A Luxurious Place

I absolutely love the tent. This tent looks fabulous, it’s surprisingly bright and spacious inside, and offers a fair bit of standing room. It’s a luxurious place to stay for relaxation. But where are my remote controls?


Spending time outdoors is good for you. It can actually make you healthier, improve your mood and concentration, and fuel your body’s production of vitamin D.

PS: Dark chocolate is essential for any outdoor adventure. It contains B-complex vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5 and B11. I love chemistry.

Hotel California

Hotel California Tent Model. Your sleepy cats will find solace in this tent. Zip up the front tent flaps to keep out the cold and the light, but leave the back window flap slightly open to allow condensation from breath to escape.
Cats can check out any time they like, but they can never leave.


Setting up a tent:
1. Practice setting up your tent before you go camping.
2. Find an area or a bed that is flat and free of sharp objects.
3. Unpack the tent and all of its parts.
4. Unfold the tent and lay it in the respective area.
5. Stake down the corners of your tent.
6. Connect your empty Pringles Original XXL cans (or tent poles if available).
7. Assemble the frame of the tent.
8. Secure the rain-fly of the tent.

Can someone give Mr. Bowie a hand?

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