Just When I Thought…

“Just when I thought I was out (of the winter), they pull me back in!” – Michael Corleone

First snow of the winter. More snow coming. Just when I thought spring’s around the corner, I woke up in winter…

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. We are having our second big snow of the winter……4-6″ of new snow over an inch of old……we will have a fire in the fireplace and watch it fall from the warmth of our “nest” ! You and your boy stay warm and cozy…………………! 🙂

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. How lucky all this snow
    Here in Ariège we had a lot of 30/40 cm, but it only lasted a week.
    I regret the winters which still looked like winters with the dry cold, the snow …
    Get out there, you’ll see, it’s not “so” terrible

    • 30/40 cm snow!?! The horror… the horror…!! 😉
      Just got back inside from my daily morning walk. And to be honest, I enjoyed it, well, a little bit maybe… 😉

    • Hi Tim. What a bummer this was… The last mornings I could already hear different birds singing and I said ‘yes, spring is near!’. But look what happened today…
      Jimi’s still inside because it’s still snowing… I think it’s his first snow in his life. I went for my morning walk to the local bakery shop and actually enjoyed the walk…

    • Finally, Jimi gave up asking to go outside and went sleeping on the couch. And after a while I joined him…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!

  3. It looks beautiful out there in the garden, but it is good you and Jimi have a nice, warm home where you both can watch the snow come down. Stay warm, and stay well! 🙂 ❤

    • Hi Lavinia. As you know I don’t like snow but I’ll admit it looks very beautiful outside. But inside, with coffee and treats we’re already dreaming of warm summer days! 😉
      Please stay safe and healthy. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! Jimi sends his regards!

  4. Nerds for winter hey Jimi! If I wasn’t for the fact that’s it’s sparkly and white, I would have a hard time appreciating it at all. Today in Edmonton, -32 C with more of that to come. My friend in Puerto Rico is enjoying sun, sand and 31 C, LOL! I’m beginning to wonder if we’re on the same planet! Stay warm my friends. xK

    • Hi Kelly. What… -32 C…!? That sounds like the worst nightmare! We’re having temperatures of -12 C next week and that’s way too cold for me. Counting the days for spring and summer to come…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, my dear friend!
      Please stay safe, warm and healthy!

    • Ok, maybe I like watching the snow too (a little bit) but I prefer sitting outside in the garden during warm summer days… 😉

    • And I’m already waiting for spring and summer! Counting the days for warm afternoons in the garden with ice cream and treats for Jimi…

  5. We haven’t had snow for several years. In the summer when it is in the high 90’s(F)-low 100’s with 95% humidity snow sounds as delightful as it looks in your picture.

  6. Hi Herman, I get it that you don’t like snow , yet maybe Jimi might go out and experience it since it is first time of snow. How about hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, that might cure the snow season blues. A few days ago, I discovered an ice cream ” Kaluha coffee with truffles “, such a delight. Wishing you delights in any form for the coming week.

    • Hi Cornelia. We’re facing a very cold week with temperatures staying far below 0º C. This is really so depressing for a person who’s looking forward to spring and summer. 😉
      That ice cream flavour sounds very delicious but I don’t think it’s available over here. Definitely going to check the local shops…
      I’m getting ready for my daily walk in the afternoon and today it’s going to be a walk in the snow. For the moment I’m keeping Jimi inside. Maybe I should let him check out the snowy garden…
      Please stay safe and healthy, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards!

    • We’re facing a very cold week ahead… Just when I thought spring was so near… Oh well, I just got to be a little patient, have an extra espresso and spring will arrive soon (I hope…)… 😉

  7. We are getting forecasts of very cold weather. We had snow over the weekend but not much, still more is forecast. I too hate winter now I no longer ski. Cloud and the other cats like to watch my neighbor’s free range chickens but their mom keeps them in their coop when it snows, so they get bored. To me it just means shoveling and scraping off the truck and drivers who can’t drive well in it. Can’t wait until it’s all over. Chocolate and coffee sound good, think I’ll copy you right now!

    • Hi Angela. Glad to see you’re copying my ‘I hate winter’ solution! We’re having the coldest week since 9 years and I’m not looking forward to it. Glad I can stay inside most of the time… But I’ll admit I enjoy my daily walk, even in the snow and cold.
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

    • Hi Inese. Glad you liked this post! Unfortunately I have to go shopping tomorrow but like you said, someone has to buy the good stuff…
      I’ll admit I still enjoy my daily walks, even in the snow…
      Please stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  8. I hope you could stay inside and enjoy looking at it without having to go out. Winter means serious business around here this year: plenty of cold and more snow than we’ve had for a few years. As always, I’m ready for spring too, but it’s a long ways off. I hope you have lots of cat treats and good chocolate!

  9. Hey Herman and Jimi, We have lots of that white stuff at our house. We’re kind of used to it by now. Steinbeck has even put his furry paws in it! We hope you two have a wonderful week. We love the pictures of Jimi!

    • Hi there, my friends! Jimi took his first steps outside in the snow today, but he was very carefully. After a few minutes he seemed to like it a lot. Mr. Bowie loved playing outside in the snow.
      Glad you liked the photographs.
      Please stay safe and healthy, my friends!

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  11. I think Michael Corleone was talking about mafioso, LOL. 🙂

    While we had a dusting of snow last night, we’ve had four straight nights, four straight mornings of dense, freezing fog. Over the weekend, winter will make itself known with brutal frigid temperatures hovering around 0F/-18C during the daytime, colder at night. Snow is a maybe. It’ll warm up, probably next month.

    Stay warm. Jimi, stay warm too.

    • Hi David. The Godfather movies are a very good source for one liners and quotes. And the original Star Trek series of course… 😉
      Temperatures in this part of the world will rise above 0ºC next weekend, finally. I don’t like this cold and snow but I still enjoy my daily walks. Jimi goes outside everyday but Mr. Bowie enjoyed snow a lot more…

      Please stay safe and healthy, my friend!

        • Thank you, David. You just made me run to the kitchen for another very hot espresso… 🙂
          Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

          • “Herman is ordering another hot espresso and dark chocolate.”

            Wind chill advisory thru Monday. Expect wind chills as cold as -30℉. Also, a Winter Storm Watch is in effect from Saturday afternoon into Sunday evening. Expect snow accumulations ranging from 3-6 inches, with higher amounts in elevated areas. You and Jimi may want to huddle up under a quilt. 🙂

            • Let’s hope I’m not going to dream about this… Thank goodness our snow will be melting away from next Monday… 🙂
              Stay warm and safe, my friend!

    • Hi Julie! After a few days Jimi decided to go out and check the snow. Just like Mr. Bowie, he enjoys walking in the snow. I’m going to try to take some photographs of the little guy playing in the snow.
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

    • Oh yes… we’re so tired of these cold days… Jimi stayed inside during the first days of snow but since a few days ago he loves to go out and walk in the snow. He seems to like this just like Mr. Bowie… But me, I’m looking forward to spring and summer.

    • Hi Mary. We already had some beautiful sunny and warm spring days overhere. So happy about it and looking forward to spring and summer…

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