Breakfast for Two


Table manners. Rise and shine to a healthy meal sized just right for a cat and a human. It’s the perfect way to start the day. Mr. Bowie thinks he’s a big boy and needs to eat off his plate at the table…

Don’t Touch!


Please don’t touch! Stay away from my breakfast, Mr. Bowie, trust me. Chocolate mousse and an espresso ristretto, the breakfast of champions. This will provide an energy boost to my body, helping me last longer throughout the day.

Breakfast for Two


What’s for breakfast? Are you having breakfast outside from time to time, too? I love having breakfast here, outside in the garden, in the company of the great Mr. Bowie. But wait a minute… Don’t touch the Fortissio Lungo, my friend! And where is the last piece of Côte d’Or Noir de Noir dark chocolate? The last chocolate tastes the best because knowing something is set to end makes people enjoy it more.

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” – Robert A. Heinlein

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