Food Taster

What’s in the bag? Human food, Sir Jimi. Culinary shrimp salad and outstanding traditional French cheese. No can do, my little sneaky furry friend. I’m not hiring an official food taster.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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    • Hi Lavinia. I know Jimi loves shrimps, just like his human.
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend! Jimi sends his regards to all the cats of the Farm!

  1. He’s only looking out for your best interests – making sure the food is up to standards.

    • Haha… I guess that’s a good conclusion. Cats are well known for being good food tasters…

  2. “Shrimp? Cheese? But but but…” Kitties love those two. Loki and Sasha are cheese heads and have to have a spot of cheese every night. On rare occasions when I cook shrimp, all the cats want to indulge.

    • Jimi loves shrimps, just like I do. I haven’t tried out if he likes cheese. Mr. Bowie didn’t like cheese at all.

      • Our kitties like mild or medium cheeses, but their favorite is a Mexican cheese blend of Monterey Jack, Medium Cheddar, Queso Quesadilla and Asadero Cheese. I think our cats a spoiled.

        • Well, do not exaggerate, Tim, spoiling is something else… that’s me having too many chocolate early in the morning!
          But looking at the list of cheeses, the cats will be having a great time…

    • The cat of my Mom ate just everything, it was sometimes so funny to see her eat pineapple and other fruits. The sweet cat lived for almost 19 years.

  3. Jimi’s nose tells him something wonderful was in that bag…..Teddy really doesn’t like “people food” at all – we often have shrimp and it’s the one thing Ted can smell and “desperately” wants so I will cut up ONE into small bits and it’s a huge treat for him. He doesn’t like cheese but some cats love that as much as WE love chocolate Herman! Enjoy! Stay happy and healthy please.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

    • Hi Pam. Mr. Bowie also didn’t like human food. He only wanted his cat food and a few treats. He loved to check out what I was eating but he never wanted a piece of it. Jimi seems to love everything in my kitchen…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!
      Stay safe and healthy!

  4. Cats have universal knowledge of the sound of a plastic grocery bag, LOL. Funny thing, mine always begged for shrimp — loving the smell. Yet they refused to eat it. Wishing you, Jimi, and Bowie a purr-fect weekend. Hugs.

    • Hi Teagan. So true, Jimi recognises immediately the sound of a plastic grocery bag and he showed up within a few seconds… So funny. Jimi just loves to share ‘his’ shrimps with me, guess you can say I’m lucky…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    • So true, Kelly, we have a saying ‘sharing is caring’, especially when it’s about food and chocolate!
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  5. Jimi says that you don’t have to hire him. He will gladly volunteer his services. MOL! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    • Thank goodness I don’t have to pay him! I can spend the money on cat treats and chocolade…

  6. Cheeky boy! I am quite fortunate that Louis Catorze is utterly indifferent to human food. I often joke that I put my dinner on the floor, just because I can.

    • Mr. Bowie didn’t like human food but Jimi loves everything I’m eating. He loves my yoghurts a lot.

  7. My kitty boys generally aren’t interested in human food, but they do need to know what’s in all the shopping bags I bring home from the grocery. Todayt, Andy got interested in the leftover pizza I had for lunch.l I had to intervene before he put a paw on the piece I intended to eat next. It didn’t surprise me, though, because he did the same thing the day before when I had the pizza fresh. Jimi is right, though. You never know that the bag isn’t full of kitty delights unless you take look!

    • Hi Doug. Jimi (and Mr. Bowie too) always love to checkout what’s in my shopping bags. Bowie didn’t like my food but Jimi seems to like everything I’m eating…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    • The shrimp salad was delicious, I’m going to buy it again next week…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!
      Stay safe and healthy!

    • Normally I don’t leave a shopping bag on the floor, Jimi was fast as lightning to check out what was inside…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, David!

  8. He was just checking to see if you had brought the essentials: chocolate, coffee and cat treats. Maybe he missed another bag with those in…….I hope you are well and happy and have good weather coming, to get out in your garden!

    • Thank goodness someone is watching my back to see I got the right stuff in the shopping bags. Jimi’s enjoying his time outside in the garden and it looks like he already caught a sparrow but I’m not sure. I don’t like cats catching birds and mice but hey, that’s what happens in the nature.
      Thank you for your tweet. Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, my friend!

  9. Perhaps Jimi was only acting as your taste-testing food inspector, ensuring it was safe for you to eat. Protecting you, like a good guard cat.

    Or not.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Herman!

    • Hi Mary. Thank goodness he leaves my chocolate stuff alone… But I’m always sharing the shrimps with my little furry friend.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, my friend!
      Stay safe and healthy!

  10. hahaha But are you sure the shrimp were OK? Better let Sir Jimi check! 😀

    Little Monkey “helped” me unpack the shopping once. When I went back out to my car to fetch more bags, she ate the mince pies out of the food bag on the kitchen floor – including the foil trays! 😀 😀

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Hedy! I guess it’s something like me checking out new flavours of chocolate… 😉
      Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

    • Thank goodness he didn’t opened the little box with the shrimp salade… Jimi doesn’t believe in leftovers…

    • Jimi loves to check out empty shopping bags too, it seems he loves to take a nap inside… Such a funny little boy…

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