Right Tool for the Job

The importance of providing the right tools for the job.  Maybe “use the right tool for the job” is a pretty tired cliche, but not for Mr. Bowie. It looks like he’s trying to break into the treats locker. What sharp little eyes you have, Mr. Bowie…

Meanwhile, the painters finished their job inside the house and we might get some peace and quiet here. Next week they will start outside painting the doors and windows.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


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  1. It’s wonderful that you have such an efficient supervisor watching over this project considering all the work that’s been happening there. Tools put away properly, work being done to perfection and efficiently – Mr. Bowie gets suitable compensation for his hard work I hope? Oh wait – I KNOW he does – he has YOU looking after that part of things Herman.

    Hugs, Pam

    • Hi Pam. I was very lucky with Mr. Bowie keeping this big project on track. I gave him the key to the master bedroom so he can take a break whenever he’s tired…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend!

    • Well, thank you for your advice, my furry friend!
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to Kosmo!

  2. I’ve been putting off calling the painters. My house is so over due. But I know the cats won’t approve of the disruption!

    How does Mr. Bowie handle it?

    • After one week Mr. Bowie got used of the disruption. At the end he didn’t mind the painters walking around in his house. But there was always a safe room (the garage) where he could hide or take a nap. But I’m also sure he’s glad that the job is done…

      • Mr. Bowie could do a real job on you with claws and tools. You better stay on his good side, and have lots of treats and catnip handy.

        • A sure thing! I will follow your advice, Tim!
          I need to go shopping for fresh catnip plants, they didn’t make it through the winter.

    • Good morning, Christine! The cupboard was empty this morning, looks like something happened last night… 😉
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my dear friend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards!

  3. Considering which tool, such a smart cat……that treats locker is a big job, but he’ll get it done. It’s so good your inside painting is done. No more smell or disruption. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • The locker was empty this morning, I wonder why…
      We’re glad the inside painting is done. There’s still a smell but that will get better the next days…
      As always, thank you for the tweet, my friend! Wishing you a great weekend!

  4. Great shot of Bowie! I’d be very afraid if my babies had opposable thumbs and could use tools. I think they’d do something inappropriate like building a bird trap or taking over the world. It’s better that they rely on us for food and comfort, don’t you think Herman?

    • Hi Mary. I fully agree with your comment… they would definitely take over the world! We need to keep feeding them on a daily base, and hide away those dangerous tools…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Mary!

  5. Mr. Bowie looks well-versed in the art of how to use all those tools! Have a wonderful day, Herman and Mr. Bowie! It was sunny and warm here today, with a nice cool breeze. All the cats were snoozing in front of windows.

    • Hi Lavinia! We’re having a very hot weekend with temperatures like 30°C. But tomorrow they will drop with 10 degrees.
      Mr. Bowie isn’t feeling good right now and he still recovering. He doesn’t eat at all and only drinks a little bit of water. I tried to give him special fluids or treats but he wants to be left alone… He should feel better tomorrow or at least on Tuesday.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday, my friend!

      • Sometimes I use warmed chicken juice via an eye dropper for a fussy cat that doesn’t want to eat. If they are able to eat at all, it can be like putting jumper cables on a car with a dead battery. 🙂

        I was able to play a little guitar today. I am still soaking the wrist in Epsom salts and treating with arnica gel.

        • Glad to see you feeling better, Lavinia.

          The vet told me I’ll have to change Mr. Bowie’s way of having food. He needs to eat more wet food. I’m going to keep your chicken juice idea in mind!

          • I was able to play guitar for an hour today. The wrist is getting stronger.

            Another “feeding stimulant” home remedy I sometimes use is a little canned salmon juice drizzled over the wet food. Careful not too much though! 🙂

            • Salmon juice is something Mr. B likes. I tried it a few days ago but he wasn’t interested. The vet called today and said they still have to feed him with a syringe.

                • He’s doing good right now. He stayed almost 4 days in the hospital. Now I need to find the right combination of old and new diet food but it seems I got a good mix for the moment. It’s a pity Mr. Bowie doesn’t like wet food… I’ll probably write a post about his bad adventure of last weeks…
                  Hope you’re having a wonderday Sunday, Lavinia! Thank you so much for your concern.

  6. Having the right tool sweet Mr. Bowie makes the job much easier for sure. Oh, we are so happy for you and sweet Herman that the inside painting is all done. Enjoy your day and we send lots of hugs and nose kisses your way. Chancy and Mags

    • Unfortunately, there’s some bad news today. I had to leave Mr. Bowie in the hospital this morning. He was showing signs of severe dehydration. They put him on an infusion for a few days. This should fix his bowel movement problems from last week.
      I’m not in the mood to write a post about it (and all those technical medical translations) but I’ll keep you informed, my friend.

      But you are right: as soon as Mr. B’s back home he’ll be ready for World Domination! 🙂

      • Oh dear I am so very sorry to hear this. Poor Mr Bowie – and poor you!
        It would be a lot easier if our pets could tell us what was going on.
        I hope that he will soon recover now he’s on iv.
        Thinking of you, All the best Scifi. 🙂

        • Thank you so much for your concern and warm words. I should have noticed Mr. Bowie wasn’t feeling good, much sooner. Like you said, it would be easier if our pets could talk to us…

  7. Contractors can be very stressful on cats. They also tend to drive the humans to distraction which means they may not notice feline symptoms. Mr. Bowie is in our thoughts. All the clowder send sympathy and love, they really dislike contractors and they don’t like paint fumes, either. I don’t know if Mr. Bowie hid himself, my Charli hid for over three days when the plumbers came. It’s hard to see what’s going on when they hide.Hope Mr. Bowie is home soon

    • Hi Angela. Thank you so much for your concern and kind comment.
      Mr. Bowie’s still in the hospital and he refuses to eat so they have to feed him manually. With a little luck I can pick him up tomorrow.

      Mr. Bowie didn’t mind the presence op the painters. But he didn’t liked to furniture moved around…

  8. Looks like a scene from Mr Bowies next movie, ‘Mission Possible’ ! Where he shows Ethan Hunt some cat burglar tricks for finding and annihilate kitty treats. I project a BIG box office world wide 😀 xo B

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. Julie! You are right, I’m glad the painters have left the building…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    • Yes, I’m so lucky with Mr. Bowie covering my back… Thank you so much for your kind comment, my friend!
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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