Intercultural Breakfast Event

Have you ever tasted a Mexican, Egyptian or Chinese breakfast? A friend invited me to a special event with international breakfasts and inspiring speakers about health care in different regions of the world – The Middle East, Iraq, Thailand and Africa.


Unfortunately, due to lack of time, we missed the famous American breakfast – home made thick pancakes with maple syrup.

Mr. Bowie had dinner ready when I came home that evening. He caught his second shrew-mouse. Guess Mr. Bowie’s not a great hunter or maybe he prefers my home cooking…

I took some pictures for Natuurpunt, a Belgian organization. They are doing a questionnaire survey of the numbers of animals brought home by domestic cats. Natuurpunt’s operation has a broad social context. It is useless to work for beautiful natural areas when the degradation of soil, water and air in the environs increases. Natuurpunt steps into breach for an endurable world for mankind, plants and animals. Not only here, but also around the world.


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