Ciara & Dennis

Stormy Sundays. The Storm Ciara, one of the most violent for years, battered this part of the world last week and left a trail of destruction. Today, Storm Dennis brings ferocious wind and heavy rain. The Storm Ciara blew the roof off my best friends house last Saturday. Thank goodness no one get injured.

We also had cold but sunny days during the week. I enjoyed my walks in the nature but had to wear a warm, woolen hat and some gloves. Sir Jimi stayed inside and turned into a ginger cat. He loves the sunshine entering the living room through the roof window. I’m sure he will enjoy all the sunny spots in the garden next spring and summer.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Oh how scary about your friend’s roof! Thank heavens you and Jimi are OK and I hope nobody was injured in the roof incident……….we’ve had high winds and VERY cold days – some trees down but the ones that came down were dead and fell into the woods rather than towards our house. Sun puddles are welcome – Teddy finds them in the house wherever he can. Always nice to hear from you and Jimi…..stay safe and enjoy that espresso (and chocolate!).

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • Hi Pam. Mr. Bowie also loved to chill out in sun puddles. And I like it too…
      Looking forward to warmer days in the spring and summer soon!

  2. Thank goodness no-one was hurt but I am very sorry they lost their roof. It made me smile to see Sir Jimi bathing in the winter sun and hogging all the tv controls. I hope no harm will be done by this storm. The weather appears innocent here at the moment, but I doubt it will stay that way.

    • Thank you for your kind comment!
      You got to be very careful to pick up a remote control because Jimi thinks he’s the owner…

  3. This February is wierd. Ciara was only rain here, but Dennis is here just now, howling wind with heavy rain. It is totally dark at one o’clock pm. Normally in February we have shining white snow, the sun is shining, but now two spots of snow in the yard, and raining every day.
    Hugs to cute Sir Jimi.

    • We have to stay inside this afternoon because it’s really a heavy storm outside. Hope it’s soon over, don’t like this weather condition…
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, my friend!

  4. The storm sounded like it was a terror to experience, and you friend’s experience certainly confirms that.

    Jimi’s fur is like my kitty boys’. In certain light they look like black cats (which is how I think of them), but in other light I can see hints of their mother’s reddish brown tabby markings. Then, in other light, I can see hints of their Birman kitty father’s points markings. It’s uncanny!

  5. The weather is terrifying no matter what form it takes these days. Violent storms in Europe, rain in the winter in Finland, 60 degrees in summer Antarctica, desperate penguins — our world is out of joint. It’s terrifying. But, cats turning colors in sunshine. Thank heavens and the spirit of Mr. Bowie that we have that. Take care in the household!

    • It’s hard to believe that there are still people who deny the climate change. It’s so clear something is wrong and we need to act now.
      But you are so right, thank goodness cats are giving us some comfort…

  6. Violent storms are very scary. Too bad about your friend’s house. Let’s hope Dennis is a little kinder. It looks like Jimi has plenty of entertainment opportunities with all those remotes in paw’s reach.

    • We’re still having heavy rain fall this evening/night. That violent wind was very scary indeed…
      You got to be very fast to pick up a remote because Jimi is keeping an eye on your hand… A very dangerous situation!…

  7. I am sorry your friend lost their roof, Herman. These storms that blow through can be quite destructive. I am glad you and Jimi are safe and sound. Stay warm, and dry. Spring will be here soon! 🙂

    • Hi Lavinia. Thank you so much for your concern and support! We’re both ok and safe and the storm is leaving this area right now. Glad it’s almost over and I can go to bed… and dream about spring!
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards to his furry friends on the Farm!

    • Thank you so much for your concern, my friend!
      Glad you like the photograph of Jimi. He’s really a sweet and beautiful boy…

  8. We know all about big wind … blows down most wooden fences, rips shingles from roofs, blows most light things away that aren’t tied down, tumbleweeds, grit and dust everywhere.

    BTW, someone has to be in charge of all the remotes.

    • Hi David. We’re not used of having storms in this part of the world, and certainly not 2 in one week! Glad we’re safe and the storm is leaving the country.

      Mr. Bowie wasn’t interested in the remotes but Jimi, well, that’s a whole other story I’m afraid…

  9. We didn’t think about people in Europe having to deal with these terrible storms – near hurricanes, it seems. We are hoping Dennis is not as bad and that things settle down.

    • We’re not used of having such heavy storms, and we had 2 in one week! Glad we’re safe and Dennis has left the country. We’re still having hard rain showers but they make me sleep very good…

    • Hi Patricia. Glad you liked the post and the photograph!
      There are more remotes but I keep them away from Jimi. He owns 4 and me, well I’m happy with the other 2… 😉

  10. What a gorgeous picture on Jimi! He really does look content in his fake ginger coat. We’re all so happy you two found each other. Sorry you’re getting battered by bad weather. We got a little over 7 inches of snow last weekend and then it dropped below zero. I’ve been ready for spring since December 1st and so have the boys! MOL!!!!

    • We still had no snow this winter, and only 2 or 3 days with the temperature dropping below 0° Celsius. But still, I’m also looking forward to spring and having breakfast outside in the garden!
      Glad you liked this post. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, my friend. The storm has left the country, we’re still having heavy wind but the sun is shining and I’m ready to go outside for a walk.

  11. A gentle hello to my weather beaten friends, I’m so glad to know you and Jimi are safe and sound Herman. Sorry to hear of your friends home though, how devastating. I hope the insurance will cover the loss. Does Jimi hide from the noise in a storm. Our kitties will look so worried when things bang around in the wind, I try to give lots of cuddles so they know they’re safe. But it’s so stressful for them. Thank goodness for sun puddles to sleep away the days till summer ❤ xK

    • Hi Kelly. Thank goodness the insurance will cover all the costs. Normally the repair of the roof starts today.
      Jimi doesn’t hide for the strange noise of the wind and heavy rain fall. You can see he’s a bit stressed but I keep talking to him so he can relax.
      So glad we’re heading for spring and summer…
      Wishing you a great week, my dear friend!

  12. Those heavy storms seem to hit the entire world and still there are presidents ( like the USA) who deny this entire climate change, it has been predicted since ever. Anyhow, Sir Jimi seems to have control over all your digital devices, remote or “Mood control” !!! LOL. Have a great and safe week you both.

  13. Jimi looks all cozy, inside where it’s safe and warm. It’s so good no one was hurt when a roof came off! Stay safe my friend, and be careful when you’re out taking your walks. The weather is changing everywhere, and it’s all very scary.

  14. Herman, I’m glad you came away from the storms okay, but sorry for your friend and the destruction in your country. I hope the bad weather turns into a glorious spring for you and Jimi!

    • Thank you so much, Mary!
      Just got home from a long walk in the nature. It was windy and a bit cold but I enjoyed the sunlight on my face. Looking forward to spring and I know it’s getting closer now…

    • So sorry to read the sad news about the passing of Buddy Budd. Your beautiful tribute moved me to tears. I hope you can find some comfort in the warm memories of your lovely furry friend.
      Sending you hugs and wishing you lots of strength.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment and concern! Today, we’re enjoying the warm sunshine and we’re looking forward to spring…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Julie. They started to repair the roof this week. Thank goodness nothing was damaged inside his house and the 2 cats were safe.
      Wishing you a great weekend! Jimi sends his regards!

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