Cat Infected

Cat infected by owner. The virologist Steven Van Gucht told the press conference that a pet cat has also been found to have symptoms of the virus. The animal contracted the novel corona virus from its owner. However, “This case is unique. There are no indication that this is common”, Professor Van Gucht added.

“The cat was infected by a human” and there is no reason to believe that a cat could infect a human.

Worldwide there are just three cases in which pets have been found to be infected by with the novel corona virus: the cat here in Belgium and two dogs in Hong Kong. The dogs displayed no symptoms, while the cat developed respiratory and digestive issues.

Source: vrtNWS

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    • Just read a recent news rapport: the cat is recovering and feeling better!
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  1. That’s sad. Poor kitty. I heard that after WHO determined that dogs couldn’t transmit Covid-19 to humans, they decided quarantined dogs could be released. So “WHO Let The Dogs Out!”

    • Can’t get that song out of my head… I don’t know if I should say ‘thank you’…
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

        • Hahaha… no problemo. Just listening to a new released song from Bob Dylan, ‘Murder Most Foul’. A song about the assassination of JF Kennedy. You can find it on YouTube.

              • When I read about it, the first thing I thought of is “Sniper” by Harry Chapin about the Tower Shooting at the University of Texas in 1966. I guess I’ll see if it’s remenscent of Harry Chapin’s song which is only 10 minutes or so long.

              • I listened to Murder Most Foul. I’m not impressed in the least. I watched Who Let The Dogs Ot afterward. The Baha Men are much more fun.

                • Haha… thanks for reminding me to watch that video too! I’m playing the greatest hits cd of Manu Dibango (remember the ‘Soul Makossa’ song?) in repeat modus. The Cameroonian musician passed away this week. His music make me feel good in these dark days.

    • Just read a recent news rapport: the cat is recovering and feeling better!
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  2. Even more of a reason for everyone to stay home. The last thing I would ever want to do is get any of Kitties Blue sick. I sure hope that the animals with the virus and any that may get it survive. So sad. I know you’ll keep Jimi safe. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    • Just read a recent news rapport: the cat is recovering and feeling better!
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  3. Oh dear, Thank you for circulating this news, which I think will be drowned out by repetitive and unhelpful flailing in the mass media. I love to pet cats that I meet outdoors if they’ll let me, but I think I’ll change that habit for the foreseable future.

    • Thank goodness there are no indications that this is common. These are really very strange times…
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  4. It is hard to press the ‘like’ button with news like this Herman and we hope the cat will be OK. Some contact-starved grandparents wanted to stroke our dogs on our walk and I had to say ‘no’. Although most dogs and cats will not develop Covid-19 they can still transmit the virus. Hope you and Jimi stay safe and well 🙏

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. Just read a rapport that the cat is recovering and will be ok.
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

    • Hi Christine. Just read a recent news rapport: the cat is recovering and feeling better!
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  5. Bad news really, because some people – the ones who do not like cats and dogs – want to have bad reasons to abandon them.
    Good news if the cat is well now. Cats are sensible and very strong.
    Amitiés – merci

    • So true, but thank goodness the cat’s feeling better! Cats are very strong creatures, probably stronger than humans…
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  6. That’s pretty scary. Course right now, everything is pretty scary. We are taught to fight against bad things, but when the thing is invisible and could be right outside your door, it’s a helpless feeling. Continue to be well and safe, you and Jimi. And keep your dad hidden away.

    • It is very scary. Just read in the local news rapport a young woman of 30 years old died. She became sick only a few days ago and was in perfect health. So it’s not only ‘older people’ who will die… Last week a perfect healthy man of 42 years old died. I’m afraid there are are still very difficult times ahead of us.
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

      • Yes, younger people are reportedly getting very sick here now as well as older ones. Was it only about one month ago that our lives changed so drastically? It seems like it’s already been much longer, and we still have a long ways to go. Be careful and enjoy your garden soon. It’s been good therapy for me to get out and dig in the good earth.

        • Situations and stories like these ones always seemed to happen in isolated African countries or in Hollywood movies. It was always very far away from our homes. But now we are all facing it in real life…
          Thank goodness we can both enjoy our gardens and hopefully we stay safe from harm.

    • Yes, the experts who were involved with this study said we should also apply the social distancing rules concerning our pets…

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment and concern!
      Stay safe and healthy, my friends! Jimi sends his regards to Snoops and Kommando Kitty!

  7. Good gosh, what next hey? Thank goodness it’s a rare occurrence and perhaps there was an existing health issue with the pets that were infected. Some things are just out of our hands. Thanks for the update Herman! ❤ xK

    • Hi Kelly. We are living in very strange times… But I’m sure we will get trough this safe and healthy!
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  8. Seems like every day (every hour?) something new is learned about this virus. If it can go back and forth between animals and humans . . . that just seems to make it even more dangerous.

  9. I would feel horrible if my cats got sick because of me.
    As far as I know, I’m still OK.
    I agree….these are very strange times.
    It happened so fast.
    Just a few weeks ago, the world was relatively ‘normal.’
    Now it is hard to recognize!
    Wishing you and Mr. Bowie good health!

    • Hi Mary. Thank you so much for your kind comment!
      You are so right, it happened so fast… The world will be more careful in the future to prevent something like this will happen again.
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

  10. LIKE’s are not sticking on your blog posts during this visit. I’ll leave at least two comments, here and wherever I end my visit this morning. I might also leave comments on other posts as words come to me.

    • Thank you very much for leaving comments, Russel.
      Hope you and you’re loved ones are safe and healthy. Be careful and take good care.

      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

    • Hi Jonathan. Thank you so much for all the ‘re-blogs’ of my posts.
      Thanks for visiting and following the blog. Much appreciated!

      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

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