Daytime Job of a Cat

More rainy days. The summer of 2021 is already the wettest summer ever recorded in this part of the world. And it looks like it’s also one of the coolest. It makes me think about all the heatwaves in the previous summers and the ice cream we enjoyed in the garden. What is going wrong with the weather lately? All these extreme changes in weather conditions…

I’m spending more time in the studio because of all the heavy rainfall. Sir Jimi, the studio technician, keeps me company but always falls asleep on the job, just like my previous technician, Mr. Bowie. But there’s one big difference; Jimi stays in the studio while Mr. Bowie always left the building due to his ear problems and the effect of very high-frequency sounds of synths. Or maybe he just didn’t like my music.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Jimi, like is namesake, is a music lover it seems. He looks like he’s doing the very difficult job of analyzing your synths in a kitty yoga version of the Pawanmuktasana or Wind-Relieving Pose.

    • Hi Tim. I wish Jimi (and all the other cats) could teach me how to do kitty yoga so I wouldn’t have sleepless night…

      • I think we could all learn valuable lessons from the cats in relaxation and throwing out anxieties to the wind to help us to sleep better.

  2. He perfectly fits his little perch!

    We are having a summer like a locker room. The air is saturated this week (something like 94% humidity). It’s not really DIFFERENT from normal DC weather, just WORSE.

    • Last year I was complaining about the heatwaves but to be honest, I miss them right now, and the extra ice cream on hot days! 😉

  3. 😸 MY cats wish there was low cholesterol ‘ice cream’ in Tennessee. With all the tropical storms drifting up from the gulf my kitties laugh every time I walk out with an umbrella ☂

    • Well, I need an umbrella almost every day. I’m missing the heatwaves of last year and the days with ice cram in the garden (note: no low cholesterol!)… 😉

  4. Jimi knows how to relax……and how to keep you company while you work on your music…..a perfect relationship I’d say. It’s been raining almost nonstop here and already some leaves are changing and it’s not even September yet! Weird. Very. Makes you wonder what’s coming next. As for me, I hope the answer to “what’s next” is a chocolate bar and an iced mocha latte……I can handle just about anything if I have that! Sending you and Jimi a hug…………


    • Hi Pam. We fully agree with you about the chocolate and latte part! We just had a cold chocolate milk. I love to drink this in the evening.
      Meanwhile I’m still hoping for summer to arrive in this part of the world…

  5. How funny! Louis Catorze happily sits and slow-blinks through Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello and the like, whereas his big brother Luther would depart. The worst was when we used to practise the guitar. He did not like that one bit.

  6. The weather has been crazy this year be thankful you did not have the heat. Jimi is a great technitian and I think its in cats contracts that they get 45 minutes every hour to nap. Or is that 55 minutes? Hmmm

    • Just checked his contract: it says ‘at least’ 55 minutes… 😉
      But I’m very jealous, wish I could sleep like a cat!

  7. Like many cats do, Jimi may be working in his sleep . . . Seriously though, overall it’s a cooler and usual summer where I live, and much rainier than recent summers were. Strange weather indeed. Love picture of Jimi, he looks so comfy, in his own cat way.

    • Hi there, my friends! Glad to see you’re falling asleep on the job too…!! I’m so jealous… why can’t I sleep like a cat? 😉

  8. Oh Jimi…if only we could emply StarTrek technology and swap places for a few hours…you and Herman are welcome to sit on our sun baked patio and we will happily enjoy a rainy day on yours 🌞/ 🌧💕

    • Hi Jennifer. Wish we (or our weather) could meet somewhere in the middle and we all would be probably happy, I guess… The weather is acting so strange all over the world.

  9. It may be synth riffs … which sent Mr. Bowie into another room, putting Jimi to sleep. Unfortunately, the universal translator does not work between furries and people. Summer conditions here are primarily hot and sunny, with daily air quality warnings since we came home from SoCal in June … it’ll let you work out the math in the number of days.

    ST rerun update: TOS, early in Season One before Dr. McCoy came to the show. TNG, Season 7 where Worf and Troi are becoming romantic. Too bad they started too late series on this storyline. The hairstylist finally found the look for Troi’s hair. DS 9, back to Season One in which Dax should have smacked Dr. Bashir for being too annoying. (I know my daughters would have.) Voyager, back in Season One where the crew is okay with exploring the Delta quadrant. No, you’re not. You want to get home, faster the better. The more I see, I’m more convinced Janeway is a very poor Starfleet Captain. In any military organization, you’re bound to have officers who make poor commanders. Janeway would be one of them. Enterprise, Season One when they’re not sure about T’pol. She had a crappy uniform, so that has to be the hesitancy. Also, I think Archer likes T’pol and vice versa compared to Trip. Plus, Trip challenged T’pol’s authority one time too many in front of the crew. He should have been reduced in rank – that would have made a good scene.

    • Hi David. Thanks for the ST update. No reruns overhere, but ST Discovery season 3 starts next month. All ST series were cancelled for many years, unfortunately. Last year Discovery was on air and I liked it a little bit but the magic from the past is definitely gone.
      Personally I loved the Voyager series, I even bought them on DVD, just like TOS box-set. I read the new Picard series wasn’t received very well? But I loved Picard in the ST series a lot!

      Maybe I should start working on that universal translator between furries and people, instead of playing with synths… Meanwhile I keep lying awake at night wondering why cats can sleep any moment they want to…

  10. He sure is relaxed there, wow. The weather is all mixed up everywhere, climate crisis and all that. Fires all over out western states and some other places in the world. Eat the chocolate dear friend!

  11. Jimi knows how to enjoy himself, and he fits his catnap shelf purrfectly. We are having a very hot summer and a good bit of rain that makes the humidity even higher. Just a few more weeks and it will cool down nicely. Then we can complain about the cold.😸

    • Hi Patricia. You are so right, most of us like to complain about the weather almost all the time. I try to enjoy the little things, like having an espresso on a rainy morning. But I would love to take a catnap sometimes… 😉

  12. Ha ha, Jimi ! To adlib old time party chant, “Paws in the air, raise the roof !” You look quite relaxed, Dads music must be like a synth lullaby 😀
    Such a shame about your summer. I worry about all that rain after what happened in other parts of Belgium. But I also worry about the drought we seem to having too. No happy medium can be found these days it seems. At that worry might be causing me to see wrinkles where there never used to be any, or perhaps I’m just getting older. Needless to say, both are a bit annoying, Ha! 🌸 Shine on my friends xK

    • Hi Kelly. It’s so strange seeing all these extreem conditions of the weather. And all the forrest fires all over the world… So scary!
      I never worry about my age. The only important thing is to let the kid inside you stay a kid. Don’t let it grow up. So I feel and act as I’m still a teenager… 😉

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards!

  13. It’s so nice to have your cat or cats sit near you what ever your doing. My Dixie sits near my wheelchair always when I’m on my computer. =^..^=

    • Thanks for your comment! I always love it when Jimi keeps me company when I’m working indoors or outside in the garden. Sometimes we’re having a short conversation but I’m not sure if we understand each other… 😉
      Mr. Bowie used to follow me the whole day. People say this is typical for British Shorthairs.

    • Hi Jen. Hmmm… I’m going to let your thought sink in for a while! 😉
      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  14. That is a beautiful photo of Sir Jimi, Herman! Yes, the weather is bizarre all over the world. We have gone from extreme heat to upper 60s and lower 70s now. Feels cold by comparison. The gardens have suffered this year.

    • Hi Lavinia. I have to replace some trees that died due to the extreme weather conditions of last year. My gardener made a list last week of what need to be bought and replaced. Jimi’s catnip grows very good but he’s not really interested in the plants. Mr. Bowie would have been very happy with the giant nip plants…

      Wishing you a great week ahead! Jimi sends his regards to all the cats on the Farm!

    • Hi Pamela. Thank you so much for your kind comment! Having a cool cat to keep you company is so beautiful. I loved the photographs of Samantha in your latest post. What an adorable furry friend!

    • Hi Julie. Glad you liked this post!
      I’ve got a feeling that Jimi really likes my music, well, he falls asleep while listening to it. I hope that it is a good sign… 😉

  15. Sorry you’re not getting many ice cream days!
    But what a lovely assistant Jimi is – so cute stretched out there. It’s amazing you get any work done with such a cuddly kitten to play with! 😀

  16. Sleeping is a very important job and cats are very good at it!
    I also wish that my 2 cats could teach me how to just relax and drift into sleep easily.
    Often have a hard time falling asleep at night, even though I feel tired.
    Kind of worried about my oldest cat right now. He will be 16 years old in December.
    He is noticeably slowing down…..

    • Hi Mary. I’m a light sleeper and having a hard time to fall asleep. How I wish I could sleep like cats do…
      That is so beautiful, having a cat for so many years. Hope he’ll stay healthy and keeps you company for many more years. I once had a cat for 18 years. And I do still love her every time I think about here…

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