Don’t Push Your Luck

Respect the law. Ornithology is a very boring science with a restraining order that says scientists, paparazzi, the owner of the garden and a cat named Mr. Bowie has to stay 3 meters away from the newly hatched nestlings.


In this part of the world there’s a law and policy that protects the Common Blackbird (Turdus merula). You’re okay so far, but don’t push your luck, my feathered friends.

The Ornithologist

The nest. Mr. Bowie is a natural born ornithologist. A bird watcher. Mr. Bowie works out in the field studying bird populations. He has an abiding love for birds.
Lately, Mr. Bowie is trying to build a nest right next to a blackbird nest in my garden. I guess ornithologists study every aspect of bird life.


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