Tough Times Part 3

Easter 2020. Well, this is the most weird Easter celebration of my life. All family celebrations and gatherings are canceled. We are now 4 weeks in lock down modus and everyone’s convinced the measures will be extended next week by the National Security Council. But hey, there are also some benefits: empty streets, no traffic jams, no chemtrails, the pandemic has cleaned the polluted skies.

I’m spending a lot of time in the studio during the day and in the evening I’m catching up some series and movies. I recently watched 10 seasons of Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. Larry David stars as a fictionalised version of himself in one of the funniest comedy series ever. He also created the television series ‘Seinfeld’, together with Jerry Seinfeld.

Today was a big disappointment. The Easter Bunny, a folkloric figure in this part of the world, didn’t show up to bring me chocolate Easter eggs. I don’t know if it’s related with the Covid-19 situation or Jimi who’s on guard in the garden. After staying inside for months he can now check out the garden. So far, he seems to like it out there and thank goodness, zero escape attempts.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Jimi has a splendid garden to patrol! When this is over getting together to catch up will be all the more sweet, like spring following winter. Have a beautiful day!

    • Hi Bernadette. I think I’m going to have a lot of coffee with my friends when this is over. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my friend!

  2. You are right Herman – the pollution has cleared, it’s quiet, no traffic jams……it’s strange not being able to get together with friends but “this too shall pass”. We’re all anxious to see the back side of this tough time. Glad to see you and Jimi are alright – hope your Dad is too! Sending “safe” Easter hugs from a distance.

    Pam and Teddy too

    • Thank you so much, Correne! Glad you liked the photos. Jimi’s having fun outside after staying inside this winter.
      Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  3. It certainty is nice to get outside and I do think there are some silver linings like less pollution and more money saved by eating at home. Hope you have a very happy Easter.

    • Hi Christine. Oh no… snow!?! The horror… the horror!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Sorry, I noticed afterwards I forgot to mention my Dad. He’s ok and we had some chocolate Easter eggs today. I still keep him isolated from the outside world.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my friend!

  4. Happy Easter Herman and Jimi. Movies, garden, fun things to do while we stay safe in our houses. I hope there’s some catnip around; the dried stuff till you can grow some fresh. That’s sad that the big bunny didn’t bring you any chocolate eggs, but knowing you, I bet there is some chocolate around there somewhere… well and safe, you and your family. I hope our new normal will be a little different than our old normal when we get back to it.

    • Haha… it seems you know me very well…!! I’m always having a stock of chocolate stuff hidden away for emergencies. Thank goodness cats don’t eat chocolate (too dangerous…).
      I’m out of catnip and the gardener stores are still closed. I’ll have to check out the pet store.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my friend!

  5. Wat een gekke, onwezenlijke Pasen… maar we moeten erdoor.
    Ik hoop dat de paashaas toch nog de weg vindt naar jullie huisje ❤

    • Gelukkig heb ik altijd een goede stock in huis van chocolade en… wc-papier! 😉
      Ja, dit is echt de vreemdste Pasen ooit in mijn leven. Alleen oh zo jammer dat je steeds meer mensen zie die maar lakser worden…

  6. Jimi is such a sturdy little guy! I love to see him inspecting the outdoors.

    It’s a shame that we had to go through all this fear and loss to appreciate the benefit of giving the earth a little mercy. I hope we come away with an understanding of how much driving, fossil fuel burning, etc. we can get along without. My Engineer has been workiung from home for a month and accomplished everything he could have going into a workplace every day.

    • You are so right. It’s a shame that a pandemic was necessary to open the eyes of a lot of people. Let’s hope we all change our way of living (at least a little bit) when all this is over.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my friend!

    • Hi Tim. No worries, I always have a good stock of chocolate in a safe place…
      Yesterday, Jimi was so tired from chasing a pesky blackbird in the garden. I had to wake him up this morning…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my friend!

  7. Have a wonderful, beautiful Easter, Herman. It’s not a nice day here, weather-wise, so I’m glad to be in a warm home with plenty of food and a supply of dark chocolate. Maybe the Easter Bunny will come to your home in June or July or when he feels it’s safe to hop around among the human population.

    Easter purrs from Gibbs and Ziva for your guy Jimi! Stay well and safe!

    • Hi Mary. We had 2 wonderful weeks with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. I guess the Easter Bunny doesn’t like this kind of weather… it’s too warm to carry chocolate Easter eggs around!
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my friend! Jimi sends his regards to Gibss and Ziva!

  8. Wishing you, Jimi and your father a Happy Easter, Herman, from all of us here! Your weather looks nice, and I am glad Jimi is enjoying the garden, and has not attempted to escape again. 🙂

    We have had some nice warm sunny days here too, and we have put in a new strawberry bed with 2 kinds of everbearing strawberries. The plants are too small to do much of anything this year, but next year we should have fresh berries.

    • Hi Lavinia. We had 2 warm weeks with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Thank goodness we’re allowed to go for a walk during the lockdown. Jimi seems to enjoy his time outside in the garden. He’s been outside 4 days in a row. The first day he was a bit scary. But now it feels like home to him. And when I call his name he returns back inside. What a sweet little guy…

      Oh yes, strawberries and blueberries… my favourite fruit. So sorry to read the plants are too small.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards to all the cats of the Farm!

  9. hello hello Belgium friends 💕 Silver linings in every cloud I suppose. Too bad it takes a Pandemic to make action on global warming, but hey, at least it shows, it can be done. So happy you’re seeing spring weather and Jimi can venture out. The marker in your garden, is that for Mr Bowie? I like it a lot 🥰Take good care xK

    • Hi Kelly. We’re having 2 wonderful weeks with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. Thank goodness we can still go outside for a walk during the lockdown.

      The white cat is present from my mother, my dad gave it to me after she passed away. The bluestone marker was a birthday present from my brother (he also passed away). So that is a very emotional spot in the garden. But I love to spend some time on that place.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my dear friend!

  10. A strange Easter indeed! I haven’t listened to Bach’s St. Matthew Passion yet, one tradition I usually keep at Easter. Of course, it helps if the Lenten season is more typical, too. One works up to that much Bach in a sitting. I suppose listening to it in spaced segments like it was meant to be heard would help.

    • Hi Doug. Oh yes, Bach and Easter go together very well indeed. Unfortunately, the traditional St. Matthew Passions concerts were all cancelled overhere this year due to the Covid-19 situation.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter, my friend!

      • I’m glad I have a decent recorded version, Herman, though a lot is missed when you hear this sort of music in the comfort of a recliner, at home, eh?! How are your music activities going? Jimi needs to learn to play his cards right and the Easter Bunny will drop some kitty treats for him when he brings you the chocolate bunny.

        • I definitely need to talk to Jimi about this Bunny situation… No chocolade Easter eggs is a real problem for the human…

          Having good classical recordings on CD is a must. I used to go to live classical concerts in Brussels and Antwerp. But nowadays I prefer to listen to CD recordings at home. Finding tickets is so difficult and expensive. And I don’t like driving in big cities anymore…

          • That’s pretty much my situation here. The closest professional opera, symphonic orchestra, and ballet performances are in Denver, Colorado, a solid four and a half drive one way! The cost is extravagant after all the associated costs once one goes there.

                  • One could make the trip and see the carving from the road, turn south on US 385, drive to Custer (through the fantastic Custer State Park – $20 to drive through or stop to enjoy the bison and other wildlife spotted along the road) and see the ever larger Crazy Horse Monument, which also is easily seen from the road. This trip can use the better part of a day and be done completely inside the isolation of a car., Since the COVID-19 virus is free to roam South Dakota (thanks to a misguided state government), a sack lunch is advised! Of course, getting out of the car to enjoy a closer look at these carved mountains and the visitors centers associated with them makes a more interesting trip, one does what one can!
                    An even more interesting stop is the Mammoth Site a bit south of Custer, but that one definitely requires getting out of the car and may be closed for the duration….,_Hot_Springs

  11. I must agree it is a much different Easter. Later today, we’ll be having snow in the 2-4 inch range. Add the cold and blustery conditions, it’s not the best of outside days.

    Good thing you have a chocolate and espresso stash. If you didn’t … 😉

    Stay well.

    • Hi David. Oh no… snow in april… the horror… the horror! 😉
      We were lucky to have extreem warm weather in april so far, the last week every day 20 degrees Celsius or more. Having an espresso outside is so good, especially with all the troubles in the world right now.

      Hope you’re having a great day, my friend!

    • Hi Julie. I’m so glad Jimi likes the garden and he didn’t try to escape. He was very interested in the pesky blackbirds and sparrows. Looking forward to spending time outside with my little furry friend.

      Hope you had a wonderful Easter, my friend! Wishing you a great week!

    • Yes, glad I found that sweet little boy and he loves his forever home!
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter!

  12. Hi Herman and Jimi, so wonderful to hear from you. How great that Jimi is enjoying the garden and all it’s wonders, he is looking very content to found his home with you, as a compassionate cat lover. Here over Easter Day, it’s raining like ” dogs and cat’s”, I really don’t know where this expression comes from. Cold days and nights, so I am making every night several hot water bottles ( Waerm Flaschen in Deutsch) two for my cat Moshu and one for me .Needless to say that Moshu loves to crawl up in my bed close to the warmth and cuddle. Certainly our lovely cats love it that we have stay home more. I have stacked up enough cat food, and her medication, but soon I will run out of chocolate. What to do? Stay safe and healthy my friend.

    • Hi Cornelia. Oh no… running out of chocolate is just as bad like the apocalypse. You need to take action very soon…
      Our warm and sunny days are over; from today rain showers and the temperature dropped 11 degrees C. Jimi really loves to hang out in the garden. Let’s hope he doesn’t want to break out (it’s very hard but not completely impossible).

      Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Wishing you a great week! Jimi sends his regards to Moshu!

      • Thank you Herman, for your “chocolate support”, I will take care of that “apocalypse” very soon. I hear about the weather in Europe from my friends there, they almost had like a real summer, apparently rain is much needed. While you enjoy spending time in your music studio, I have started some indoor photography projects.
        Stay safe my friend and keep your spirits up.
        “paw shakes” from Moshu to Jimi.

        • Yes, my neighbours have a swimming pool in their garden and they were already swimming in it… It almost felt like summer (and I liked it).
          Looking forward to see the results of your projects, Cornelia.

          Paw shakes back to Moshu from Jimi!

  13. Happy Easter! Lovely photos as always 🙂
    I suspect the Easter bunny is doing the sensible thing and staying in his burrow. But hopefully restrictions ease up by December, otherwise Father Christmas will have a hard time doing his job with self-quarantine between each country!

    • Thank you very much! Glad you liked the post and the photographs.
      You are so right, let’s hope the measures will be over by December. We all need presents and chocolate… 😉
      Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Wishing you a great week!

    • Well, that’s probably a very wise decision. But what about all those chocolate Easter eggs…?? 😉
      Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Wishing you a great week!

    • Thank you so much, Charlotte! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
      Wishing you a great week! Jimi sends his regards!

    • Thank you so much, Takami! Hope you and your loved ones are well too.
      Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Wishing you a great week!

  14. Sorry to hear no chocolate eggs! It’s the same here.
    Lovely to see Jimi exploring outside in your garden – checking out the Cat statue. 🙂
    It is so weird seeing empty streets and hearing no traffic or planes flying over head.
    Nature, however, is rejoicing in our absence!

    • Well, thank goodness there’s always a hidden stock of chocolade for emergency situations like we’re having right now… 😉
      Jimi has been outside 5 days in a row and he still didn’t try to break out. I’m so happy about this. And also a bit weird, it seems that his favourite spot in the garden is the same place where Mr. Bowie loved to hang out…
      Looking forward to spend time outside with my fury friend this summer!

      Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Wishing you a great week, my friend!

    • Yes, we had a great weekend outside in our garden. It felt like summer already started… It’s easy to stay positive when there’s chocolate available… 😉
      Wishing you a great week, M.B.!

    • My pleasure! Thanks for following and visiting HoB. Much appreciated!
      Glad Olive is enjoying Jimi’s follow.
      Stay safe and healthy! Jimi sends his regards to Olive!

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