Introducing Musti. This beautiful and friendly cat lives outside for almost 3 years now. It looks like she was dropped off or kicked out by her previous owner. Thank goodness she can sleep in an abandon farm nearby, in the company of other cats who live outside. A friendly woman who lives in the neighbourhood takes care of Musti and the other cats. They all get plenty of food and fresh water every day. A local cat shelter also keeps an eye on this situation so all the furry creatures stay healthy.

We talked to all the neighbours to try to find out if someone knew the previous owner of Musti, unfortunately, without success. Musti reminds me of Mrs. Jones, my previous cat. She’s a bit shy but I can pet her every time when I’m passing by on my daily walks. 

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


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  1. She’s a beautiful girl. It’s good there are caring people watching out for these cats, but it breaks my heart and makes me very angry when people dump such sweet creatures like they were garbage. It’s virtually an epidemic where I live, which is why I volunteer with a rescue.

    • Hi Angela. It breaks my heart too. How can you dump such a beautiful and friendly cat? I’m supporting the local cat shelter financially and with cat food.
      So nice from you to be a volunteer. Respect!

  2. Musti looks healthy, and for sure the Lady who lives in the neighbourhood is taking good care of them! Makes me happy to see that still there are people loving stray cats and take care of them too! God Bless you :-)claudine

    • Hi Claudine. Thank you so much for your kind comment.
      I’m very happy too to see a lot of people take care of this homeless animals…

  3. So sad that people drop off cats they no longer want…we have the same problem here. And I’m very glad that she ended up in a place where care is provided. There are mean folks and folks with good hearts everywhere.

    • Can’t understand why people do these things and be so cruel… Thank goodness there are also very kind people to help the homeless animals.

    • Thank you for your kind words, my dear friend. I’m so glad to help these homeless cats and it makes me feel good. We should send a goon squad to the people who dump animals in the streets and teach them a lesson…

  4. I’m impressed how well everyone works together to care for these cats, understanding that cats cannot just ‘fend for themselves’ like so many ignorant Americans here do. The way feral and abandoned cats and the kind people who attempt to care for them are treated here is a disgrace. Thank you for sharing Musti and helping to raise awareness that ALL living things deserve respect, care and it is our duty as humans to be a part of the solution- especially when we were the ones responsible for the problem.
    Purrs to Mr. Bowie from Pearl

    • Thank you so much for your heart warming and kind comment. I’m happy to help a few homeless cats and it makes me feel good at the end of the day. I sometimes wonder if we should send a goon squad to the people who dump animals in the street and teach them a lesson…
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to Pearl! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

    • Helping the homeless cats brings also people together in the neighbourhood. Another positive thing, isn’t it? Cats happy and people happy… 😉

  5. I am in Caracas and although the political environment is very busy, I enjoy a sun to half in the morning. Musti looks imposing and there are always charitable people with lost animals.

    • I’m thinking about you almost everyday because the weird political situation of Venezuela is everyday in the local news on tv and in the newspapers in this part of the world. Hope you’re safe and the difficult situation will be solved soon…
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Take care, my friend!

  6. So lovely to see people taking care of these abandoned cats and Musti looks like a very sweet soul. Would Mr Bowie welcome her into your home if you asked him nicely? 😁🐈🍀

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment.
      I’ve been thinking about adopting Musti but Mr. Bowie doesn’t like other cats. I’ve already tried this but Mr. B turns into a very aggressive animal if he sees another furry friend in my home… 😉

  7. Musti looks like a sweetie who has adjusted to her situation as best she can – WITH a lot of help from her “friends” like you and the neighborhood lady. I would send a blessing to everyone who helps take care of the homeless animals that humans so thoughtlessly abandon or dump – some are lucky and others are not – I believe Musti is DEFINITELY a lucky one!! Thank you for all you do. Hugs to you, Mr. Bowie and little Miss Musti too.


    • Hi Pam. Thank you so much for your kind words! But all the credits go to the nice lady, she even lets Musti inside her house when her husband is taking their big dog for a walk. They would love to adopt Musti but it isn’t possible with that big dog inside…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my friend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards!

  8. She does look like Mrs. Jones! I am glad someone is looking after Musti and all of these cats. The woman who takes care of them is a true angel as are the people at your local cat shelter.

    Mr. Nano had a dentistry done yesterday. He had several FORLs (feline odontoclastic resportive lesions) and one rotten molar removed. He is a happy kitty again!

    All the best to you and Mr. Bowie, Herman, from all of us here. 🙂

    • Hi Lavinia! Glad to see Mr. Nano is a happy kitty again after his dental check-up. My vet told me Mr. Bowie’s teeth’s need to be cleaned too…

      The first time I saw Musti it was as if Mrs. Jones was alive again. Very weird… But she is a very lovely and friendly cat. It’s such a shame people dump such beautiful cats… Thank goodness that nice lady is taking care of the homeless cats in the neighbourhood.

      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my dear friend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to everyone at the Farm!

      • Seeing another cat who looks like a dear departed one does have that effect. Miss Nod has one blue eye and one gold eye, like Klaatu did, and is all white. She is probably a relative of his. I made Nod’s middle name Klaatu.

        Mr. Nano helped with laundry today, so I know he is feeling better. 🙂

        • So glad to see Mr. Nano is feeling better and helped you with laundry. I always have to keep the bedroom door closed when I’m changing the sheets. Mr. B wants to help me a little bit too enthusiastic… 😉

          Last night Mr. B caught his first mouse of 2019. Unfortunately, the little creature was already dead when I found it… Nature can be cruel sometimes… No treats for Mr. Bowie today! 😉

          Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Lavinia!

    • Yes, she’s very beautiful and so friendly. I would love to adopt her too but Mr. Bowie doesn’t like the company of another cat…

  9. A sad story, but luckily there is so warm these cats will survive outside. It so great some people take care of the. Musti is very traditional dog´s name in Finland.
    We had last night one half abandoned cat sleeping in our sauna, she was walking on our yard at night, my hubby just took her in and she ate and slept till morning. We still have here cat owners who throuhg their cats out very night, and now we have very cold nights, -22C/-12F.

    • Musti was a very popular cat-cartoon figure in Belgium, A lot of people name their cat Musti in this part of the world. It’s rather funny that it’s a popular dog name in Finland…
      With such cold weather, cats should stay indoors at night, you are so right. That was very beautiful to give your unexpected visitor a warm home in your sauna. Respect!

    • It’s a pleasure to help these homeless cats, my friends. I wish I could adopt one but Mr. Bowie doesn’t like the company of another cat…
      Hope you’re having a wonderful day, my friends!

    • Hi Greg. We’re still trying to find her a forever home. But it’s very difficult because a lot of people in our neighbourhood have one or more cats. Thank goodness the nice lady is taking care of Musti.

        • That’s why I’m also having a hard time helping the people of the cat shelter. Every time I see a homeless cat I would love to take the furry creature home…

  10. Here, people abandon cats and dogs in the country on the incorrect assumption some kindly farmer or rancher will take them in. More often, coyotes get a tasty cat meal or the dog is shot trying to pull down some farm animal, say chickens. I’d turn someone in if I caught them abandoning their pet! Nasty people.

    I’m glad you mentioned microchipping. My two kitties got their microchips the same day they were neutered.

    • That is so cruel, dumping animals in the wild… In Belgium cat and dog owners are legally obliged to give their pets a microchip. But some people refuse to do it… Thank goodness a lot of people are motivated to take care of the homeless animals.

      • That would be an excellent law, as would (in the US) one banning declawing cats. I have destroyed furniture because Dougy has claws, but that’s preferable to a cat with impairment because of that barbaric operation.

  11. What a beautiful kitty! I’m glad she’s being looked out for! I know there are times when you can’t take any more in. Most of our cats have come directly from the street and the woods where they were abandoned. We also found homes for many, but good homes are becoming more difficult to find.

    • We are also having a hard time to find homes for abandoned cats. Thank goodness there are a lot of volunteers to help the homeless kitties. It always breaks my heart to see these homeless furry ones…
      My mother also helped and kept homeless cats. My previous cat was also a kitten from an abandoned cat.

    • It breaks my heart to so these poor creatures living outside. I’m just trying to give them a better live if possible…

  12. Musti is gorgeous! 🙂
    I am glad that she is being cared for – but a reminder to us all that there are so many animals out there on the streets that are not as fortunate as our own.

  13. Musti is beautiful. I am so happy that she and the other cats are being cared for. I bet she looks forward to seeing you when you are out for a walk. Hugs and nose kisses for you and Mr. Bowie from Chancy and me….have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Mags. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m happy too to see these homeless cats are being cared for and I try to help them too a little bit.
      Musti is really a lovely and adorable cat. Its so hard to believe someone dumped this beautiful cat…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to Chancy!

    • I’m glad to see the few cats who live out there are taken care of. It always breaks my heart to see so many homeless animals…

  14. Thank goodness for animal lovers like you and your neighbours Herman. Musti looks healthy 😀 I wish she had a regular home, but perhaps she loves her life as is.
    We’ve just returned from Maui. We stayed in a nice place with a patio in the garden. While there, I became very attached to a small cat that adopted us. Of course we bought cat food and had lots of snuggles together. The front desk assured us he’d be ok. They were familiar with him as other traveler’s had asked about him too. When it came time for us to leave and I could barely control the sobbing. It’s a double edge sword. He was the best part of my holiday but now I wonder, everyday, if he’s being loved. I’m only glad that if he had to be homeless, an expensive resort in Maui is the place to do it. xo Boomdee Big hugs for Musti and Mr Bowie ❤

    • Hi Boomdee! Glad to see you had a great vacation and you met a new furry friend. Kitty looks very lovely and friendly. I can imagine it must have been hard to say goodbye… But it looks he lives in a very comfortable place…

      It’s sometimes very difficult for me, helping a few homeless cats. I also get attached to these furry creatures and would love to take them home. But Mr. Bowie prefers to stay on his own… 😉

  15. Musti is beautiful! Please thank all of the wonderful people taking care of Musti and the other abandoned felines hanging out at the farm. They do good work.

  16. did not you go to a veterinarian to see if he was wearing an electronic penis?
    I watch the animal show cop’s and I see that there are really a lot of animal abandonment, people move and leave their animal on the spot …..

    • Musti didn’t had a chip so we could not find the original owner. But it looks like the cat was dumped…

  17. Are you like me, petting every cat you come across? I did that once when visiting my parents who were quite anti and the cat I talked to followed me home. I had to persuade it that it wasn’t a good idea!

    • Hahaha… yes, I can picture the scene. I’m a cat person and have to talk to every cat I meet, no matter where or when… 😉

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