Once a Year

This is not my beautiful house! (Reprise) Jimi was due for his second annual checkup today. Just like last year, all went well and Jimi’s in top condition. But unfortunately, Jimi was so, so stressed… I have mentioned before how Mr. Bowie enjoyed the car rides. What a contrast compared with Jimi, he’s so scared inside the car. Glad we’re back home and enjoying our treats in the garden on this warm summer day.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Hopelijk is hij ondertussen bekomen van de autorit en het bezoekje bij de dierenarts.
    Tijd voor een lekkere beloning…

    • Yep, heeft hij al gekregen en intussen is hij weer aan ‘t jagen op de buxus-motten. Dit is zijn favoriete tijdverdrijf de laatste week…

  2. Glad to hear Jimi got a good report for his checkup. Teddy HATES being in the car and Sammy loved it. I guess they are all different just as we humans are! Hope both of you enjoy this fine day! May it have some chocolate somewhere along the way.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

    • I wish he could realise this, he should be happy after all. Especially with all the treats when we’re back home… 😉

  3. I good healthy cat and beautiful also, that’s Jimi! They do get so stressed, in the carrier, and MaChatte knows where she’s going, because that’s the only place she ever goes. And when she gets there, she threatens to hurt her vet! Look at his solemn face…..oh yea, he knows.

    • Once we were inside the clinic Jimi was actually relatively calm. He let the vet do all the tests without any hissings or protest. He just doesn’t like the car rides I guess. Mr. Bowie needed medical care almost every month so he was used to be in a car. And he always enjoyed it… So now I feel the stress too…

  4. I never had a cat who enjoyed car rides. Even though I would leave the carriers out around the house and they would all happily sleep in them, as soon as it was vet time it was a wild chase or hide and seek. They are all psychic I’m sure. The Feliway spray does help and I also put catnip in the carrier, too. So happy he got a good medical report card!

    • Hi Angela. I’m going to use that Feliway spray too, next time, maybe in combination with catnip. It’s not difficult to get Jimi in the carrier, it looks like he’s afraid of the car rides. Inside the clinic he was relatively calm. I was stressed myself to see Jimi this way…

  5. Aw, poor scared Jimi! Catorze is more outraged than afraid on the journey to the vet, and he screams absolute bloody murder.

    • I think Jimi just hates being inside a car. He was rather calm when we were inside the clinic. But right now he’s chasing the butterflies in the garden…

    • Thank you! Jimi was glad to be back home. Thank goodness we were back in less than 1 hour. And right now we’re both relaxing in the garden…

    • Hi Jen. I talk to Jimi all the time and yes, occasionally I sing-a-long with some songs. The funny thing is that he’s rather relaxed when we’re inside the clinic. I guess he just doesn’t like the car rides…

  6. So happy he is back home and in tip top shape! Bagheera has terrible anxiety too…for awhile we were lucky to have home visits. For now we must travel to the clinic and Bagheera gets a little medication from his Vet for relaxing him 😌

    • That’s a good idea! Maybe I can ask if they can do the checkup at home. I’m lucky the clinic is only a (max) 20 minutes drive away. But Jimi says it’s too long! 😉

  7. All our cats are now vet-shy cats. I miss Torvald, who in his short life never showed fear of travel or the carrier and fussed to be held up so he could see through the carrier door out the car window. Once we passed a flock of geese and he was ecstatic. “I could get one of those for you, Mom!” You could just see the thought balloon as he gazed and followed their movements.

    We have found a vet who does routine exams and minor procedures at your home, working out of a van, and it’s really making life easier.

    • Seems like Torvald was just like Mr. Bowie. I loved to see how Bowie enjoyed the rides in the car while he was looking outside…

      I think I’m going to ask if it’s possible to do the routine checkup at home next year. Thank goodness the car ride takes less than 20 minutes.

    • Hi Leah. I think most of the cats hate car rides and visits to the vet. Mr. Bowie was definitely an exception… It was always so funny to see how he enjoyed the car rides.

  8. jimi; dood, we total lee get it…..total lee…we hate de car, we hate de carrier, we hate de drive and frank lee we due knot like de vet either !!!

    we iz happee yur chek up iz done and we hope they gived yur dad a soooooper grate ree port 🙂 ♥♥

    • Hi Patricia. Jimi is happy so I am happy too. Thank goodness we’re safe for another year. I don’t like car rides like the ones today…

    • En ik denk dat ik evenveel stress had… Ik vind dat steeds zo erg voor die kat.
      Maar deze morgen zat ik opnieuw vol stress voor een bezoek aan de tandarts…

  9. Hi Herman and Jimi I am glad that you both got that behind you, and Jimi passed it all with flying colors, that’s great. I totally understand Jimi, as with Moshu it’s always like a drama for her and mostly me, I have to trick her to get into the cat carrier. When I manage to pick her up to push her into the carrier she get’s so stressed that she has to pee all over me and her. But once at the vet she is totally fine and lets the vet and assistants do what ever they need to do. I don’t know who is more stressed out, Me or Moshu. Well you both enjoy your well deserved treats , like espresso or ice cream

  10. Oh dear, Jimi was giving you quite the stink eye there, LOL! Happy to hear he’s in top-notch health. Must be all the cardio from mouse chasing 😉 I use to dread vet visits. Like a crazy woman, I’d take both cats at the same time 🤪 and they’d howl all the way there and back. It’s enough to make you want a drink mid-day. So now I pay extra to have a roaming vet service come to the house. Nutty yes, but this saves both our sanity. Maybe your vet offers this? Cheers Belgium boys 💛xK

    • Hi Kelly. I’m going to check out if my vet wants to come to my house. Or maybe I can go to another vet 3 km from my home. Now I need to drive for 20 minutes to the clinic. And yes, it’s so stressful for the both of us. Thank goodness we had both treats afterwards… 😉

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my dear friend!

  11. Poor Jimmi. I have had several cats that don’t travel well. With Annie, I had to go armed with plastic bags and paper towels because her bowels always let loose after ten minutes in the car. Sikkim who travelled with me from Seattle to New York gets motion sickness and she threw up on take-off. What a journey, but 11 of my other cats travelled by road. I think it would have killed her. No idea why I selected her to fly, I just “felt” something about her. One so wishes one could explain and comfort them! Best wishes from my gang of reprobates.

    • Thank you for your comment! I think cats just don’t like to travel, with once in a while an exception. A friend of mine used to move around and travel a lot, always in company of her cat. And the cat didn’t mind all the hours in the car at all. She didn’t need a carrier…
      Mr. Bowie didn’t mind the rides in the car to the vet. But Jimi just hates it… But to be honest, I don’t like like to travel either… 😉

      • Nor me. Years ago…many years…there was a Scottish Fold called Norton. He went to Paris on Concorde and he adored travelling. There are books by his person, Peter Gethers. Lovely story.

        • Oh, thank you so much for this story. I’m going to check it out.
          Me, I just like to sit at home and don’t worry about all the plans needed to travel… 😉

  12. Poor kitty boy! Two of four cats I’ve had hated the car ride, and one of the four gives me that “if I could kill with a glance” look Jimi has on his face, above!

    • Hi Doug. On these days I miss Mr. Bowie even harder because it was fun driving my car with him by my side. But I guess most cats just hate the car rides, especially when they realise it’s to the vet… 😉

      • Exactly. I understand the missing part, too. There are things our kitty boys did or liked that were so characteristic that when events remind us of those things, there are those sad moments to deal with.

  13. Poor Jimi! Mischa and Samurai also hate car rides and I have one chance to get them in their carriers. They also had their vaccinations and health check recently, so we can all relax for another year.

    • Hi Jill. Getting Jimi in the carrier isn’t a problem. I guess he just hates the car rides. Oh well, just like you said, we can relax for another year too…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Lavinia. Thank you so much for your kind comment!
      Jimi really seems to hate the car rides. Inside the clinic he was rather calm and the vet could examine him without any problems. Guess the car ride is the issue…

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards!

  14. Miss Egypt was always a good traveler in the car. She had a cardboard carry box as her carrier. I was able remove the lid once we were set to go. The others, they had to ride in a regular carrier. If I used a carry box similar to Egypt’s, they would try to get out through the handle cutouts. Dino and Pebbles, the older Siamese, they traveled in a carry box too. I could take them out of the box while we were moving. The problem, though, they wanted to investigate the car too. For the most part, they were content to sit on the lap.

    • Hi David. With the exception of Mr. Bowie, all the cats that lived with me were afraid of the car rides (in a carrier) and the visits to a vet. I had to take Mr. Bowie almost every month to the vet and not once there was a problem. He always enjoyed the car rides and watching the traffic. I really do miss those moments, and the furry boy too…

    • Oh, thank you so much for the link. I’ve always loved this song. It’s also a very good cover of a true classic.
      Thanks for your kind comment. Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!

    • I really do miss the times with Mr. Bowie in my car. He always enjoyed the car rides to the vet. Oh well, all cats are different and they will probably all hate the car rides and visits to the vet…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, Mary!

  15. Bonjour
    Connais tu Feliway ?
    C’est un produit qui existe en diffuseur ou en spray .
    En spray tu vaporises quelques heures avant pour appaiser le chat et ca marche tres bien.
    J’ai acheté ce produit lorsque j’ai introduit Mrs Patmore à la maison (Violet Crawley était en colère …)

    • I tried this product with Mr. Bowie while a work crew was doing construction works in my house. But Mr. Bowie became more nervous while using Feliway products. When I stopped using the product Mr. Bowie became more relaxed again.
      But maybe I can try it out on Jimi next year…
      Thank you for the comment!

    • Hi Julie. Well, I had to go to the dentist this week so you can maybe realise how stressed I was… Thank goodness they didn’t put me in a carrier!
      Wishing you a great week ahead, my friend!

  16. Oh poor little Jimi!
    Little Monkey also hated the vets and was so stressed the whole visit.
    Still, it needs to be done – and maybe some ice cream for Jimi afterwards to forget all about it! 😀

    • Hi Charlotte. I’m going to keep this post and photograph in mind when I’m visiting the dentist next week… 😉

    • Hi Susan. Yes, it was obvious he wasn’t amused in this situation. I had to give Jimi a lot of treats afterwards…

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