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Update. As you probably noticed, it’s very quiet on the HoB blog. I won’t be posting a lot in the near future due to the health situation of my dad. Last weeks/months, his health has been deteriorating and his isolated way of living (due to the Covid-19 situation) aggravates dementia. Dad needs supervision 24 hours a day. We are doing everything to find good help and support but it’s very difficult because of the pandemic. I will keep you informed.  

Jimi is doing well but he misses me a lot because I’m spending a lot of time with my dad. A few days ago Jimi went AWOL because I didn’t close the front door. Thank goodness he returned back home after 5 hours.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 situation is even worse than during the first wave early this year. Our country is going in lockdown mode for at least six weeks. Thank you so much, you selfish idiots ignoring all the rules and instructions. Shame on you! 

One more thing… For my American friends and followers, please be wise and do the right thing.

Be safe, careful and take care, my friends.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Hugs and understanding for you as you care for your father. I’ve been in that situation. It is difficult but love for your father will help you follow through with what has to be done. You will find reserves of strength you never imagined you have. You will have grim moments when you wonder how you can carry on. You will have great moments where you know your love for your father and your care for him are exactly the right response to that moment. Most of all, you will do what a son or daughter should do in a parent’s declining years: you didn’t abandon them! Best wishes for you and your father, Herman. These can be sad and difficult times for you that are complicated by dealing safely with COVID-19, too.

    Sad to say, I have little faith in Americans getting wise to the simple matter of wearing masks. Too many of my countrymen and -women have bought into the lies about COVID-19 by the least honest President in our history. Would a Joe Biden victory bring the non-maskers around to reality? Ask the spirits of the Jim Jones followers.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. My wife is facing a similar problem with her dad but it has not progressed as far. I hope you stay healthy and that everything works out for your dad.

  3. I’m so sorry for all that you, your Dad, and Jimi are going through at this time. This virus has been hell all the way around, and done so much damage to so many. I, too, am incredibly annoyed by the people who refuse to wear masks, social distance, and keep their circles small…very selfish people who follow a very egotistic president here. Hoping for a change in leadership as our election nears. Take as good care of yourself and your loved ones as you can.

  4. Sending positive energy and thoughts to you, your dad, and your family. I’m hopeful that my fellow Americans will do the right thing as well…the world needs us to. Peace.

  5. Herman I’m sorry for what I know is a very difficult time for you. We do what we can for those we love and I know how sad and hard that can be having gone through it myself. I pray you, your Dad and your family stay safe through everything though. If everyone would do the RIGHT thing the Covid situation would not be as dire as it is. Everyone I know HERE is praying for a change SOON. I am sending you my prayers and my hope for your family and an extra hug for both you and Jimi. It’s a small comfort I know but it comes from my heart.

    Hugs, Pam

  6. Dear Herman, I too am so sorry to hear this latest news. I understand Europe is going through another challenging time due to the pandemic. My husband and I send our warmest wishes and thoughts for your father, and of course for you and Jimi too. Please try to take good care.

  7. Oh Herman it’s a lot for you to maneuver and I’m so sorry to hear about your dad’s health. And your country’s lockdown and virus increases. People are selfish and they cost the rest of us so much with their ways. We have chaos here in the US, and we are fearing that the chaos will increase around and after this election, no matter which way it goes. We can only hope the majority of people will understand that this is not who we are and vote the right way. And we have our numbers of virus rising too. Such a scary time in so many ways. Take care of yourself to stay healthy and take care of your dad, and Jimi. Keep in touch when you can.

  8. I am so glad you posted, Herman. Just night before last, an American public TV news show reported the state of things in Belgium and I immediately thought of you and your Dad and Jimi. I don’t know what it will take to make people do the simple things that will keep us safe. I can only send good wishes, which are nothing really, but it’s a relief to hear from you, even if it’s to know you’re having to cope with a lot. And glad Jimi knows where home is. Maybe there’s a dream universe where we can all give each other a hug even if we can’t meet in real life or come closer than six feet if we did.

  9. Oh Herman my heart goes out to you. This is such a hard way to see a parent go, it happened with my mother. Thankfully my Dad was there for her, but it took so much out of him. So please be sure to take care of yourself as well as your Dad. These are hard times all around the world but you and your Dad and Jimi are in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Herman, you and your father are in our thoughts and prayers. I wish I could be there to help, but short of a Star Trek transporter, it is not possible. I am glad Jimi came back, safe and sound. Take care of yourself, too, my friend.

    The comments are correct. There is much chaos here, as well as rising covid-19 cases and more deaths. This has been a bad year on many fronts. Hopefully out of the ashes will rise something good. My ideal ticket for this year would have been “Spock-Tuvoc 2020 – Make America Logical” 🙂

  11. We are aiming for a terrible time and especially for the elderly. My father-in-law died of COVID alone in the spring and it was very hard not to be able to make it to him.
    In France, the situation is very serious and there are many unconscious. In addition, we have terrorism… We need courage.
    Take care of yourself and your father.

  12. So sorry to hear about your Dad and tough times in Belgium. It’s lovely that you care so much about him. I’m glad Jimi came home safely. Thinking of you. ❤

  13. Hugs, so sorry to hear about your Dad. I know it’s difficult as we went through Alzheimer’s with my mil. Glad Jimi came back! I too am very concerned about the situation in the US. I’m in an area where many refuse to wear masks, to take precautions, or to acknowledge the serious nature of Covid19. As a result, the case counts are going up. I can only hope that we’ll have a different president soon and that it will make a difference. I’ll think of you and miss you!

  14. 🤗 hugs to you and your Dad, Herman, take care stay strong and safe. My Grandpa is going in for an operation tomorrow even more worrying at this time than normal. Best wishes Charlotte x

  15. Sending you and your Dad our best wishes Herman and we hope he will receive all the care he needs. Would it be possible to bring Jimi with you sometimes when you visit your father? Stroking a pet and the company of pets can be very soothing and beneficial for dementia patients 🐈

  16. OhMY! I am so sorry. It is not enough that you are concerned for your dad, but then Jimi went missing. So glad he came home! Do try to take care of yourself and be mindful. I know that when I was going through things I was so distracted that I ended up causing myself more grief because I wasn’t always paying attention to what I was doing. (As an example, thinking so much that I didn’t quite put the mug on the counter – missed by just enough that is fell on the floor shattering and spilling what was inside . . . stuff like that. – Argh!)

  17. Poor Dad to spend this time with a terrible illness. My heart breaks for you both and Jimi. He might have gone looking for you and I’m really happy he found his way home. All of this at once would send me over the edge. Please take care of yourself too my friend. Caregiving is beyond difficult, both mentally and physically. I hope that you can find some extra help to shore up the days and give you time to breath. Big Hug, thanks for your news. Take good care 🥰❤️ xK

  18. So sorry about your Dad. I have some experience with what he has and I know how hard it is for you at the best of times, never mind in the middle of a pandemic. Poor Jimi, too. He will be OK, though. He’s a cat, after all and they are independent little blighters. He’ll make you feel guilty, but he will forgive. Look after yourself and stay safe XXX

  19. Herman, my thoughts have been with you for a while, wondering how you are doing with this lockdown again. I am sure you are taking good care of your father, suffering from dementia is hard for him and the family, as I know from my brother’s wife. As you know, cats are very sensitive when their Master is not doing well, so at times they get confused as we humans do. I do like the image of your father having ice cream…. so you both share the same passion… please also take care of yourself as a caretaker you might run out of energy… be sure you have your daily espresso and chocolate, as they are essential “life savers”. Take care my cat friend, Moshu and I are sending you “pawfull” thoughts.

  20. Same in Germany. We also have these selfish idiots ignoring all the rules and instructions!

    I hope that your dad gets well cared through his final time. And I wish you some additional strength for these hard times. Ulrike

  21. God bless your dad. He’s in our prayers. Hope it all works out. I hope the election works out for us here too, the current guy is more like a dictator or king and we don’t want that. Pray for us too.

  22. Aw I’m so sorry to read this. Lockdown and isolation are particularly hard on the elderly and I hope you can help your Dad as much as is possible.
    So glad Jimi returned safely! 🙂
    Take care.

  23. Herman;

    prayers to you, dad and your family. I understand how difficult this time is for you all, it’s
    physically and emotionally challenging. Jimi is aware of what’s going on too, it would just be
    nice if he “understood” the reason for your absence. I am sorry and hope your dad gets the
    help and support he needs. God’s strength to you all ♥♥ Laura

  24. Hello dear Herman (and Jimi) and, most especially, dear Father,
    We do live in a strange, sadly selfish world. I truly hope you are able to find help with your Dad…such a stressful situation. My heart aches to think his life is made more complicated by all this. PLEASE people of the world, come together to help one another.
    As for us, in the States, what a bunch of crazy beggars we are. We will all, hopefully, do the right thing with our vote- but I am not confident that the strife will end that quickly. I do pray for some measure of sanity.
    In the meantime, I hold you three close in my heart and thoughts. 💕

  25. Oh Herman, I am sorry to hear about your dad’s failing health and dementia. You know that I understand completely about the process and so my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to him and to you. You are a good son.

    Yes, I have done the right thing in voting. I hope the majority of Americans have done the same. It is getting horribly scary here, not only with Covid, but with the actions of a wicked President and his followers. I wish we were going into lockdown again, that people would be responsible in wearing a mask and staying home. It hearts me to know that some of my fellow citizens are so selfish and uncompassionate.

    Sending hugs across the ocean for you and Gibbs is sending Jimi a few purrs to keep him company.

  26. I will be thinking of you in the weeks ahead, Herman and Jimi. I have been there where you are, with a parent suffering from dementia, though not during the pandemic. Hugs to you, and please stay safe. And Jimi, don’t go wandering away too far if you spy an open door again! xo

  27. I am so sorry. Dementia is such an awful condition. My grandmother was pretty good when she was awake, but had horribly vivid dreams when she was asleep. I wish you the best. And the cats send their purrs and cuddles to Jimi.

  28. I am so sorry that your Dad isn’t well. My neighbour’s Dad lives with them and he also has dementia. Some days are good, others not; it’s not easy to deal with. You would have been so worried about Jimi. Thank goodness he is okay! With the world seemingly out of control at the moment, I feel so lucky to live in Australia. We are relatively untouched by COVID in comparison, thanks to our government’s actions, and I can’t understand why more countries have not learnt from us. Even if you cannot blog for a while, please know you are in my prayers. Stay strong. Sending best wishes and positive vibes.

    • Hi Christine. Thank you so much for your concern! I’m posting an update very soon, probably this weekend. We’re all ok, but my Dad moved to a retirement home for people with dementia. It was a very hard decision we had to make, especially in these Covid-19 times… Thank goodness he likes his new home and he’s loved by the staff.
      Jimi enjoys the extra time we’re spending together right now. Last months I had to stay with my Dad during the day and night so Jimi was often alone at home.

  29. You are quite right….isolation does aggravate dementia.
    Sadly, my father died of Alzheimer’s quite a few years ago now.
    I haven’t been on WordPress much this year either, because I haven’t been going anywhere.
    And I have been worrying a lot about the political situation where I live (U.S.A.)
    In my case, worry destroys creativity.

    • So sorry to read the sad news about your father, Mary. I hope you can find some comfort in the beautiful memories of him.

      • We are only allowed to be with our own families no gatherings in homes …it’s unfortunate it’s become a political story vs. a health story…if cared about each other it wouldn’t be this way. We will need to see social justice issues and prevention as well…not sure vaccines will *save* us. For sure I’m ready for more thoughtful humans to be here in Alberta…this didn’t need to happen here. But humans can be disappointing…sadly. Give Jimi a squeeze 😻 stay well Herman 🤓

        • We’re only allowed to invite 1 person, but you can’t pick another person in the future. Once you invited someone, he’s stuck to your home… 😉
          Unfortunately, there are still idiots ignoring all the rules. People can be so so stupid…

          Stay safe and healthy, Hedy! Jimi sends his regards!

  30. Sorry to hear about your dad. Must be very difficult in normal times and with the covid on top it must be really hard. It’s a great blog by the way.

    • Hi Vinny. Welcome on HoB! Thank you for visiting and following the blog. Much appreciated!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Like you said, this Covid-19 situation makes everything more difficult. But I’m glad I found a good and safe place for my Dad.

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