Jos, 2 Years Later

Hello there, Jos! A few days ago, I paid my best friend a surprise visit. Thank goodness he’s also an espresso aficionado and dark chocolate lover. We talked about our art, design and musical projects while having some delicious espressos. We also love to share our sources of frustration on a global scale. And it was fun seeing Jos again. The little furry friend is 2 years old now and a very handsom fellow.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

52 responses

  1. Jos is a most handsome fellow……nice to have someone to share things with especially when they ALSO love espresso and chocolate – makes for a most delicious and fun visit!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    • Well thank you so much, my dear friend! πŸ™‚
      Wishing you a marvellous weekend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards!

    • Hi Teagan! You are so right, we definitely need these things… It’s very important to have some good friends in your life and… on the internet.
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to Crystal!

  2. How Neanderthal of you to actually visit a friend in person. And with a surprise visit on top of that. I’m proud of you for going analog on your friend, and having a nice visit over real espresso and chocolate. You just added a few years to your life and your best friend’s life unplugging and plopping yourself down in his pad for a chinwag. Jos is a beautiful kitty.

    • Hi Tim. My friend and I love to have a conversation over a good espresso (in combination with dark chocolate, of course). We try to avoid e-mails and phone messages if possible. A few weeks ago he surprised me with a visit at 9 AM, and we had breakfast together, (well, that’s cookies and chocolate). I enjoy these little pleasant things in life…
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!

      • That’s great. A lot of people don’t have enough personal interaction these days. Out here we meet our neighbor’s out walking on the ditch banks and along the river. We talk, visit and catch up on life, the universe and everything while we are walking or observing various wildlife.

        • That sounds very beautiful, the way you keep contact with your neighbours. There are too many people locking themselves up behind their screen these days. When you’re walking around in a city, every one seems to be busy with their smartphones…

  3. Cute little kitty Jos grew up into a handsome cat! I am not sure if Mr. Bowie would enjoy visiting, but you and your friend had a great time for sure πŸ™‚ Cannot go wrong with espresso and dark chocolate πŸ™‚

    • I love to go visit my friend for a good chat, espresso and dark chocolate. And I always enjoy if he pays me a visit. Mr. Bowie also loves his company. But I don’t think Jos and Mr. Bowie would get along, no…

  4. I guess, ‘birds of a feather flock together’ might be the wrong analogy for cat friends πŸ˜€ But it is really lovely to have a friend that’s so in tune with your style. Long live our friends and Jos xB

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