Deal of the Day

Why settle for anything less than what you can get? Chocolate coating for the human and vanilla ice cream for Jimi. Fair enough.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. That is adorable……you can tell that Jimi is waiting patiently for you to finish with that chocolate coating so he can have a turn! Love this………….

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • Merci bien! Thank you so much, France! Mr. Bowie didn’t liked vanilla ice cream but Jimi loves it. It was the first time for him today.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments, Bernadette! I have to adept myself to that little boy who’s full of life and energy.

    • Thank you, Angela. I’m still so happy that I found this sweet little boy. I’m sure he’s also very happy in his forever home…

    • Thank you so much, Christine! That little white ruff of fur makes him very cute and special… I love that sweet little boy!

    • Haha… Just tell Andy and Dougy it’s all fake news when we’re talking about ice cream for cats…
      Hope you’re having a great day, Doug!

      • Good to know! Supposedly, cats past kittenhood are likely to have diarrhea if fed milk products. I had a ginger tabby (the late, great Louie) who regularly enjoyed a bit of milk and cheese. I was unaware of any problem, and he apparently was OK with it because he never showed signs of distress because of it. Yes, it’s been a great day, Herman! The kitty boys have settled down from yesterday, when Dougy was a bit moody about his brother existing on the face of earth and Andy was in an ornery mood when it came to his brother!

        • I never give cats a lot of milk related food like ice cream or yoghurt. Just a few licks to stop them meowing all the time… I know milk is not good for cats.

          • My Persian kitty boys always think anything I’m fixing for myself I should share. I have to let them smell whatever it might be or they won’t stop bugging me for a helping. So far, they don’t want anything but tuna water when I open a can of albacore.

            • This reminds me of Mr. Bowie. He always had to check what I was doing in the kitchen. I had to let him smell everything too and then he would leave me alone. But Jimi is a completely different cat…

              • Andy sits near me, meows softly, a pathetic “I am staving” meow, even though I feed the kitty boys before I fix my meal. Dougy threads himself around my legs, rubbing his scent all over ,my legs at the same time. He doesn’t insist on smelling what I’m fixing, but he expects me to open cabinet doors so he can check for mice. (None here…) Andy can open the doors by himself, a trick Dougy has seen and tries to do on his own, but he hasn’t worked out the details.

                • Jimi gets wild as he hears or see me take his food container. Mr. Bowie was more relaxed.
                  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Doug!

                  • You, too Herman! I think Andy’s behavior is the result of being removed from his mother a bit too early for him, though he was eight weeks old. Dougy had a couple weeks more with his mother till he was given to me. It seems to affect how they react to food.

                    • You’re right, it’s very important to keep the young ones long enough in the company of their mother.

    • Ik moet nu wel met veel meer rekening houden. Bowie was een veel gemakkelijkere kat… Maar ik ben wel heel blij met het gezelschap van Jimi.

  2. Can’t decide what’s more irresistible, that face or the ice cream bar πŸ˜€ Ok, definitely that face ❀ We are a bit addicted to these ice cream bars here called Magnum Bars πŸ˜€ They are a British/Dutch confection and totally decadent. The Double Caramel will steal any willpower you think you have to resist treats, LOL !

    • Hi Kelly. That was a Mini Magnum in the photograph. I don’t buy the big Magnum ones, I prefer the Mini versions and my favourite is ‘PralinΓ©’ and ‘Double Chocolate’. The Magnum is too big and like you said, totally decadent, (except in the summer)! πŸ˜‰
      Glad you liked the photograph!

    • Hi Lavinia. Jimi seems to be very happy is his new forever home. And I love his company too. I still think a lot about Mr. Bowie and the good times we shared but I find comfort in the company of Jimi. He’s such a sweet boy.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my dear friend! Jimi sends his regards to all the cats on the Farm!

      • Lucio had his surgery last week. 4 tumors were removed. The lab results can be as benign, but unusual types growths for cats. Two were fatty tumors, 2 were blocked milk ducts. He is a 14 1/2 year old male cat. The vet suspected breast cancer at first (cats do get it and sometimes males), but we are all relieved the lab results came back negative for that. He gets his stitches out next week. He will be happy to get the cone off of his head too. πŸ™‚

        • So happy to hear this good news about Lucio! It’s no fun waiting anxiously for the lab results… Thank goodness he’s doing well and recovering good from the surgery.
          Jimi sends his regards and hugs to Lucio! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Yoshimi! Mr. Bowie didn’t loved food based on milk but Jimi gets wild from yoghurt, cheese, ice cream…
      Hope you’re having great day! Jimi sends his regards!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! I still think a lot about Bowie and I miss him so much. Jimi is a different cat but also a very sweet boy. I feel a bit confused because I got another cat so soon but Jimi would be adopted by other people if I had waited a little longer… And in the end, he chose me to be his new human…
      Thank you for tweeting!

  3. Jimi is such a pretty boy. He reminds me not only of Gibbs but also of a black cat I once served, who had the same white marking on his chest. His name was Amil…sweetest thing ever! Anyhow, glad you two are making your way together and enjoying the ice cream and chocolate treats. Have an awesome day.

    • Hi Mary. Thank you so much for your kind comment. We still have to get used to each other because Jimi is a different cat. But he’s such a sweet boy and I enjoy his company more and more.
      Hope you’re having a great day, my friend!

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