Oh no Herman, tears in my eyes, I’ve been so busy I’m so sorry I missed this message. I read the posts about Jimi and it started to dawn on me our loss. I shared your love of Mr Bowie because I can’t keep a cat I discovered a while ago whilst cat sitting that I’m allergic and he was just so cuddly and cute.

  56. Oh, Herman, we’re so deeply sorry of the loss of your beloved Mr. Bowie. Even that we know that he is still around you, we can’t help the tears from falling down our cheek. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you🐾😽💞Fly free beautiful Soul💗💗💗

  57. Herman, I’m so sorry for your loss; he was a beautiful cat❤️❤️. It’s too hard to loss a beloved pet – believe me, I know that. It was always terrible to me too to lost my cats. Mr Bowie had a wonderful life with you, at your home, so this should comfort you. I feel for you! Jimi can not replace Mr Bowie, but he can also give you great pleasure and you will see, he will do that – I’m sure. All our cats they aren’t here anymore, remain in our hearts and thoughts for ever.
    I wish you and Jimi all the best!

  58. I just learned of Bowie’s passing; I know my condolences come late, but they are sincere. I didn’t know Bowie, but he was clearly loved. God bless you for giving your friend a wonderful life, and affection that he could have had from no one else. Godspeed, Bowie.

  59. Goodbye Bowie. Dear Herman, I have not been to WordPress for a long time and I wanted to see how you two are. I miss him much. You have a new cat, good luck and happiness together. Love Susanne

  60. I was so heartbroken to read about Mr Bowie. Words can’t relay my feelings. I am so sorry, Herman. I will always remember him. Thanks for sharing Mr Bowie with the world.

  61. So sad. I know the feeling when you have to put down a beloved pet. I went through it with my 17-old cat 4 years ago and I drank myself half blind because I couldn’t bear the hurt.

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