Blue Cat

Feeling blue. Blue Cat Audio is a privately held company based in Paris (France). They develop audio software for musicians and audio professionals. They create real time audio processing plug-ins for computers. I’m using their plug-ins on a regular base. And they also sell beautiful t-shirts too…

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. I use PreSonus Studio One Pro for recording, mixing and processing. I’ll have to check out some of Blue Cat’s plugins. I use a lot of plugins from UJAM.

    • Hi Tim. I’m using Logic Pro X for recording. I’m also addictive to buying too many plugins from a lot of companies, (UAD, Plugin Alliance, Eventide, Waves, Soundtoys, FabFilter…).
      Blue Cat Audio also got a lot of free plugins. You can find out more on their website:

      • I was looking at their site. A lot of their free plugins look similar to many of the plugins I have. I suspect they may actually be the same.

        • You’re probably right. I often make the mistake of buying too many similar plugins, a bad habit… But hey, I’m a plugin addict.

    • Thank you, Pam. It’s a graphite grey t-shirt. But you can choose other colours too. The BCA logo is always in blue.

  2. The name of the company is a tribute to our blue cats. Bowie and Belaud: cousins. They may well be having ‘chats’ about us somewhere in eternity. The best with your work and a little caress to Jimi. 🙂

    • Hi Micheline. Thank you so much for your kind comment, my friend. I like to believe that ‘somewhere’ all living creatures are united again after they passed away. It would be a very lovely place.

  3. Nice cat shirt.

    Slightly O/T, buy I had to do a system reset on my computer. Which media player (preferably free and that won’t index my Picture folder) would you recommend?

    • Hi David. I don’t know much about media players, sorry. I’m using the Apple QT player if I need one. I ask some of my friends today and everyone told me to recommend the VLC media player. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks, Herman. I’ve heard the VLC media player is highly regarded.

        Hope you and Jimi are having nice, springtime weather, and your dad had a nice birthday.

        • Thank you, David! We had a small celebration today. My dad turned 95. We only invited a few family members because of the coronavirus problems in our town. Two more people got infected by the virus so we have to be very careful.

          • Glad you were able to have a family celebration. The cases in Colorado tripled overnight. Last night, it was around 35 cases. Today, it’s 99 cases. Not a good trend.

            • We’re seeing the same thing happening here. I’m going to cancel a celebration for my Dad with the local officials next Sunday. Every year they pay a visit but it’s too dangerous right now…

              • Important to stay safe, especially with your dad’s age. I’m sure the local officials would be disappointed, but also very understanding of the situation. Stay well too.

                • The National Government will declare more extreme measures later this evening.
                  Right now all local and national activities (sport, music, show business…) are cancelled in this part of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    • Hi Kelly. I’m always having a soft spot for companies that use a cat in their logos or products. Can’t help myself… 😉

    • Ja! Je kon verschillende kleuren kiezen maar ik heb (uiteraard) voor grijs gekozen. Het logo is natuurlijk in het blauw. Ik heb altijd een zwak voor bedrijven die iets met een kat te maken hebben, hé…

    • Hi Mary. Thank you for your kind comment and concern. All local and national activities (sport, music, show business…) are cancelled in this part of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s really a dangerous situation… Their was a celebration planned for my Dad’s birthday next Sunday but we cancelled it too just be sure.

    • Oh yes! Cats having a good taste in music is the best thing that can happen… 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great day! Stay safe and healthy!

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