The Missing

Summer’s here! Late spring/summer finally arrived in this part of the world, after weeks/months of rainy and cold days. Temperatures are above 20° Celsius and everybody is so happy, especially from a mental point of view. Sunlight is often perceived as a cure to your health, however, because of risks of sunburn and skin cancer, we need to be careful how much sun we get. But it feels so good to have breakfast outside in the morning sun…

Unfortunately, there’s someone who’s going to miss the daily rainfall. Jimi went outside between the rain showers to drink fresh rainwater almost every day. Mr. Bowie also loved to do this, probably as most cats. 

Jimi stays outside the whole day and is still discovering all the special places in the garden. Some of his favourite spots were also the spots Mr. Bowie liked to stay for hours. I noticed he prefers to stay in the shadow from noon. One of my previous cats, Mrs. Jones, was a sun cat. She stayed in the sunshine, even on the hottest days during a heatwave. Jimi loves to disappear under the numerous bushes.

Finally, I just got the message I’m getting my Covid-19 vaccine next week. I should had it weeks ago but due to a human error or computer failure, my name was removed from the list in the local vaccination center. 

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


Introducing Musti. This beautiful and friendly cat lives outside for almost 3 years now. It looks like she was dropped off or kicked out by her previous owner. Thank goodness she can sleep in an abandon farm nearby, in the company of other cats who live outside. A friendly woman who lives in the neighbourhood takes care of Musti and the other cats. They all get plenty of food and fresh water every day. A local cat shelter also keeps an eye on this situation so all the furry creatures stay healthy.

We talked to all the neighbours to try to find out if someone knew the previous owner of Musti, unfortunately, without success. Musti reminds me of Mrs. Jones, my previous cat. She’s a bit shy but I can pet her every time when I’m passing by on my daily walks. 

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


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