Snow On a Tuesday

And you may ask yourself, “Where is that beautiful spring?” Last week I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I was drinking coffee outside in the garden. Today I’m wearing winter clothes. It’s cold. It’s snowing. O Spring where art thou?

Jimi keeps checking out all the special places in the garden, just like Mr. Bowie did. While walking on this high gabion wall he can spy on the neighbours.

Meanwhile, I declared war on those pesky blackbirds. Each morning, they keep destroying our catnip plantation. Jimi’s also kind of in a foul mood. We need to take some action asap…

A few days ago I came across this remarkable phenomena of nature. This tree fungus is called Tonderzwam Fomes fomentarius. According to a specialised website this is lethal for the birch in a long term. I’m always enjoying my daily walks in the nature. There are always new things to discover. While walking is the most underrated form of exercise, it improves fitness, cardiac health, alleviates depression and fatigue, improves mood, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain. And when you get back home there’s always chocolate and an espresso waiting for you…

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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    • The blackbirds messing up stuff in the garden is a recurring problem each spring. Well ok, I guess it’s just nature and I don’t need to get upset about it. But Jimi would love to see his catnip grow… 😉

    • Hi Gina. Yes, it look a bit like a house for elves or dwarfs from a fairy tale. Didn’t know the fungus can kill the tree…
      Glad you liked the photograph!

  1. Oh dear….not fair to have snow – maybe it’s “Winter’s Last Hurrah” and NOW you will get consistent Spring! I hope so – I think we’re all ready for beautiful Spring. Hope you can discourage the blackbirds – I didn’t know they liked catnip…… That tree fungus is unusual – is it HARD or is it soft like a mushroom? Enjoy your walks – walking gives us a chance to see the world more slowly than a bike ride does and either way – as you said – there’s always chocolate and espresso waiting back home!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • Yep, the same story over here. I really had a feeling we were heading to summer. It’s still snowing now, I mean, the whole day! It’s winter again… 😦

  2. Jimi wants spring to return and he may think that you took it away. No, Jimi, Herman did not take spring away. We are taller than cats, but we cannot control the whims of nature.

  3. Snow? And blackbirds messing with the catnip Me-OW. Hope spring gets her act together and you figure out the bird situation. Maybe one of those fake owls? Love your photos

    • I can live with a few snowy days because we know spring is very near. But those pesky birds messing up the catnip… No can do! We need some drastic measures… 😉
      Glad you liked the photographs. Thank you so much!

  4. Dang those birds! They make such a mess :/ Can you plant the catnip in a big pot and put it near the house? We have/had a problem with a flock of sparrows, at least 50 of the little poop machines. They decimated a large tree, nipped every leaf off. Then started hiding in the adjacent lilac. The lilac are now dressed in fluffy silver Christmas tree ropes, LOL. The sparrow’s don’t like them, but neither do I, ha ! The neighbours get it though. Long story short, maybe try circling a new catnip plant with something shiny. Hi Jimmy, what are those neighbours up to? xK

    • Hi Kelly. Like your new photograph, you got the looks of movie star!
      Looks like the pesky birds don’t like snow because this morning was the first day they left the plants alone. I need to find a solution to leave the nip alone. Unfortunately, I have no Christmas decoration… but wait a minute. Maybe I can make something shiny from all the chocolate tinfoil! 😉

  5. Isn’t nature grand, interesting and completely weird, Herman? We had our last fluffy snow on March 17th and some cold winter-like days last week, but yesterday it was 77F and today we’re back in the 70’s in between rain and thunder. We’ll get back to our normal highs again (about 20-25 deg lower), but will enjoy the warmth while it’s here. Your snow will be gone soon and you can go back to saving Jimi’s catnip.

    • Hi Mary. Looks like this cold weather is just a hick-up and spring is ready to take over very soon. I had to stay indoors today because it didn’t stop snowing and I don’t like walking in the snow. I prefer sitting outside in a t-shirt and having an espresso…
      Mr. Bowie chased the pesky birds away and they never messed with his nip. But he was twice as large as Jimi… 🙂

    • Hi Correne. It looks like we’re getting warmer weather by the end of the week. I don’t like this situation at all but thank goodness spring is very near now…
      Chocolate and espresso always works for me, even on hot summer days… 😉

  6. Outdoor walks are always pleasant. The weather does seem to make lots of rapid changes this time of year. We’re ready for it to just stay warm too! Jimi looks handsome and vigilant.

    • Hi Leah. I’m also looking forward to warm sunny summer days so we can spend a lot of time outside in the garden. I’m also happy to see Jimi’s enjoying hanging around in the garden. He’s such a sweet boy…

    • Oh yes! I was very impressed by the size… so big!
      Jimi is a sweet adorable little boy. I love his company and I’m happy he decided to come live with me.

  7. Soring is playing games with us here too! But now it’s hot again and I’m too warm even in summer clothes.

    Jimi looks like a forbidding guardian.

    • I’m waiting for warmer spring days or no wait… hotter summer days! 😉
      I think Jimi likes to keep everything under control in ‘his’ garden. It’s so sweet to see his reaction when I’m joining him outside. He loves my company outside…

  8. Have the same weather pattern here, too. The past week or so the weather’s been warm to hot. I have an out of town medical appointment tomorrow. Yes, three to seven centimeters of snow are predicted! The, next day and for as long as the prediction goes, we are back to warm to hot weather. I couldn’t believe the one day I had to be in the road would be the one day for weeks the weather’d be poor.

    It’s fun to see Jimi following in the pawprints of his predecessor!

    • Hi Patricia. I was thinking the same thing. We also protect our strawberry plants with nets over here. It’s the first time blackbirds are messing up the plants…

  9. Hi Herman… sorry about the weather change, in German Language we have a saying ” Der April macht was er will”…. kind of meaning that the month of April is doing what it wants to do. Also I am sure that the global climate change is taking it’s toll. Most important is to have your “survival kit” named chocolate, espresso and catnip always being filled up. On another note, I got my second vaccine yesterday. Stay safe and happy you two.

    • Hi Cornelia. We have also a saying about March and April in Dutch. I guess you are right about the climate change thoughts. The weather is acting so strange the last years. And like you said, it’s very, very important to have a ‘special’ survival kit close…
      Good news about your second vaccin. I got a mail a few days ago that I’m on a list for the first vaccin, hopefully within a few weeks…

    • Goh ja, we waren al snel gewoon aan dat mooie warme weer van vorige week en dachten dat de lente al voor goed begonnen was. Nu moet ik weer gaan wandelen met winterjas, muts en handschoenen… 😦

  10. Snow! The temperature fluctuates here, and sometimes we get an April surprise, but not this year. The cherry tree garden is full of daffodils.

    Quail are usually the problem birds here with their digging, but some bird netting over over catnip might help you and Jimi.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Herman and Jimi, from all of us here!

    • Hi Lavinia. Glad to see the cherry tree garden is full of daffodils. We were a bit surprised by the snow because we had extreme warm days last week and it looked like we were already heading to summer… 😉

      The blackbirds don’t like snow because they are leaving our catnip plants alone. But I’ll probably use a net to protect the new plants.

      It looks like I’m going to get my first vaccin shot soon. Looking forward to it.
      Wishing you a good week, my friend! Jimi sends his regards!

  11. The year of confinement during the autumn and winter the blackbirds brought their dark feathers to the backyard. I started placing some containers with water and food, so they would come every day in the morning and before sunset. They disputed their places in the feeder with sparrows and pigeons. Looking at rivalries through the window was a way of entertainment, like a novel with an uncertain ending. Then, in the spring I left them no more food, they must get it on their own. They’re not here yet.

    • I’m having a lot of birds in my garden; sparrows, pigeons and blackbirds… I love their presence. Sparrows are so funny to watch while they are playing and looking for food. And I love the singing blackbirds in the morning and evening. But I do hope the feathered guys keep in mind that there’s a grey predator on the ground keeping an eye on them… 😉

  12. Snow, oh no! I hope that didn’t last long and you could get out and enjoy your garden and your walks again. That fungus grows on trees here also. Did you know it repels mosquitos when it is burned? It’s hard stuff, but if you cut it into strips and burn it like sticks of incense when you’re outside, mosquitos won’t come near. Have a good weekend dear friend and hopefully that was your last snow for the season.

    • Thank you so much for the mosquitos info! Next time I will bring some of that stuff home to try it out with Belgian mosquitos… 😉
      Thank goodness the snow disappeared after 2 days but now we’re having heavy rain fall so we have to stay out of the garden and Jimi doesn’t agree with me on this point. But the weather should get better and warmer again next week…

      Thanks for your tweet! Wishing you a great weekend and fun in your garden!

    • Hi Pamela. Thank you so much! I love walking in the nature and I need it to help me feel better, emotionally and physically.
      I hope you’re having a great time with that beautiful kitty Samantha!

    • Hi Julie. I’m always enjoying my walks and yes, the coffee afterwards makes it all just perfect!
      Jimi sends his regards!

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