Play It Loud


Turn up the volume! Having spent days, it feels great to finally finish mixing a new song. There are many differences between experiencing a track on different speakers. A well produced song should sound great on everything from laptop speakers, cheap small speakers to a high-end hi-fi. I prefer mixing on speakers at low volumes but my studio technician, Mr. Bowie, prefers to hear loud, dynamic music.

Soon we will rock you.



Pancakes! A few days ago, Joke, Mr. Bowie’s foster-mother when he was a baby, invited me to her house for pancakes. Pancakes… saying “no” wasn’t an option! It was a welcome break from struggling in the studio on two new songs. It would be great if I could release one song on SoundCloud next month.

It was also nice seeing Pritty and Dixie again, Mr. Bowie’s mom and brother. Hey human, get your pancakes ready, Dixie is waiting… Can you see the family resemblance in that face?

Where Are You?


Panic in the house! I thought Mr. Bowie was gone. Kidnapped by burglars or abducted by aliens. Did he sneak out of the house? At the top of my lungs I called out his name, but he didn’t answer. After a desperate search I found Mr. Bowie sleeping in my new bookcase in the bedroom. Well hello there, little one…

On Top


A day in the life. Mr. Bowie has to pay attention to the changing world economy, the global climate change and the cat treat situation at home to stay on top of things. Let’s not underestimate the importance of a cat’s life.

The Dark Side


So human, you have accepted the truth? I am your master. You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not give me treats, then you will meet your destiny.

Under My Paw


Under pressure. Stress affects everyone, cats and humans, young and old and is a completely normal reaction that all human beings will experience from time to time when faced with situations that they feel under pressure in. Deal with stress effectively and quickly: take regular breaks, get outside, go for a walk, learn to relax like your cat. And have an espresso with chocolate.

Under my paw
A ladybird of a girl
Under my paw
She’s the sweetest, hmmm, pet in the world

“Under My Paw” – The Rolling Stones

John Sings


Another year over, and a new one just begun. Happy New Year! Hope you have a great and wonderful 2016. May all your dreams come true. Viva la Vida! En route vers de nouvelles aventures. Soon we will rock you!

Thank you for hanging out with us at HoB. Thanks for all your likes, comments and kindness. Love, peace and happiness. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

One more thing… Boxes for cats, dark chocolate for humans!



I love Levi’s 501 jeans. The original button fly jeans. The only brand I wear. These are the real jeans that look like Levi’s from the 60’s. But I hate the feel of new, raw, stiff hard jeans. It’s so uncomfortable. Apparently Mr. Bowie doesn’t share my view on new jeans.

A Little Present


Surprise! Surprise! A moment that changed me – the Christmas morning I didn’t get any present. Thank goodness Mr. Bowie got a present from one of his greatest admirers. Shall we play a game, Mr. Bowie?

Good morning my friends, have a nice day!



Mail from Australia! I never thought Mr. Bowie would become so popular. He received a Season’s Greetings card from Aunt Sharon. Sharon lives in Australia and she’s a devoted HoB follower.

Thank you so much, Sharon. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”



Mr. Bowie feels overwhelmed. He received a beautiful card from my sister, she’s his #1 fan. Mr. Bowie is looking forward to seeing her again. He misses her so much. So do I. Having espresso together always puts me in a better mood.



“Without boxes life would be a mistake” – Mr. Bowie

This box ain’t big enough for both of us. And it ain’t me who’s gonna leave. Remember this song from 1974, written by Ron Mael of the American pop group Sparks?


Artificial Intelligence? No! Only a new Audio Interface. Mr. Bowie, a respected and world-famous studio technician, told me that the studio needed an audio upgrade. Up to now, a USB connection on the mixer was used to and from the Mac to record and play live sound. The specs promised us CD quality to and from the Mac. Well, we didn’t hear that.


Mr. Bowie recommended to buy the Apollo Twin Interface from Universal Audio. With its class-leading resolution and Realtime UAD Processing, Apollo Twin sets a new standard for desktop music production. This 2×6 Mac Thunderbolt interface allows you to record with near-zero latency through the full range of UAD Powered Plug-Ins — ingeniously merging classic analog tones with cutting-edge features.

Mr. Bowie also told me he needed active studio monitors. He preferred something from Neumann because he liked the shipping boxes. The KH 120 A studio monitor is designed for use as a near-field loudspeaker. The KH 120 A represents the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible. It’s perfect for tracking, mixing and mastering in music, broadcast, project and post-production studios.


One day soon, we will rock you.

Don’t Look Back


Looking back on the past may not only stop you from enjoying each day. Research suggests that cats who look back at their past experiences full of regrets about missed opportunities are more likely to fall ill and generally have a poorer quality of life. Or did you hear the sound of the cat treat box, Mr. Bowie?



Espresso time. My espresso capsules order arrived today and as always, Mr. Bowie conducted a thorough control to ensure the overall quality. Every time Mr. Bowie wakes up and smells the coffee, he knows it’s time for a treat.

Today is my mother’s birthday so I raise my espresso cup to her. She taught me to drink and enjoy coffee when I was a child. She would have turned 88 today. Happy Birthday Mom, wherever you are.

Back to Work


A working studio technician is a happy studio technician. It’s Monday and Mr. Bowie is getting himself back in the groove, after taking some time off on the sofa. Getting great work done isn’t always just about finding a rush of inspiration, it’s also about defining your goals and setting yourself up in a productive work environment.

Mr. Bowie thinks it’s about time to buy a new box with a synth inside. He’s checking out the new Prophet-6, a 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a modern twist.  It’s Dave Smith’s tribute to the poly synth that started it all—the Sequential Prophet-5. But please, Mr. Bowie, I told you before, you must keep an eye on the studio budget. A studio technician usually performs this routine task. Get back to work, Mr. Bowie!

Sofa Part 2


How do you know when you’re ready to go back to work after your time off? Going back to work can be stressful. Are you really ready, Mr. Bowie? I’m laying down the tracks of a new song. Issues of timing, dynamic, pitch and tone need a critical ear.



Take time to think things over. Don’t underestimate the value of an excellent studio technician. You got to own good gear. If you can play an instrument or two, that’s even better. But your sofa is the most important piece of equipment.



Seek and ye shall find. If you search hard enough for something, you will find it. Or meow, and it shall be given, Mr. Bowie. But please, leave the chocolate alone; it is doing fine by itself.

I have lost all my inbox emails, some very important and significant. If I search hard enough in Time Machine, maybe I’ll find some of them back. But hey, there are worse things in life than losing your emails.

Yuri Gagarin


Weightless. Mr. Bowie feels like Yuri Gagarin. Although, it shows I’m not a great photographer. You always have to be ready and expect the unexpected. Get great pictures by balancing aperture, shutter speed and ISO. But wait a minute… A cat and boxes? There is nothing new, nothing unexpected in this scene! Anyway, I hope that I’m a better musician and songwriter than a photographer… One day, we will rock you.

Love put me in space, way above the trees
Listen NASA can you get my heart back please?
Weightless, love is a pure sensation
Weightless, I feel like Yuri Gagarin

“Weightless” – Prefab Sprout


One of These Days


Recording studio technician at work. All right Mr. Bowie, make sure that you are sitting right in front of the display and that your face is at 90 degrees to the center of the monitor while working with Logic Pro X. I know friends and followers are waiting to hear some music. But one of these days we will rock you.

Gift Wrapping


It’s a wrap! Asking cats to explore new frontiers and learn how to do tasks by themselves requires bravery, and patience, not only from the cats but from humans, too. But it can be tough to know when to let them untether and try things on their own.

Today it’s my lovely sister’s birthday. Mr. Bowie knows how to wrap a present up in a cute way. Happy Birthday, Sis! We love you! Espresso for two?

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.’ – Audrey Hepburn

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