Contagious. Watch out Mr. Bowie! This box contains a dangerous German Virus…

Don’t worry, Mr. Bowie! This Virus is not contagious and cannot be spread between cats or humans. This is a multiple award-winning TI Desktop hardware synthesizer, made by the German company Access Music GmbH, known as much for its flexibility and powerful sound as for Total Integration, a way to interconnect a hardware synthesizer with a DAW. The first Virus was released in 1997 and each new iteration has added more features more powerful hardware, and greater musical potential. That evolution explains why the Virus TI series is so sought after and why it receives such praise from owners, press, and fans all over the world.


But please, Mr. Bowie, you must keep an eye on the studio budget. A studio technician usually performs this routine task. In the meantime, we will rock you…

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