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  1. Dear Herman,
    I’ve been way from blogging for a couple of years and your blog was always a favorite of mine. I love the photos and stories of Bowie. Imagine my shock and surprise when I checked my reader and found a photo of Jimi instead of Mr. Bowie! My first thought was — gee Bowie sure lost a lot of weight! But as I looked at the ears I realized that this was not a Scottish Blue but a different and much younger cat. Then, of course, I wondered what had happened and when? Thank you for posting the information about MR. Bowie’s last days and Jimi’s arrival. I am so sorry that your dear companion of so many years has left the physical plane (and apparently, before his time). And Jimi? Well, cats have their own way of picking us and Jimi was right on target when he chose you. I would almost bet that Mr. Bowie was telepathing Jimi from Kitty Heaven letting him know that Herman is you man! Don’t let him get away — you go right up to him NOW. Yup, I can hear the whole conversation. All the best Herman. Bowie was a treasure and I will miss his photos and stories. But Jimi has lots of promise. You can see it in his eyes and body posture. Even in the shelter, you can tell, he has spunk. Blessings to you both from Oregon, USA, Alia

    • Hi Alia. Thank you so much for your kind words and concern. Losing Bowie was very painful and I still miss him every day. But I’m also very happy that I found Jimi pure by accident. It looked like ‘someone’ was pulling some strings up there to make this happen. Jimi is really a sweet little boy and he seems to love his new forever home.
      Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

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