Message From My Cat #17

Just Woke Up 2

No Armageddon. The world didn’t end yesterday, there was no sign of the apocalypse. So, all you people who truly believed in this prophecy, you’ll have to wait at least six years for the Earth to be destroyed… But shouldn’t we be focused on fixing actual threats to Earth, like climate change?
Can I have a treat now? A honey locust perhaps?

Editor’s Note: Dear Mr. Bowie, guess I’d better do my Christmas shopping after all. Okay, I’ll walk…

Beginning of the End


Oh no… I’m all shook up! While I was driving home, this giant locust fell out of the sky, right on my windshield. I was way too upset to zoom in. Sorry. It’s happening right now… Goodbye cruel world.

But wait a minute… I just received this tweet from New Zealand. Thank you Thomas D. Honey roasted locust, anyone? Mr. Bowie?


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