Finally, we made it through the winter and spring is in the air. Mr. Bowie is outside enjoying the first warmer days. I’m looking forward to having breakfast and espresso outside. But first I got to get rid of the snails in the garden. Let’s set out some beer traps. We need to secure Mr. Bowie’s catnip plantation.

Show Us The Way


Show us the way to the next beer bar
Don’t ask why
I tell you we must die
I tell you
I tell you
I tell you we must die

“Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)” – Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill

IMG_5936Let me give you a little push. This town ain’t big enough for both of us.



While we sleep, they go to work. I have a plague of snails in my garden. They come out at night when humidity is high to feed on a wide range of plants causing damage and making my landscape plants less attractive. The snails prefer to eat the leaves of the Photinia fraseri aka Red Robin.


Someone told me killing snails with beer is a simple process – you simply attract the snails to a snail trap filled with beer, into which they fall in and drown. Fortunately, snails can’t swim, they crawl and I don’t like beer.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bowie is on snail patrol.


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