Don’t mess with Mr. Bowie! I suppose all celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Mr. Bowie, attract weirdos and people who take advantage of the generosity of the stars. I removed this tick from Mr. Bowie’s skin. Make no mistake, little freeloader, we will rock you.

Quality Control


Food safety. To ensure the safety of food or catnip, cats should be alert to the possible catnip safety problems and take appropriate measures in the production. Mr. Bowie manages comprehensive quality assurance and food safety programs.


Substitutes. Mr. Bowie didn’t show up to the daily photo shoot because of his busy schedule. I had to look for cheaper substitutes. Insect photography is very challenging. Trying to take the insects sharp, and try to get a nice depth of field with it at the same time is very difficult, especially without a macro lens.
The cheapest solution: I’m going to stick with Mr. Bowie. But how do you get cats to actually show up on time?


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