Bad Feeling

I had a bad feeling about this. Have you ever had a bad feeling about something and been right? I had a feeling something was wrong with Mr. Bowie. 

Today, Mr. Bowie had his medical check-up concerning his ear and eye problems from last year. The lab test results were not good. Unfortunately, the doctor noticed Mr. Bowie needs medical treatment for another ear infection. Bummer! He needs ear drops twice a day for two weeks. Also, Mr. Bowie’s arterial blood pressure was higher than normal. Maybe it had to do with the stress situation of the examination, the car ride or the news about Amy Schumer getting arrested for protesting Supreme Court nominee goon Brett Kavanaugh. We have to follow up on this high blood pressure situation and try to found out why the stubborn bacteria returned in Mr. Bowie’s ear. 

Blood pressure on tail

Once again, I want to thank you for all the support and concern. That is very kind of you. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Oh Mr. Bowie, I hope and wish everything to be fine soon, I can imagine/feel how stressful for you all these things. But will be fine. Love, much love, nia

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear about that stubborn ear infection – Teddy had a really BAD one when we first adopted him from the shelter and HATED the ear drops twice a day for 10 days but it worked. I think Mr. Bowie will be unhappy about treatment but some things we MUST DO aren’t fun – we humans know that too. As for his blood pressure – maybe it was the infection at work OR maybe he really doesn’t like going to the vet! In either case, we are sending all sorts of POTP to him – and a sincere wish to GET WELL and STAY WELL. Mr. Bowie – you can beat this!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too ❤

  3. hugs to Mr. Bowie! I get high blood pressure at the doctor’s office too. Like you wouldn’t believe. I have to take it at home and keep a record so they don’t rush me to the emergency room. Those places are scary.

  4. That poor guy has had so much trouble with his ears. I hope his drops clear it up right away. They can’t tell us when they don’t feel good, but you’re such a good cat daddy who pays attention. Tell him not to pay any attention to our government and its issues, cos it’s enough to give anybody high BP.

  5. Poor Mr. Bowie, his ears are just determined to be pests. I hope the meds work and the infection stays away. It’s no wonder the sweet boy’s blood pressure is high- mine has been too with the thought of Kavanaugh being confirmed. Living in the USA is embarrassing enough with our lying, sociopath President let alone a sexual predator being confirmed to the highest court. But we are a country who elected a sexual predator as President so what does that say about the state of our future? Can we come live with you Mr. Bowie?! Any where has to be better than here. Get well soon! Purrs, Pearl & Mom

  6. We really hope he can kick this one! But try to keep him away from the news for a while. A break from this nonsense will probably lower his BP, at least temporarily.

  7. I’m sorry Mr Bowie isn’t feeling well! I’ll get my Can Opener to purray for a quick recovery! 🐭

  8. Aw I am sorry to hear this. I do hope that the elevated BP is just from momentary stress.
    Is it the Same bad bacteria in his ear? I hope you caught it soon enough and that it clears up quickly.
    I have to clean Little Monkey’s ears every week with special stuff and keep a close watch that they don’t flare up. She came to me with eye and ear infections.

  9. The cats and crew here are sending Mr. Bowie their best for a speedy recovery, Herman. The blood pressure is hopefully just momentary stress from being at the vet. They can send a special pressure cuff for cats home with you, so you can take it at home. I did that here once, with old Mr. Austin. Low and behold, his blood pressure was normal at home. Good luck, Herman!

  10. Oh Dear Herman. I certainly didn’t click the like button because I like the news. All I can do is send healing thoughts and prayers.

  11. Sorry to hear Mr. Bowie is having problems. Maybe the blood pressure was just from white coat anxiety like when some people go to the doctor. Does he always get his BP checked? None of my cats have ever had their BP taken.

  12. Aw, Mr.Bowie, back again to those tortures of getting ear drops. I totally feel with you Herman and Mr.Bowie, Moshu has to deal with kind of a life time possibility of ear infection, I have to give her ear drops all the time, yet I take breaks in between, because she just hates it. She has only three legs , her right rear leg got cut off when she was a baby I guess, she is a rescue cat, so she isn’t able to clean her right ear because she is missing that leg. Oh, yes the blood pressure goes up with all the stress and infection going on. Moshu and I feel for both of you, paw hugs from Us.

  13. Poor dear Mr. Bowie. Returning ear infection is the last thing he needed. His high blood pressure could be due to the constant pain and irritation in his ear. I wonder if it a seasonal condition. Lets hope the drops will work well and fix the problem. Sending loads of love and healing thoughts.

  14. Oh, no we sure hate hearing this news. We are hoping that the drops take care of the ear and his blood pressure goes down as the ear infection improves. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Mr. Bowie.

  15. Herman, just by chance I ran across this advice from a vet on the Conscious Cat website, link here:

    “You mentioned that he has some kind of fungus – do you know what kind? What exactly is the diagnosis and have any tests (like ear stain or culture) been performed to figure out what is going on? Did either vet do a good ear exam with an otoscope, and where they able to visualize deep into the canal to look for polyps or other underlying problems? Sometimes, it takes a little sedation to get that accomplished but it is well worth it and the vet can do a deep ear cleaning at the same time. It would be helpful to know whether Theodore was dealing with an entirely new infection each time he was seen by the vet, or is it the original infection that never really went completely away.

    Ideally, you should seek a second opinion from a veterinary dermatologist. They are skilled at dealing with these types of conditions and many have specialized equipment like a video otoscope to help diagnose the problem. There is no need for Theodore to suffer and I am confident his condition will resolve with the proper diagnosis.”

  16. dood…st francis’ blessing two ewe; we R sorree ta lurn bout yur BP
    and de nastee infectshunz came bak…ya knead ta kick it two de curb
    N tell it never ever EVER ta vizit ewe again….bee well N get well N stay
    well ~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥♥

  17. Mr. Bowie, so sorry to hear about your BP as well as that nasty ear infection returning. We seem to have that problem here with eye infections and passing them around. Mom will be adding you to her prayer list and we are sending POTP X 8. Get well soon. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  18. Sorry to hear that Mr. Bowie isn’t well.
    I’m sending good vibes and wishes that he’ll be his old healthy self sooner than later. ♥

  19. So very sorry to hear that Mr Bowie has that ear problem back, and blood pressure issue too. You must be feeling very worried about him. Thinking of you both and hope you will have some good news to share soon. Dear Mr Bowie, get well soon 🐾 ❤️

  20. Oh, we are truly disturbed that Mr. Bowie has some medical issues again. Mom knows how hard it is on humans when we fur people get sick. She sends both you and Herman hugs and prayers that you will get better soon and be back to your normal self. Herman, get some chocolate and sit back and relax for a few minutes. Mr. Bowie, lie in the sunshine and dream of sandy beaches. We are hoping you get really good news soon.
    Hemingway, Steinbeck and Pam

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  22. That is one persistent ear infection. My sympathies to Mr. Bowie.When i get them, I am pretty miserable. Maybe the high BP is due to the infection (and any pain). Both of you take care

  23. That blood pressure business is so important to control in kitties, especially as they grow older. As you know, I have one kitty boy (Andy) on blood pressure medicine. He hates the taste of the medicine, but I’ve managed to give him a couple of pluses along with the medicine.

    Before I swaddle him in the towel to immobilize him a bit for the medicine, I hold him cradled in my arm and pet him. I rub his ears and “scritch” him. I tell him in a calm voice what a good kitty he is (and he is!). Then I tell him, “We gotta do it, Andy! We gotta do it!” Then I squirt the medicine in his mouth. I keep a wet paper towel handy and wipe any medicine on his face off. Then I put him down. He knows then to run to where I put the kitty treats for good kitty boys! His brother, Dougy, knows Andy gets kitty treats for being a good kitty boy, and shows up for his treats, too: “I’m a good kitty boy!” he notes, though that’s his take on it. Mostly they both are!

    I had a fight getting both Andy and Dougy into the carrier yesterday when I took them to their veterinarian’s, and Andy’s blood pressure was a bit elevated when he got his blood pressure taken. I suspect Mr. Bowie, like Andy, may have anxiety related to the veterinarian visit or how they take cat blood pressures. Andy, for example, gets very growly when they take it on his tail, so I suggest they do it on his hind foot since he handles that method better. That may be part of Mr. Bowie’s problem, too.

    When Doctor Dave came in (technicians did the blood pressure check), he suggested doing a second set of readings since he felt Andy may have been reacting to his circumstances, not giving an accurate reading. Sure enough, the readings were lower after Andy had a chance to relax a bit! It may be the same be true for Mr. Bowie. I presume his veterinarian does a series of blood pressure readings, tosses the high reading, and averages the rest to get a blood pressure average reading.

    I only have to take my kitties five blocks to Doctor Dave’s, so they don’t have a lot of time to become anxious. It sounds like you have to take Mr. Bowie a lot longer distance than that. If he is like most kitties, he probably doesn’t like that trip.

    All that said, I hope Mr. Bowie’s examination Friday shows progress on both the ear infection and the blood pressure. I know you are very involved in making a good life for your beautiful Mr. Bowie, and I know you will do whatever his veterinarian requires for Mr. Bowie’s best ointerests! Also, I suggets having some kitty treats available to reward good behavior! The loving and quality time business comes easy, as you know, so I know Mr. Bowie will get a good measure of it regardless of what medical issues have to be addressed.

  24. So sorry Mr Bowie has to undergo this again, Herman, but it’s good to have a good feeling, so that you could go to the vet so quick, before it got worse. Healing Pawkisses for a speedy recovery and purrayers to feel better soon ❤ ❤ ❤

  25. Hello dear friends, I’ve missed you both. I swung by the other day and read your news. More ear infections ?! I’m so sorry you are suffering Mr Bowie and your poor Dad, naturally worries. This will not do at all. I wish they could figure it out. I will be thinking of you, healthy and cozy in dad’s warm lap, perhaps Star Trek is on the tel-e and there’s treats too ! Oh and grandad is also visiting, so there’s coffee and pastries ! Wait ! That sounds like a dandy of a day. We should do this sometime together 😀 xo K

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