Jealous Guy

I’m clean. I have trouble falling asleep. I’m a very light sleeper. I just lie awake and worry. Over the last 10 years I tried so many different things. Yoga. Meditation. Walking and running. Herbal teas. I was constantly taking medication. Plain sleep medication. Tranquillisers. Anti-anxiety meds. Anti-depressants. I had good nights from time to time but I was also suffering from the side effects and nightmares. But today I’m clean! I started to reduce the medication this spring with succes. I stopped counting the days but I guess I’m clean for almost 3 months. I’m only drinking a herbal tea before I go to bed. And I feel fine.

You shall not pass!


That’s why I’m so jealous at cats and the way they sleep. They don’t worry about a hard, soft, warm or cold surface. Cats just lay down and fall asleep. Immediately. I wish I was a cat.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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    • Thank you! I’m still having bad nights occasionally but I’m so happy I don’t need medication. I still don’t look forward of going to bed but at that moment I imagine I’m a cat… 😉

  1. Good for you Herman. I’m guessing it’s not all that easy to stop taking things when you are “used” to doing so. Warm chocolate milk DOES help (!) – or reading a few pages of a book. I admire the ease with which our cats just fall asleep so VERY effortlessly. Perhaps we should just curl up on the floor (or on a stair?).

    Hugs, Pam

    • Hi Pam. Thank you so much!
      Tonight, I’m going to try to sleep on the floor, or maybe the stair, just like Jimi…

  2. Congratulations of eliminating the meds from your sleep regimen, Herman! I’m a light sleeper, too, though I seem to be able to fall asleep sitting up in a chair or I would know how the movies I try to watch on television end! LOl1

    I, too, am amazed the positions cats get into to sleep. A n=mere human approaching some of those positions would either never fall asleep or would wake up and not be able to move.

  3. That’s fantastic. It must feel nice to be free. Maybe a listen to “I’m Free” by the Who is in order. Cats are so very good at sleeping. Fantastic photo, BTW.

    • Thank you so much, Tim. I can sleep good the last weeks. So happy to have some peaceful nights… Oh yes, that Who song is in my iTunes collection.
      Glad you liked the photograph!

    • Thank you so much, my friend. It wasn’t easy but I’m so glad I don’t need medication any more. Oh yes, the sound cats make is so relaxing…

  4. Beautiful photo! I am glad to hear you are free of the meds, Herman,and are sleeping better. Yes, cats do have the ability to snooze well. I am continually amazed at their powers. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Lavinia! Glad you liked the photograph.
      I’m happy to have a good night sleep (once in a while) without using medicines. Got a feeling I’m heading in the right direction…

    • Hi Christine. Thank you so much! I’m sure I would lie awake too if a president like yours was leading Belgium… 😉

    • Guess it’s because I have to play with Jimi during the day that I’m so tired and fall asleep at night… 😉

    • Thank you. It’s so important to have a good and peaceful night. Unfortunately, a lot of people are having troubles with falling asleep…

    • You are so right, Greg. It looks so easy to go to bed but it’s so difficult and hard for a lot of people… Hope I can stay of the meds…

  5. Congrats on kicking the meds. I’ve had sleep troubles for my whole life, so I understand how frustrating it is! I took meds for awhile but they didn’t really make a dent, so I stopped. 😦 Cats do make sleeping look so easy, don’t they? Wishing you lots of restful, peaceful sleep!

    • Thank you so much, M.B. My sleeping problems started when I was very young. But it runs in the family; my mother was a light sleeper too.
      So glad I’m stopped taking medication and I can sleep relatively well… But I wish I could sleep like cats sleep… 😉

  6. Oh I just love this photo Herman … how handsome is little Jimi. And well done with the meds .. anxiety is no fun! Thinking of you and enjoy that herbal tea … what flavour might it be? 😀

    • Thank you so much, Julie! Glad you liked the photograph of Skinny Jimi!
      Jimi comes sniffing on my cup of tea, but he prefers fresh cold water before he goes to bed… 😉

  7. Haha, that picture with ” You shall not pass” is very funny. Welcome to my world Herman, speaking of sleeping issues, sometimes I practice like reviewing my day and ending it with gratefulness about the good things that day had brought me, it’s a little tool that works sometimes making me more relaxed. I am off antidepression meds for over a year. And yes, cats can fall asleep within seconds and I admire that, so when Moshu comes to my bed at night, she settles down right next to my ear, purring loudly into my ear, I am happy that she has a relaxing sleep, but it takes me a while going back to sleep. Happy Sleeping to you and Jimi

  8. I don’t know what the answer to sleeplessness is, but I’m happy you’re able to get off of synthetic solutions. I’ve just resigned to being a night owl. Luckily I can usually sleep late too. Awake at night and sleeping during the day? Eeeek, I might be more kitty cat than I look =^o^= Move over Jimi, I can also nap just about anywhere (because I stayed up all night of course) xK PS, Cannabis is legal here and some recommend it as a sleep aid too, just saying 😀

    • Thank you so much, Kelly. I’m glad I could stop taking medication. Cannabis is legal here (in a small dose) but my favourite drug is dark chocolate… 😉
      Don’t fall asleep while reading this comment, my dear friend!

  9. Cats and dogs have this sleep thing all sussed out. Glad you are doing well. I don’t have trouble sleeping but I do have trouble actually getting myself to bed at a reasonable hour.

    • Thank you so much! I used to stay up late too, years ago. But now I’m going to bed round midnight. But it would be wonderful if I could fall asleep just like our furry friends fall asleep…

  10. Several months ago, a study was published indicating warm milk does help with the falling asleep process. The report said to avoid hot chocolate (cocoa is a stimulant), espresso, regular coffee, soda, bedtime desserts. Mixed results – exercise before bedtime, exposure to artificial light sources (computer monitors, TV, fluorescent light, LED light).

    • Thank you for this information, David! I drink my last coffee at 4:30 pm and stop having treats (chocolates and stuff…) after 9 pm. One hour before I go to bed (round midnight) I turn off the computer or tv and start to relax with a herbal tea. And watching a sleeping cat helps too…

  11. I have had stressful periods where sleeping was difficult and it’s tough. Long term must be very difficult. I think it is very good you’ve found a way to do without the meds. As I’ve gotten older I find I fall asleep all right but wake up in the middle of the night. I stopped fighting it and would make a hot drink, do some filing or light housework and after an hour or so feel sleepy again. I do fid that the cats purring helps me go to sleep. Maybe Jimi would “sing” you to sleep.

    • Hi Angela. I’m doing almost the same. If I wake up in the middle of the night I try to stay calm and relax. I get up, walk around quietly (don’t wake up the cat!) and read something. Maybe I should invite Jimi to my bedroom…?? 😉

  12. Congrats. Sometimes when my mind is super busy and seems to be keeping me awake I use a floral essence. I just spray a bit and then — zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (I thought I had posted about it, but I don’t see it, I am going to go do that right now!) I am so happy for you that you are able to sleep without aids. Sleep is so important.

  13. That’s great that you can get away from a lot of medications. And still get some good sleep! Cats are lucky that way, in not needing to be choosy of a napping spot.

    • I’m glad I can sleep rather good with just drinking a herbal tea. If I’m having a bad night, I just try to relax and catch up some sleep during the day (on the couch in the company of Jimi). But cats are very lucky regarding sleeping moments…

  14. Herman, I hear you! A very light sleeper myself, I have a hard time to sleep longer than 4 hours. But I know that the good old counting helps. Just be strong, kill any pop-up thought with the numbers 🙂 I fall asleep at around three hundred, seriously 🙂 Just be strong 🙂
    Cats are amazing sleepers. Wish we could learn from them. Love this picture of Jimi. He is a sweetheart.

    • Hi Inese. In the past I used to be glad if I could sleep 4 or 5 hours. Now I can sleep 6 and sometimes 7 hours… I’m so happy! I used to interview myself in bed, and ask myself questions about everything that happened around me or in the world. This helped me often to fall asleep… I tried counting too, but that didn’t work for me.
      But it’s so amazing and beautiful to watch how cats sleep…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, Inese!

    • Glad you liked the photograph! I read an article about using CBD against insomnia. Right now I’m very happy to get some decent night sleep. The herbal tea seems to help me relax and fall asleep.

  15. Herman, good for you that herbal tea is the only nightly ritual before bed. I hope you are getting better sleep, much like our feline kids, although I think a bed is still preferable to any of the hard places cats choose to sleep.

    • Hi Mary. I’m so glad I can sleep good without taking meds… But cats keep surprising me when I see them sleep in such weird places.
      Jimi always comes sniffing when I’m drinking the herbal tea but he doesn’t like it… He prefers a little treat before going to bed! 😉

    • Hi Charlotte. I’m glad I’m having good nights lately. Maybe I can use your Mum’s technique on my bad moments once in a while.

      Wishing you good luck on preparing for your new role. Sounds like it’s a hard job…

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