Higher Ground

What’s up, Jimi? Jimi is doing fine, but he wants my attention and food all the time. That’s why I gave him Skinny Jimi as nickname, because he needs to put on some weight. Mr. Bowie could disappear for hours or a day, but you knew he was around somewhere. I had time to read the newspapers, clean up the house or do anything I wanted to do. Ok, Mr. Bowie was 10 years old and a happy relaxed cat; Jimi is a young hyperactive cat who enjoys your attention and wants to play (and sleep) all the time. I have to keep this in mind and drink less coffee, I guess…

A few days ago I found Jimi on top of the bookcase. What happened, Jimi? Did you hear about the global warming and the sea level rise? Did you hear the Blonde Pillow Thief is back in town and wants to pay you a visit? Or did you want to check out Mr. Bowie’s safe shelter?

Jimi loves Mr. Bowie’s King size bed. It took Mr. Bowie almost a year before he decided to sleep in this luxurious cat bed. Jimi made up his mind from day one. If you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time for another espresso while Jimi’s asleep…

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. So Jimi is a “long and lanky” youngster but we think he will fill out in time. He’s super active as a youngster but will learn that king size bed of Mr. Bowie’s is JUST RIGHT for long snoozes. That will give you time for newspapers, espressos, and relaxing…..The “new guy in town” sure looks like he’s happy there with you.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • Hi Pam! Still awake or getting up early, my friend?
      Jimi loves to be near me all the time and I love it too…

    • Thank you, Julie. Thank goodness Jimi’s asleep right now and I can enjoy an espresso… I really love his company in the house.

  2. Looks like Jimi is settling in well. Lovely to see Mr Bowie too. 🙂
    Every animal has its own unique character and I’m sure you’ll have fun getting to know each other better. Enjoy your coffee while you can! 😀

    • Thank you, but Skinny Jimi is already awake and wants some food too…
      I think you made a mistake, it’s also Jimi in the second photograph. But when I saw the shot for the first time, it reminded me immediately of Bowie too… Sometimes Jimi looks a lot like Mr. B.

  3. Jimi is afraid you and his home will disappear, if he doesn’t see you and he wants too check you have always cat food in the house. Our Kosmo was like Jimi, he had to be near and asked for food all the time. Jimi will more peaceful, when he is sure you will stay with him all the time.

    • Guess I will have to show more patience for the little guy. But I love his presence in the house, he’s such a sweet boy…

    • Thank you, Takami! Jimi’s walking around as if he lived here for years. You can see he likes his new home. And I’m enjoying his company too…

  4. Jimi will keep you on your toes. Young kitties like to play, and all kitties seem to like high places.

    • I have to adapt myself to this young fellow… It reminds me of the first years with Mr. Bowie. It’s fun having a young cat in your house. Thank goodness Jimi says it’s ok to have my espresso in the morning!

    • I love his company and it reminds me of the first year with Mr. Bowie when he was still a kitten. You are right, it’s a lot of work but I enjoy doing it…

  5. Our cat William follows me around. Sometimes I can pet him to sleep on the floor then tiptoe away. Also I can bring him the water bowl; if he drinks a lot it makes him tired. I wouldn’t count on these working for Jimi because he is young.

    • Thank you for the advice. Maybe I can try it out but Jimi always keeps an eye on me, even when he’s sleeping… Such a sweet boy!

  6. Love these photos of Jimi settling in. We are certain he will do some things as Mr. Bowie did, but he will be his own cat as well. Sounds as if you need to plan on napping when Jimi does. Good luck with adapting to life with a youngster. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

    • Glad you liked the photographs. Much appreciated!
      I have to improvise a lot to do the things I want to do. Jimi always follows me around like a shadow… But I enjoy his company and I’m glad he loves his new forever home.

    • Hi Christine. My life is completely turned upside down. Jimi decides what will happen and what I can do while he’s awake… 😉

    • Haha… upcats, that’s a good name! Mr. Bowie used to jump on that bookcase once or twice a year. It was on moments he wanted to be left alone…

  7. Life happens between naps, how wonderful to have a spunky young kitty! I’m always amazed at how much sleep my cats can do. Mine love to snuggle together for their naps, Blossom, our chubbie kitty is always the spooner, ha! That basket looks big enough for two Herman 😀 Perhaps a playmate would keep Jimi entertained, so you could make music, drink espressos and entertain the blonde pillow thief, snicker. It’d be twice as pawsome! Boomdee math…..
    >^.^^.^< = 2 x ❤

    • Hi Kelly. Thank you for such wise advice, I’ll keep it in mind… 😉
      The cat bed is really big and I could probably join Jimi for a nap. I’m glad he likes to sleep in this basket.
      My life is turned upside down with the company of this sweet boy, but I enjoy it a lot!
      Have a great week, my dear Boomdee!

  8. dood….we iz buzzed happee yur settlin in; a few poundz oh perch, bloo gil, trout, salmon, flounder, halibutt, N whitefish…a day… anda steak inn bee tween meelz… shuld put sum poundz on ya 😉 🙂 ♥♥

    • Thank you, my friends! I’m so glad Jimi loves his new forever home! I’m checking out to buy some new treats for the little one. Mr. Bowie had special treats because of his allergy. I will have to try out all these delicious flavours, I guess… 😉

    • You can see Jimi loves his new forever home. He turned my life upside down but I love his company! Glad this little boy came into my life…

    • My pleasure, Jennifer! Glad you liked the post. I enjoy writing about him and having him as my new friend. He’s such a sweet boy!

  9. Sounds like JIMI has made himself well at home in your house. I am sure he is exploring every corner to discover new places to sleep, hide, and play. Glad the deluxe cat bed is getting some more use and enjoyment.

    • I’m so glad to see Jimi is feeling home in his new environment. The deluxe cat bed is his favourite spot to take his naps. I wonder if I could join him once in a while…

  10. Jimi knows a good bed when he sees one. It can be tiring training a new Dad. It’ll snooze a bit then suggest a game of cat and mouse. Hmmm. I wonder if he knows that game.

    • Hi Virginia. Thanks to a hyperactive young one I’m getting in a good physical condition too… I’m enjoying all the play time with my sweet little guy.

    • Hi M.B. I’m so happy Jimi loves his new forever home and he likes my company. I’m enjoying all the time we spend together.

    • Hi Lavinia. Jimi loves his new home and I don’t think he wants to leave. So glad all went well. He has to stay 4 weeks inside and after this time he can go outside to check out the garden…
      Hope you’re having a great day, my dear friend!

  11. Wat zijn ze toch lekker verschillend, Jimi en Bowie ❤ .
    Ik vond het super mooi om te zien dat Jimi jou adoreert, eerlijk dat is de eerste keer dat ik dat zo zie…

    • Je zou hem ‘s morgens eens moeten zoen, of als ik ‘s avonds terug thuis kom. Gewoon niet te doen, die Jimi! Op dat gebied is hij echt wel anders dan Bowie. Bowie was wat ingetogener, maar ook arroganter! 😉

  12. Actually this is a nice news for new cat, it means loves to live there and loves to you too dear Herman, Yes, time ah, I am being crazy now with our little kitten… Everything starts from the beginning with this new kitten… No sleep… at least less sleep… But we love them all, Beautiful photographs, Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia. Glad you liked the post and the photographs! I’m very happy to see Jimi loves his new home. I had to change some things in my life but I don’t care. I enjoy the company of this sweet boy…
      Thank you for your kind comment, Nia!

    • I’m going to need lots of espressos to keep up with this little hyperactive boy… And maybe some dark chocolate too! 😉

    • Jimi loved this bed from day one. Mr. Bowie only used it during the summer. In the winter he preferred my bed.
      I’m so happy Jimi loves his new home and I enjoy his company.

  13. Jimi reminds me of the young Mr. Gibbs, who also had that kind of energy when his age. Gibbs always wanted to climb, and still does to a degree. Good luck with Jimi seeking attention as that may never go away.

    • Hi Mary. I remember Mr. Bowie was playing a lot 9 years ago, but he took some breaks to sleep. Jimi keeps going on and on… He’s full of life and could play a lead roll in another Avengers movie… But I’m not complaining, I love his company…

  14. Jimi, you’re doing a great job of keeping Herman on his toes! Obviously you have lots on your mind and you want to share it with him. You are such a handsome dude and I know you picked out Herman for your human just as he picked you. Now, go run around the house like it’s a race track. That’s what we do to keep Mom awake. MOL
    Purrs for you…………..Hemingway and Steinbeck……….and Mom

    • Jimi loves to run around the house a lot, racing up the stairs and back down again… He seems to have a lot of fun and I’m sure he loves his new forever home. I’m so glad we found each other!
      Hope you’re having a great Sunday, my dear friends. Now go ahead and find your Mom and ask for more food… Jimi is having a short break so I can enjoy my espresso (for a minute)…

  15. He delightful and I can feel the happiness he’s being and bringing to you Herman 😻☺️❣️ apologies for such late responses…life does get in the way sometimes 🙃🙂☺️ sending you and Jimi all good things!

    • No problem, Hedy, you don’t have to apologise. Thank you so much for your kind words of comfort!
      As you can see, I’m very happy with Jimi moving in to my life. I still have some mixed emotions and miss Bowie a lot. But Jimi helps me to look to the future in a positive way…
      Hope you’re having a great day, my friend!

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